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La Tene earrings "PETRIFIED WOOD"

La Tene earrings "PETRIFIED WOOD"
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La Tene earrings "PETRIFIED WOOD" is made with Petrified wood pearls and 925 silver.

PETRIFIED WOOD is fossilized wood, formed 240 years ago in Triassic period. Petrified Wood is dead wood, with crystallized organic parts. Today Petrified Wood is found in Czech RepublicArgentina and, Egypt , and in some other countries. Petrified Wood is one of the oldest crystals found on Earth and contains all the past and energy of humanity. Petrified Stone is very useful for several purposes. Its main energy is the ability to ground energies and look into the past.  

I really like Petrified Wood and I have been fascinated by this since I started to work with crystals. In years I have discovered that people who like this crystal have lived during the same period the same tree existed. Meaning that one of the many previous lives have been spent in that time - about 240 million and more years ago. Are you fascinated by it? I am!

Wearing Petrified Wood above Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring to the holder the following:

- Petrified Wood is perfect for you if you are looking for a crystal to stop your mood swings. If you feel that you cannot control your negative thoughts and wish to be more stable then Petrified Wood knows how to help you.

- Crystal that opens your soul to ancient knowledge, bringing out emotions, knowledge, abilities and memories associated with previous lives. This is a crystal for people who are fascinated by other lives. Crystal that opens memories and thanks to that you can understand why you are here today.

- Petrified Wood is useful for men who wish to bring success in work to them and to enjoy their work. It makes you feel that you want to the work you have and you wish to do it well. The more you enjoy your work, the bigger are possibilities for prosperity.  

- Crystal that helps you to be practical, helping to see what to do and in what order to do things, helps to plan time better.

- Wear Petrified Wood with Chrysoprase, Ametrine or Green Aventurine, if you wish to be more practical in work and work even more efficiently. The joint power of these crystals helps those, whose pay depends on their speed. Suitable for entrepreneurs for bringing better solutions for their work.

- Petrified Wood is a crystal that helps to value where you live and what you have around you, helping to understand, that nature is your home and if you wish to live, you have to respect nature. It is a crystal that helps you to become more environment friendly. Crystal that helps to become more economical.

- Petrified Wood is a crystal, that helps you to feel very peaceful even in times with a lot of panic, problems, anxiety, nervousness around you and when people are bothered. - Petrified Wood helps to keep yourself together even in the toughest periods, helping you to be balanced to start solving existing problems.  

- Petrified Wood has the ability to open a channel in your mind, that helps to remember what you experienced and went through in previous lives. Petrified Wood manages to bring out memories hiding in your soul and abilities you have learned once somewhere in a past life. Petrified Wood is a very useful crystal if you wish to connect your life today with past lives and understand why you are here today and where you should move. 

- Crystal that subconsciously helps to create friendlier environment around you, helping to decorate your home with energetically healing elements. Helps to become healthier.

- Petrified Wood crystal helps you to understand how you should heal your body, what would be the right herb or alternative method for you, to help you to get rid of some problems. Petrified Wood raises awareness about what the body needs and what not. Very useful crystal for healing and for learning how to alternatively heal other people. 

- Petrified Wood teaches to exist in your physical body and to live, and teaches the soul to use this given life in a right way, helping to learn from life lessons, walk on the road of fate. In addition it directs a persons soul to become better. 

- Petrified Wood is a crystal related to reading fate and this crystal has the ability to help you to learn to read your of book of fate. Keep Petrified Wood in your life in times you wish to understand your goals and tasks in life. Petrified Stone shows you the right direction, creates so-called feeling of knowing clearly in places you need to pay attention and change in yourself today. The more Petrified Wood in your life, the more conscious you will get and if you carry this crystal, it will help you to find answers for questions lingering in your mind. It is very useful to keep Petrified Wood in your home and carry it with you as a piece of jewelry. You can read my unfinished personal tasks in book of fate HERE.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

Wear Petrified Wood if you have the following problems:

-  Petrified Wood is useful for problems that are related to memory impairment and nervous system. Petrified Wood helps to strengthen nerves, helpsto stop the development of neuropathological diseases.

- Petrified Wood is a crystal used to ease and heal back aches. Petrified Wood helps to ease joint pains and helps to heal them.  


Petrified Wood helps these two chakras to work together. At first, if you start to wear Petrified Wood with you, it will heal your Root Chakra, helping you to feel safe, easing anger and impulsive behavior. Then it helps the Root Chakra and the Third Eye to start working together. It does so, that you will start to understand thanks to their cooperation that what steps are useful, what moves by you will bring success and what you should avoid, letting you know what is worth of your energy and what is not. The Root Chakra makes you move and the Third Eye is what helps you to understand what is worth moving for.


Petrified Wood is best for LEOS. Petrified Wood is a crystal for professional success, helping to bring good luck in their activities for men born under the Leo zodiac sign, opening the affluence channel and opening the possibilities to earn more money with work. It helps to reach inner stability and lighten constant mood swings in female Leos.


Petrified Wood is one of the Earth elements zodiac helping stones. This crystal has the ability to help Earth-Element zodiacs to make decisions about their life. Decision and fundamental changes that need to be done. Petrified Wood should CapricornTaurus or Virgo wear when they can´t see anymore what is right and what is wrong. Petrified Wood is related to fate, karma and life goals. It means that it can help Earth-element zodiac signs to make very important life decisions that bring big changes to life, helping to make the right step in a big step forward.


Petrified Wood is a luck crystal for those who are born on the 25th. Petrified Wood helps to gather knowledge and learn what is necessary for the soul's journey. It is a crystal that helps to see the big picture in life, to sense the world better, and to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook on life. Anyone born on the 25th could have a piece of Petrified Wood at home or jewelry made from it.

The influence of the zodiac crystal will pass on when talisman has been worn for another goal.

I recommend to charge Petrified Wood crystal on Aragonite Geode and clean it from time to time with Sage or Palo Santo ritual smoke.
Size Pärl 10 mm.
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