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La Tene earrings "PINK MOSS AGATE"

La Tene earrings "PINK MOSS AGATE"
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  • Model: La Tene kõrvarõngad "ROOSA SAMMALAHHAAT"

La Tene earrings "PINK MOSS AGATE" are designed with Pink Moss Agate and 925 silver.

PINK MOSS AGATE is one of the forms of Moss Agate, characterized by a peach-pink hue. Pink Moss Agate is very colourful in appearance and has a pattern of dots and spots. The Pink Moss Agate also carries within the properties of regular Moss Agate such as healing a person and attracting prosperity. While the ordinary Moss Agate is the bringer of material prosperity, the Pink Moss Agate brings love.

Every crystal as its own personality and ability, but using, wearing, setting or combining them differently, they will, in turn, give out even more interesting power, effect and mystical energy for us for the environment.


- Pink Moss Agate is a crystal of love. It is a crystal that teaches you to accept love and share it. A crystal used to find a relationship and revive the relationship. Pink Moss Agate has the ability to open your soul to another person.

- If you wear Pink Moss Agate earrings, it will help strengthen the contact between the Third Eye and the Heart Chakra. This in turn gives you the ability to notice the person who sincerely loves you and also helps to better understand the other side of the relationship. Helping you be aware of who has feelings for you and whether your feelings are sincere. Helps to catch a person who can deceive you.

- Pink Moss Agate helps heal from emotional trauma and is very helpful for those who have suffered from mental violence and persecution. The Pink Moss Agate helps heal a person's Heart Chakra, which has been broken by someone else. Helping to learn to trust life again and find hope again. Pink Moss Agate teaches that life goes on, and for a person who has harassed themselves, the best achievement is not to give up in life.

- When you wear Pink Moss Agate earrings, it helps to curb thoughts that tend to sad feelings and thoughts, helping to heal those emotions that suddenly start to upset your mood. I recommend wearing Pink Moss Agate if you are constantly ruining your mood.

- Wear Pink Moss Agate when you are helping people and your job is to heal. Whether the work is medical or alternative, both options are suitable.

- Pink Moss Agate supports self-confidence and confidence communication. Useful for those who are afraid to show their feelings and be passionate. Helps to be confident in love.

- Wear Pink Moss Agate if you want to value and appreciate yourself more. It is a crystal that helps you see your own beauty. The more confident a person is, the more he invites goodness into his life.

- Pink Moss Agate helps healers bring emotional strength so they can help other people. Since Moss Agate is also a crystal of prosperity, it also brings material happiness in such a profession and helps you to be successful in your field.


Pink Moss Agate for healing purposes is very useful if you want to heal any of these problems:

- Cardiac nerves, heart problems, heart failure, arrhythmia, cardiovascular system, blood, circulation, anaemia, haemoglobin, sepsis, blood recovery, anaemia, varicose veins.

- Pink Moss Agate is useful for those who have been ill for a long time and who no longer have faith in healing. It is an emotional helper that helps to re-establish faith and reject emotions that produce fear in the soul. Pink Moss Agate is very suitable for older people to give them vitality.


Pink Moss Agate is the crystal of finding love and emotional happiness for ARIES and CAPRICORN.

Pink Moss Agate could be in the life of a CAPRICORN when they wish to increase luck in love. When you are single, the Pink Moss Agate helps to bring new love to life, and when you are in a relationship, the Pink Moss Agate helps take the Capricorn relationship to another level. 

I recommend charging Pink Moss Agate on a Desert Rose geode and cleanse it from time to time with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.

Read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.
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