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La Tene bracelet for boys "OPTIMISM"

La Tene bracelet for boys "OPTIMISM" LA TENE SIGNATURE BRAND
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La Tene bracelet for boys "OPTIMISM"
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  • Model: La Tene käekett poistele "OPTIMISM"

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La Tene bracelet for boys"OPTIMISM" is designed for boys to wear. There are two different crystals in this jewellery and its combination gives out positive energies and the power of these crystals gives the boy a lot of optimism and a good mood. This bracelet is made of Bronzite and Hematite. The bracelet is fitted with a special elastic rubber that makes it very comfortable to wear.

- A bracelet made for boys, which helps the boy to be happy and optimistic. The combination of these crystals helps to enjoy life, laugh, joke, increase sense of humour and help to take life easier. Jewellery which helps to keep the worries out and block negativity.

-Bronzite is a crystal that helps to stay away from bad things, block the deepening of negativity, and it helps the boy to turn himself into a better person, learn from mistakes, and sow goodness.

- Hematite protects against bad luck, negativity and stress. Hematite with Bronzite helps the boy to be happy, optimistic and positive.

Keep the bracelet at night at the Vanadinite on Barite geode or Citrine geode, so that the crystals in this jewellery can work for a long time and at least once a month clean it with a smoke from the ritual plant, preferably with Palo Santo.

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