Reading the articles on my web page you probably have noticed that over the years I have written a lot about things linked to astrology and numerology. It’s a very wide, interesting and needed subject to understand our own journey. Astrology and numerology enables to understand who we are, where our character comes from, our certain life direction and approach to life.


Every person is born with certain astrological and numerological indicators. The alignment of stars or the number of your day of birth all affect your personality. Every indicator has its own meaning and in my articles I interpret these things, so that you would understand what your birth has given to you.


Articles written about astrology and numerology are your guidelines and these should be used for interpreting your own path in life. I’m helping you to understand who you are, but, in turn, you should interpret these articles for your own good correctly and place them in your life.


All the articles on this page are written by me and I give you an overview about the effects of different life path numbers, first numbers of your birth date, sun signs and many other indicators. When you find an article that’s related to your indicators, then you may not recognize yourself in the article 100% and it’s completely normal. Why? Your every astrological and numerological indicator creates a piece of you and affects you with its energy, but you’re not only made of one indicator and therefore you can’t really coincide with my astrological and numerological indicator interpretations. To make you fully understand how you should use these articles for putting your character in place, you need to think that life is not black and white, that is, it’s not all or nothing. Every indicator has something in what you’ll recognize yourself and there is also definitely something that creates more questions in you. And, completely opposite may happen when another person with the same indicators has completely different feelings, that is, what was about you, is something he can’t identify with, and where you didn’t recognize yourself, was something he completely agreed with. As a persons birth brings along a lot of different astrological and numerological indicators, then they will create a whole and that whole is you. This whole has very many different effects, they blend in and every indicator affects another.


For example, when you’re born under the Leo zodiac sign, then it has given you the natural need to be the leader and decision maker in your own life. When your numerological indicator at the same time favours leadership skills, that is you’re born with a life path  number 1 or the first number of your birth date is 1, then this character trait in you is especially prominent. In that case, these two different indicators support one character trait and therefore there is a lot of leadership skills and the need to make decisions in you. With this example I wish to say that you need to connect these indicators and analyse what balances what and what amplifies what. When there are a lot of energies that support similar character traits among your astrological and numerological indicators, then you’re super strong or super weak. But when your indicators give you a lot of different character traits, then you can be very versatile.


I’m giving you more examples, so that you could truly understand how to interpret my astrology and numerology articles.


For example, when you’re by your sun sign a Libra and when the first number of your birth day is 19, then this number makes you bolder and franker compared to other Libras. Libras are usually more calmer than other signs, but the number 19 is very social. With indicators like these one improves the other. Libra becomes bolder and the number 19 less dominant as the Libra part balances the 19-s overly active social side.


As the third example I’m bringing out  Capricorn who is born with a life path number 2. Capricorn is the one who can’t naturally handle feelings in a very romantic level naturally, it takes time and work. But, life path number 2 symbolises feelings, emotions and love. When Capricorn is born with the life path number 2 then that number makes Capricorn more romantic, emotional and more open about his feelings. Therefore that same life path number balances the side in Capricorn where expressing feelings is closed up and the Capricorn differs from others.


Interpret your own indicators with full commitment, analyse them, add and subtract! By interpreting astrological and numerological indicators it’s very important that you place them together, imaging that they will mix up, balance or amplify each other.


In addition to all of this, the Moon phase you were born in also influences your character. Discover and read more about different Moon phase dates from HERE. And with Moon phases you also need to understand that you have taken Karma to be solved from previous lives and you have a completely unique  path of fate, that affects the nature of your life and soul .


Have a wonderful time reading articles and we’ll meet in new ones!