The fear of loneliness and abandonment is like a ghost in the lives  of many people that prevents them from living a full life and enjoying it. People who are not facing a problem like this or haven’t personally been concerned by it can’t even imagine what all of this can do to a person. The fear of loneliness and abandonment can destroy a person mentally, it’s like a plague that spreads in the soul when a person affected by it won’t do anything to help himself. When you feel like you have thoughts like this in your head, then I’ll help you to come out of it. But, when you can’t yet really understand what  I’m talking about, then I’ll give you examples on the thought that may come to you when the fear of loneliness and abandonment has struck you.


When you suffer from the fear of loneliness and abandonment then you may have the following thought...


You’re afraid that someone wants to hurt you, to deliberately ruin your reputation and take you to a situation where you’re going to bring shame on yourself.


There are a too many questions in your head related to the importance of what other people think and getting their approval.


You have thoughts about what others think about your actions, are they judging you for your acts or not? In addition to this, you think a lot about what others could think about your decisions and would they like them?


You have thoughts related to whether this or that person in your life really doesn’t want to be with you and you’re afraid that they’ll leave when you do a wrong move.


Why fears like this occur?


Fears like this appear for many different reasons and the cause of every person’s fear may come from a different place. But what I’ve noticed in my work of healing when I’ve helped people with coming out of problems like this and explaining them where the problems come from, is that I have seen a pattern of fear.


Fears for a very large majority come from past experiences. Whether family members have caused this from abandonment, other children didn’t accept you for a while or someone may have humiliated you some way that may have been a starting place for this fear. In addition, this fear may have been caused by a trauma or from the fact that someone has reproached you a lot in this life. Putting up with reproaches may end up causing a fear like this. For example, constantly commenting on someone’s looks or discouraging someone’s accomplishments (not praising them) can also cause a problem like this.


A problem like this may also come from previous lives. Whether it’s a trauma or experience from a previous life that’s reflected today is something I can talk more about when we meet. From the subconsciousness you can capture information from previous lives, and people who come to me for help then interpreting subconsciousness is one of the ways I help.


When you suffer from the fear of being alone and abandonment then a really important part in getting better is to go back to a period in your memories where you did not have this fear. When you manage to find the time you didn’t feel it, then try to find something that may have saddened you, humiliated you or made you feel bad in the period that followed. Think was there someone in your life who rejected you, belittled you, depreciated you or knowingly bullied you. When you find this moment or a person then you’ve found the potential source of the fear. When you manage to find many causes, the better. Search for the source very intensively. This already has a very cleansing effect on the soul. With a problem like this it’s very useful to wear together Girasol ​and Rock Crystal. I recommend wearing these crystals during a period where you wish to bring out energies from your subconscious mind that are hurting you. These crystals have a cleaning effect which means that they’ll help to release fears.


Besides finding the cause work on releasing anger, rancour or self-pity when they’ll come up with the search. There is no matter in keeping the negative emotions in you, forgive yourself, have a dialogue with yourself and motivate yourself to let go of these energies. When you let Girasol and Rock Crystal into your life then these crystals will help you to do exactly that.


Asking questions from yourself and giving the honest answers is really important in helping yourself. When you can’t give an answer to yourself then look for one as long as you’ll find one. But when you can’t do it, then I’d be more than happy to help you when our paths would happen to cross one day.


How to figure out whether you minds have been conquered by the fear of loneliness and abandonment and when to really start healing yourself...


You’re constantly self-critically minded. Your thoughts are constantly going towards what you can’t do and how unworthy you are.


You find it hard to express your opinion to someone as you are afraid to know what the other person may say about it and how to react. You can’t put up with criticism you may get for expressing your opinion and you’ll feel how it comes for every word you say.


⚫  There is a problem of self confidence in you, one day you’re confident and on the other day you’re hiding under a blanket and don’t want to show yourself to the world.


You’re afraid to be yourself, unique and different from other people. Instead of being unique and real you’re hiding it all inside of you and are like any other person besides you, you try to blend in.


You don’t have the ability to say no to people when you’re really feeling that you don’t want to tie yourself with that and be part of activities they’re asking you to do. You’re afraid to say “no” when you really feel like you don’t want to do it.


You’re keeping a lot of your own thoughts, ideas and opinions to yourself. You find it hard to share what’s inside you as something stops you from expressing it all.


You’re constantly thinking about what’s someone may think about you, who’s following you or when a situation where someone can criticise you may appear. You’re overthinking, you’re focusing too much on the bad you may do or cause, that someone can seize as an opportunity.


You may have situations where you accept certain behaviour or situation in front of the other people but inside you’re having a completely different opinion. You’re doing it to not get into conflict with someone even when in your heart you’re feeling something completely different and later on it may still bug you and make you sad. An endless vicious circle!


You feel like others are better, braver, more confident, joyous and happier then you are. You’re comparing yourself to others!


Here I’ve pointed out the main thoughts and feeling that may affect you when a fear like this has buried you under itself. When you completely or partially recognized yourself in this, then the problem exists and it’s a big one. In that case I wish from the bottom of my heart that you’d start to help yourself. I’ll help you with bringing that problem out from you and directing and inspiring you to move towards the right direction but you need to do the hard work by yourself. Do it and get rid of that ugly mental curtain of fear that’s not allowing you to enjoy your own life.


How to escape from the fear of loneliness and abandonment?


First step is something I have already mentioned – go back to your past and find the source. In addition, start using Girasol and Rock Crystal. But, when you recognized yourself in the points detailed above, fear has buried you, then I recommend you to also start using Hypersthene. Hypersthene is a crystal that helps to get rid of the self destructive behaviour and having thoughts like this is truly self destructive and damaging. When you’ve done these steps then follow also others.


I’m giving you ideas that will help you to fight with that fear. Focus and think about them when you feel bad...


Other people do not care about you as much as you think they do. I’m feeling really bad saying it but it’s the reality. Caring people, who are very tightly connected to you and who love you, won’t hurt you. But others, who are not connected to you in their heart, are quite superficial when it comes to you. In reality, that’s how you behave towards them also. People are not constantly thinking about you even when you feel like it. What I’ve noticed in my long years of healing is that people are much more into their own life than you think. So, maybe it calms you down, knowing that you’re not really under the interest and can completely calmly go on living your own life.


Other people can’t read your path of fate, your Aura, understand why and who you are. For that you need to be clairvoyant and there are only a handful of them in the world. When there would be more of us, then what problems would the world have, it would be a beautiful place to live. But the truth is that there are a lot of problems. Knowing, that other people can’t read you. then, in reality, they have the proper way to evaluate you. They don’t know what you’ve made of and where you should go. Listen to my inspiration and let go of the feeling that someone else knows your worth. They don’t!


When you’re stuck under that fear, then you may feel that only you’re that weak that can’t live your life properly. Here I’m very boldly telling you that a lot of people who come to look for my help suffer from exactly the same problem. Therefore the problem is a lot bigger and broader and you’re not alone in it. Knowing, that someone else also may have a problem like this, will help you to come out of it knowing that when someone else is also suffering from that, you’re not really that weak, but life simply has placed you in a situation like this. Now you simply have to gradually come out of it.


Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable emotions, don’t push them down and try to hide them. When someone says you something that may seem like a criticism then don’t block it. Feel bad and, with that, grow your character. Fight with emotions, try to combat them and tell yourself that you really are a lot better than the criticism tells. Use this tactic in any direction the fear is. Oppose it bravely and in one good day you won’t be afraid anymore and, for example, criticism is not that sharp for you anymore, as before.


Know that no matter what you do in your life, there is always someone with their own personal opinion. You simply have to accept this, but this opinion does not have to reach your soul. You have to choose yourself what you accept and what not. Like I said, they don’t know your fate, therefore their opinion is not always adequate. Let others think, what they wish, but don’t agree on it when it deeply conflicts with you.


To free yourself from fear it would be really useful to place yourself together with real crystals that calm and heal you. Doing something so spiritual, mystical, magical and healing will help you to come out of that fear. Take the world of crystals and dive in to it, it will help to take your mind off of things and heal your subconsciousness in every direction. Every crystal has the ability to heal something in you and when you work with them, then you can’t fully comprehend what they do with you. You can start using one crystal for one specific purpose, but, in addition, you’ll get tons of healing properties you may even not notice you’ll need. That’s why it would be really good to take yourself to the crystal world when you feel like you need to get rid of fears.


Girasol, Rock Crystal and Hypersthene are all related to the Crown Chakra where the fear of loneliness and abandonment exist in your Chakra channels. These crystals have the ability to reach the source of your problems and to release it one layer at the time from the Aura field. In addition to the release, crystals also bring along healing. I recommend you to wear these crystals as jewellery for as long as the problem has gone from you, and you can think freely and enjoy your life again. Second possibility is that you take two tumbled crystals from them (six in total), place them in a black bag with a fresh photograph of yourself. Keep these crystals in the bag with a photo of yourself until the problem is gone. You can do a distance healing with crystal with a slower effect, but it still works. When the crystals have done their work, give them back to the nature with gratitude. For example, take them to the forest or river water. Place the crystal set exactly where you want to, clean the crystals from time to time with Sage.


In addition to crystals, work a lot on cleaning your Aura with different ritual plants and crystal meditation. Bring yourself together with nature, eat plant based foods and keep your body healthy through diet. All of this will help!


I’m sending you a lot of love and support!