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La Tene bracelet "EXPECTANCY"

La Tene bracelet "EXPECTANCY"
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La Tene bracelet "EXPECTANCY" is created with three crystals, which are Aquamarine, Mother of Pearl and Hematite. This bracelet only has natural gemstones, like all the jewellery in La Tene Boutiques. Hematite in this bracelet is painted golden. The bracelet is assembled with a special elastic rubber that makes it very comfortable to wear.

- Bracelet is meant for people who are expecting a baby or wish to get pregnant. This bracelet has the crystals that support pregnancy, expecting a baby.

- Aquamarine and Mother of Pearl support fertility, creating a connection with the unborn child and protect the entire pregnancy.

- It’s a power object that helps to protect the unborn child from health problems. This bracelet is particularly useful for women who are really afraid of pregnancy and problems that arise from that. Aquamarine helps to calm the mind and stops you from causing tension to yourself that, in turn, transmits to the Aura of the child. Aquamarine protects the child from mother’s negative thoughts.

- Mother of Pearl is a motherhood crystal that helps the mother to create a powerful connection with the child. This helps to love the child unconditionally and expect him to your life. Mother of Pearl protects from the stress that could come with the pregnancy.

- The combination of Aquamarine, Mother of Pearl and Hematite creates a protection on the wearer that won’t let anything happen with the baby.

- This power object is also suitable for people who are afraid they can’t get pregnant. Suitable for those who have experienced a miscarriage or losing a child. This bracelet helps to recover from these emotional wounds.

- When you wish to create even more powerful extra protection to the child, then, at the same time, carry Rose Quartz, Mookaite or Larimar crystal.

When you’re not wearing it then keep it on a Celectite geode, so that the crystals wouldn’t lose their power. Especially when you’re already expecting a baby. Clean it at least once a month with a Palo Santo smoke and you could also use Vanilla incense for that from time to time.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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