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La Tene bracelet for girls "CARING"

La Tene bracelet for girls "CARING" LA TENE SIGNATURE BRAND
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La Tene bracelet for girls "CARING"
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La Tene bracelet for girls"CARING" is created for girls. This magical bracelet has three different crystals that together create a joint power that will help girls to feel more care in life and to share it. This power object has Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Hematite.

This jewellery only has natural gemostnes like all the jewellery in la Tene boutiques. Magical bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet elastic rubber that makes wearing it very comfortable.

- This magical bracelet helps to feel that you’re cared for, you’re special for someone, you’re loved and taken cared of. This magical tool is designed with two love crystals and with one crystal meant for strengthening feelings.

- When you wear this jewellery then the wearer will become more caring and loving. Therefore it will helps to forge friendships and keep the relationships between family members healthy.

- Helps to attract goodness, let the giver of goodness be a family member or a friend. Protects from emotional pain and makes enduring criticism better.

- I recommend this jewellery to be worn by girls who wish to feel more love and make their relationships with people close to them better.

I recommend charging this magical tool on a Petrified Wood or Rock Crystal geodeClean it at least once a month with a ritual plant smoke, preferable with Sandalwood incense.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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