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La Tene bracelet for men TAURUS "GOOD LUCK"

La Tene bracelet for men TAURUS "GOOD LUCK"
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La Tene bracelet for men TAURUS "GOOD LUCK" is especially created for men born under the Taurus zodiac sign. This object of power has two crystals. One is the Taurus lucky crystal Moss Agate and the other one is a general good luck crystal for men Picture Jasper. The bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet rubber that makes it very comfortable to wear.

- The combination of Moss Agate and Picture Jasper brings Taurus good luck in many different fields, and the most in business, work and financially

- Moss Agate is one of the lucky crystals for Taurus with the ability to bring him success and luck in every possible direction in life. Therefore it is always good for Taurus man to keep this crystal in his life. Moss Agate bring prosperity in Taurus every action helping to attract good energy though his actions.

Moss Agate helps Taurus man to find the job he wishes to do, and also his talent. Taurus, in general, are men who wish to work with their hands and to work on their own things peacefully. Moss Agate helps to find that something.

- Picture Jasper is the crystal for cash flow, prosperity and personal accomplishments. Picture Jasper bring material luck and prosperity to Taurus, helping him to find the job position he would love and to rise only upwards on the career ladder. Picture Jasper helps Taurus every material level, simply giving him plenty of abundance energy. It is also a crystal for success at work, that bring good luck professionally. Picture Jasper helps to bring work into life, and a lot of it.

Charge this object of power on a Pyrite geode. Clean it at least once a month with a Palo Santo smoke.

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