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La Tene bracelet "BALANCE FINDER"

La Tene bracelet "BALANCE FINDER"
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La Tene bracelet "BALANCE FINDER" is made with Aquamarine, Blue Fluorite and Amazonite and 925 silver pearls. The bracelet is made of natural crystals, like all La Tene brand jewellery. All crystals help relieve stress and find balance. The jewellery is assembled with a special jewellery rubber, which makes it very comfortable to wear.
- The purpose of “Balance finder” is to reduce the anxiety in the soul. It helps relieve stress energy that prevents you from enjoying life and the moment. The "Balance finder" jewellery is suitable for you if you feel constantly anxious and go out of your way easily.
- This piece of jewellery can also be worn to improve the existing well-being. The "Balance finder" bracelet supports the emotional body, helping to cope with one's own emotions. Increases self-control by helping to control one's emotions. 
- Aquamarine has an extremely calming effect and is ideal for relieving stress. Aquamarine also helps relieve stress that a person is unable to realize.
Aquamarine gives hope and teaches people that there is always a chance to achieve something.
- Blue Fluorite is a crystal that helps relieve reflection, overreaction and the resulting indecision, nervousness and panic. 
Perfect crystal to wear while meditating and doing yoga. This crystal helps you to fully enjoy what you are doing and to disappear into your deep thoughts. It is a crystal that can take you to deep thoughts if you want to, and at the same time help you to be alive when you want to.
Suitable for those who are more inward-looking, helping them to be more open and open about their feelings.
- Amazonite is a crystal that carries a very calming power, and be sure to take it to life if you need something that will give you peace of mind. Amazonite relieves stress and helps to get rid of alarming energies at different levels. This crystal creates a feeling of freedom and balances the spiritual body. Helps to get rid of nervousness and it’s also a crystal that helps you to get into contact with your intuition. Amazonite has the ability to strengthen the intuitive side in you, helping you to be more sensitive toward energies, and to understand why and what you sense about something. Amazonite opens the world of souls, opens your soul and calms it. Amazonite has a very calming effect and helps to bring life to a very stable rhythm. 
It’s good to charge this bracelet on a Celecite geode and cleanse it at least once a month with Lemongrass incense or Lemongrass essential oil.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size Pearl ca 6 mm.
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