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GRAPESEED carrier oil

GRAPESEED carrier oil OILS
GRAPESEED carrier oil
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GRAPES are delicious fruits that are very nutritious and of great value to people. Grapeseed oil is obtained from grapes and is pressed from the grapes during winemaking. Grapeseed oil is a valuable and healing oil rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. La Tene grape seed oil is from Spain and is obtained by cold pressing. All the useful healing nutrients remain in the oil by the cold press. The Latin name for grape seed oil is Vitis Vinifera.

GRAPE SEED OIL is known to be completely safe and can be used by anyone, regardless of age and state of health. here can always be exceptions, so if you have an irritating reaction, be sure to replace the Grapeseed carrier oil with, for example, Sweet Almond oil, Avocado oil or Jojoba oil

CARRIER OILS are derived from plants. Oil is normally obtained from seeds, kernels or nuts, depending on the plant. Carrier oils are extremely useful and necessary when you use essential oils. Essential oils must be mixed with carrier oils when you want to apply them directly on the skin. Most essential oils can cause skin irritation when you apply them directly on the skin. That’s why I’ve mentioned carrier oils with most of the essential oils and making mixtures from them. When you love essential oils and wish to heal yourself with them then you must have a carrier oil to mix it with. To summarize – carrier oils dilute essentials oils and therefore prevent irritations. Carrier oils, in turn, are very nutritious and healthy, and mixing them with essential oils create a very healing combination.

Carrier oils are all very good moisturisers making the skin soft, smooth and improving its looks. Carrier oils can be used without essential oils. Carrier oils can be mixed with body lotions or makeup products. Carrier oils help to get rid of try skin and nurture it abundantly so the skin can be protected from problems.

Which carrier is best for me?

All different carrier oils are very rich for their healing qualities and it’s hard to make a wrong choice. Over time a favourite may come up and when you use them you’ll feel which one works best for your skin. Be sure to choose the carrier oil also for its healing qualities. Or, alternate between all of them, as I do.

How do they smell?

Generally, carrier oils don’t have a strong aroma and their smell is quite subtle. However, essential oils have a very intense aroma as it’s the substance that makes the plants smell in nature. Carrier oils are very neutral and most of them have a slightly nutty and sweet aroma.

How much carrier oil should you use?

It depends on what you use the carrier oil for. Our skins are different, when you have dry skin then I recommend using more oil when oily then less. Add a light not thick coat of oil to the skin. When there is too much oil on the skin, then rub it so the skin could absorb it. When you want to add a carrier oil to bathwater, then you should use more of it, like 2-3 tablespoons. 


La Tene Grape seed oil is a so-called carrier oil. Carrier oil is what can be used to apply essential oils on the body. With my wonderful collection of carrier oils you can mix all La Tene essential oils. Don't be afraid to experiment, these two fit together well.

Grapeseed oil has a slight aroma that at times resembles wine. If you want to add fragrance to your body care, use a variety of essential oils. All the essential oils smell, the carrier oils have only a slight aroma.

La Tene Grape seed oil is obtained by cold pressing, i.e. it has all the healing properties of grape seed. It is very important for carrier oils that they are obtained by a cold press, otherwise, they will not contain nutrients and may have a deleterious effect on the skin. All La Tene carrier oils are obtained by cold pressing.

Prevents skin cancer, premature ageing and is a useful alternative to tanning oils

If you have a fear of skin cancer, it is best to use Grapeseed oil while being in the sun. Scientific studies have proven that it protects against harmful UV rays, helps to prevent the skin problems caused by it, and at the same time helps the sunlight to be absorbed into your body. Grapeseed oil regenerates the skin and prevents the formation of free radicals that cause cancer. Therefore, if you have this fear or you want to prevent this disease and enjoy the sun, use Grapeseed oil on your skin. 

Grapeseed oil rejuvenates skin cells and, thus, strongly counteracts the harmful properties of UV light. Don't be afraid to use Grapeseed oil when tanning, it won't stop you from becoming tanned. If you use this oil while tanning, apply it as soon as you see that your skin is becoming dry. This means that the healing and protective layer of this oil has disappeared from the skin. Avoid dry skin, always have moistened skin under the sun.

Grape seed oil is packed with antioxidants, which have a rejuvenating, regenerating and anti-ageing effect. Grapeseed oil is the elixir of youth. Apply this oil to your skin regularly and you will nourish your skin with health. Too easy to be true, right. Nature has given us all the tools to be healthy.

In addition to antioxidants, Vitamin E is definitely what makes Grape seed oil an ideal tanning oil. Vitamin E protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Slows down ageing

Grapeseed oil is a carrier oil that you can use to protect yourself from premature ageing. Grapeseed oil helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and skin irregularities. It is a carrier oil that helps to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, and because of its high antioxidant content, Grapeseed oil helps stop inflammation and free radicals in the skin. Grapeseed oil supports the production of collagen, which is important for maintaining youthful skin. If you want youthful skin, use Grapeseed oil regularly. Mix it with various essential oils and apply them with Grapeseed oil on your skin. For example, the essential oils of Carrot, Palmarosa and Pink Geranium have a rejuvenating effect.

Healer of wounds

Grapeseed oil can be gently and carefully applied to the wound, it speeds up the wound healing process and, most importantly, helps to heal it without complications. In addition, Grapeseed oil helps to prevent or reduce the presence of scars.

Reduces swelling and dark circles under the eyes

The eyelids may swell and dark circles around them may be due to some disease, sleep deprivation, poor blood circulation, genetic predisposition or very poor dietary choices.

Grapeseed oil helps to reduce swelling and reduce dark circles around the eyes. Start using Grapeseed oil daily, gently apply it around your eyes in the morning and evening. Do this regularly and add such a beauty ritual to your procedure so you may notice some changes over time.

In addition, Grapeseed oil helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Massage Grape seed oil on the skin with wrinkles and do so regularly. A very good anti-wrinkle essential oil is Sage, for example, you can use it to reduce wrinkles, but be careful. Avoid the essential oils coming into contact with the eyes. However, if you want to treat and get rid of dark areas around your eyes, use Sweet almond oil instead of Grapeseed oil.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are a beauty problem for many women and men. They can be reduced and prevented with Grapeseed oil. Apply Grapeseed oil regularly to stretch marks, or, for example, to the abdomen and hips during pregnancy. Grapeseed oil makes the skin elastic and heals damaged skin that has been the cause of stretch marks. For even more effective results, use Rosemary essential oil, with Grapeseed oil, which has a regenerating and soothing effect.

Moisturises and heals the skin

If you want to give your dry skin a beautiful complexion and shine, use Grapeseed oil regularly. It is an oil that deeply moisturises the skin and helps the skin to heal. When the skin has become dry from sun exposure, apply Grapeseed oil to the skin. In winter, when the skin becomes dry, cracked heel and the skin around the nails start to peel, use this oil as well. Grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E, which helps the skin to stay soft and healthy.

Grapeseed oil does not clog pores, so it is very suitable for different skin types, as well as for very difficult skin such as acne. You do not have to fear that it will make your acne worse, on the contrary, it will help you get rid of acne because this oil has anti-inflammatory effects.

Shaving oil

Grapeseed oil helps to moisturize the skin and it is useful before shaving. The oil makes the skin silky and helps to have a beautiful end result without injury and other shaving problems. Apply the oil to the skin before shaving, gently massage it and begin the beauty treatment. After shaving and washing your skin, you can apply the oil again. Because Grape seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to prevent skin injuries and, if they do occur, speeds up their healing process.

Ideal replacement for hair conditioner and hindering of hair loss

Grapeseed oil is a great alternative to hair conditioners sold in stores – natural, with no additives and no harmful ingredients. Apply a moderate amount of oil to the wet ends of the hair after washing and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Then rinse the hair thoroughly to prevent the hair from getting too oily after drying. If they should remain oily, wash the hair ends again. Grapeseed oil makes hair silky smooth and restores its beauty. Grapeseed oil is almost odourless, so if you want a fragrance in your hair, add a few drops of essential oil to the Grapeseed oil before applying it to the ends of the hair. I recommend using your favourite essential oil for this. All essential oils can be applied together with carrier oils.

Grape seed oil can also be used before washing the hair, leaving it on the hair and scalp for 10 minutes. Grapeseed oil helps to remove dead skin cells from the scalp and improves blood flow to the scalp. In addition, Grapeseed oil has an antibacterial effect, thus helping to get rid of the harmful batteries on your scalp.

Grapeseed oil is useful to apply to the scalp and to be used in hair care on a regular basis, as it helps to stop hair loss and strengthens the hair overall. Grapeseed oil is suitable for all different types of hair. I definitely recommend applying this oil if your scalp is sensitive and ill.

Why use Grapeseed carrier oil?

I recommend using all the La Tene carrier oils, but each carrier oil has its own special power and it's worth learning about. I recommend using Grapeseed oil for its healing properties. This is right for you if you are looking for a strong skin protector and healer. Grapeseed oil is slightly yellow in colour, so be careful not to spill it on your clothes. 

Make a bath of essential oils with Grapeseed oil. Essential oils can be added to bathwater, but essential oils are not water-soluble and must be dissolved in carrier oils. Add about 2 tablespoons of Grapeseed oil and 5-10 drops of essential oil of your choice to the bathwater. If you have sensitive skin, increase the amount of carrier oil. After a bath, you will feel how silky soft your whole body is.

You can find all LA TENE 100% natural cold-pressed carrier oils from HERE and all 100% essential oils from HERE.

All health advice and information is not health information. It is Tene's own knowledge and personal opinion and recommendations.

The use of carrier oils is the responsibility of each individual. 

Info From Spain. 50 ml. Ingredients: Alpha-linolenic acid (Omega-3), linolic acid (Omega-6), olein (Omega-9), E-vitamin
Caution All La Tene carrier oils are cold pressed oil. This means the carrier oil has all the necessary vitamins and are useful substances that nurture your skin. La Tene carrier oils are packed in dark coloured bottles for longer shelf life. This protects oils from becoming rancid. Carrier oils can last up to 12 months after opening them. It would be good to use the oil up over that time. When you're fully committed to body care then you'll use them much faster. Keep carrier oils away from direct sunlight to avoid them getting rancid. Carrier oils can ruin clothes when you're not allowing the skin dry before. Keep this in mind.
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