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La Tene bracelet "PATIENCE"

La Tene bracelet "PATIENCE"
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La Tene bracelet "PATIENCE" is for you if you want to make yourself more patient. This is a trait that is very valuable and will help you live a stress-free life. Patience is a virtue that brings a lot of good to you and the people around you. The crystals in this jewellery reduce your stress, make you less nervous and help you get more pleasure and joy from life.

This bracelet is assembled with only natural gemstones and 925 silver. This jewellery has Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone. These crystals help relieve stress, improve your well-being and make you extremely patient. 

A Rock Crystal is a crystal that could be the first crystal of anyone. All this because it is a crystal with a very universal effect, which has the ability to make your Aura susceptible to the energy of other crystals. It is a crystal that eliminates all the energies that interfere with your health and spiritual development. 

- Rock crystal increases tolerance and helps you better understand other people, helping you to understand why one person or another is just the way they are. Rock Crystal teaches people to think more spiritually, thus helping to increase the understanding that all people today are on different paths with different backgrounds and lessons learned. We are all different and that is why one or the other person is behind or ahead of us.

- A crystal that doesn't let you focus too much on negative things, helping you to focus on them only to solve them, but not to get stuck in them. It is a crystal that inspires you to move forward in life, helping you focus on today's tasks and increasing your hope for the future.

- A crystal that makes thoughts and mind clear, helping negative energy to turn positive, helping a person to transform negative energies into something good and positive, and helping to accelerate the ability to see the good in bad, helping to understand that there is always a lesson hidden in a negative experience.

- Rose Quartz is a crystal of unconditional love, tenderness and romance. A crystal that attracts very beautiful moments to your life. Moments that make you happier.

- Rose Quartz is a crystal with extremely gentle energy vibration that starts working in your Aura so that you don't even notice its effect at first. This makes this crystal a very good healer, which helps to remove irritability, nervousness and excessive emotionality from your soul, helping you to be more emotionally stable and balanced. You will only feel the effects of Rose Quartz later because it makes adjustments to your Aura very carefully.

- Increases contact with your family and friends, as well as strengthens the relationship. Wearing Rose Quartz, on the other hand, helps you to get the hang of things, understand and not condemn immediately. Above all, Rose Quartz teaches understanding, and that condemning someone is not the answer.

- Rainbow Moonstone is the crystal that helps you feel love, passion and romance, opening your Heart Chakra to very deep feelings and helping to move you very deeply in the very beautiful moments of life.

- Wearing Rainbow Moonstone around your hand is useful if you want to relieve stress. This crystal relieves stress especially well when you wear it on your left hand.

Charge this piece of jewellery on a Pink Aura geode peal. Cleanse this bracelet with Rose incense smoke.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals from HERE.

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