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La Tene bracelet for men "SMOKER"

La Tene bracelet for men "SMOKER" LA TENE SIGNATURE BRAND
La Tene bracelet for men "SMOKER"
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La Tene bracelet for men "SMOKER" is especially made for men. “Smoker” is created for quitting smoking and tobacco addiction. This object of power has Smoky Quartz that helps to quit smoking, and Lava that helps to be strong enough to get rid of this addiction.

- Smoky Quartz is one of the strongest crystal when you wish to find one that would help you to quit smoking. Smoky Quartz helps to live without it and to get rid of that harmful habit. Smoky Quartz replaces the energy your emotional body lacks and replaces with smoke.

- Lava helps to be strong enough to quit smoking. It helps to be strong and to become healthier. Lava gives Smoky Quartz extra strength so that it could work in your Aura.

- In addition I recommend wearing Dalmatian Jasper crystal that also helps to quit smoking.

Charge this object of power on a Agate geode and clean it with Sage smoke at least once a month.

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