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SWEET ALMOND carrier oil

SWEET ALMOND carrier oil
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ALMONDS are seeds that are very nice to eat and are very nutritious. But almonds can provide oil that has a great deal to offer for your skin, hair and energetically healthy Aura. Sweet almond oil comes from the Almond variety Prunus dulcis and has very healing properties. La Tene Sweet almond oil is the product of this almond and this sweet almond is not harmful to humans. But there are bitter almonds that contain compounds that are toxic to humans. The oil you want to use on your body must definitely be from Prunus dulcise.

SWEET ALMOND OIL is known to be completely safe and can be used by anyone, regardless of age and health. There can always be exceptions, so if you have an irritating reaction, be sure to replace Sweet almond carrier oil with Avocado or Jojoba oil. I personally have always liked Sweet almond oil, one of the main carrier oils in my body and soul care.

CARRIER OILS are derived from plants. Oil is normally obtained from seeds, kernels or nuts, depending on the plant. Carrier oils are extremely useful and necessary when you use essential oils. Essential oils must be mixed with carrier oils when you want to apply them directly on the skin. Most essential oils can cause skin irritation when you apply them directly on the skin. That’s why I’ve mentioned carrier oils with most of the essential oils and making mixtures from them. When you love essential oils and wish to heal yourself with them then you must have a carrier oil to mix it with. To summarize - carrier oils dilute essentials oils and therefore prevent irritations. Carrier oils, in turn, are very nutritious and healthy, and mixing them with essential oils create a very healing combination.

Carrier oils are all very good moisturisers making the skin soft, smooth and improving its looks. Carrier oils can be used without essential oils. Carrier oils can be mixed with body lotions or makeup products. Carrier oils help to get rid of try skin and nurture it abundantly so the skin can be protected from problems.

Which carrier is best for me?

All different carrier oils are very rich for their healing qualities and it’s hard to make a wrong choice. Over time a favourite may come up and when you use them you’ll feel which one works best for your skin. Be sure to choose the carrier oil also for its healing qualities. Or, alternate between all of them, as I do.

How do they smell?

Generally, carrier oils don’t have a strong aroma and their smell is quite subtle. However, essential oils have a very intense aroma as it’s the substance that makes the plants smell in nature. Carrier oils are very neutral and most of them have a slightly nutty and sweet aroma.

How much carrier oil should you use?

It depends on what you use the carrier oil for. Our skins are different, when you have dry skin then I recommend using more oil when oily then less. Add a light not thick coat of oil to the skin. When there is too much oil on the skin, then rub it so the skin could absorb it. When you want to add a carrier oil to bathwater, then you should use more of it, like 2-3 tablespoons. 


With Sweet almond carrier oil, which is one wonderful oil in my carrier oils collection, you can mix all LA TENE essential oils. Don't be afraid to experiment, these two fit like a glove. Each essential oil has its own special effect and healing power. Read more about different oils and when you feel like you wish to heal yourself with these, then mix them with Sweet almond oil.

Sweet almond oil is almost odourless. If you want to add fragrance to your body care, use different essential oils. All essential oils have a smell, carrier oils have only a slight aroma.

La Tene Sweet almond oil is obtained by cold pressing, so it still has all the healing properties of sweet almond. It is very important for carrier oils that they are obtained by a cold press, otherwise, they will not contain nutrients and may have a deleterious effect on the skin. All La Tene carrier oils are obtained by cold pressing.

Keeps the skin hydrated, soft and healthy

Sweet almond oil contains vitamin E, which plays a major role in moisturising, healing and protecting the skin. Regular use of sweet almond oil in body care helps to provide the skin with the necessary nutrients, keeping the skin soft, silky, healthy and reducing the risk of skin diseases. If you have skin problems, regular use of sweet almond oil will help to get rid of them over time. Alternative healing always requires patience, but the end result can be very lasting, which is actually the main goal.

Restores skin and smoothes complexion

If you want to restore your skin, either because of wounds or because of a skin rash, apply Sweet almond oil regularly until the skin has regenerated over the affected area. This oil has the ability to rejuvenate skin cells and accelerate skin healing.

If you want a smoother complexion, even up the reddened or too pale areas with the rest of your skin, use sweet almond oil regularly. Apply the oil to your skin as you are used with creams. Carrier oils are 100% natural and contain no harmful additives that can cause skin problems. It is a very good and skin-friendly alternative to body care.

Hand and foot cream replacement

100% natural LA TENE carrier oil, such as Sweet almond oil, are great alternatives to hand and foot creams. Why use creams that may contain harmful substances if you can use pure nature to heal your hands and feet. Sweet almond oil moisturises the skin, which is dry and rough, containing plant-derived vitamin E, which restores skin softness. For creams sold in the store, it is not known whether Vitamin E is derived from vegetable oils or is derived from petroleum, which is highly toxic.

Sweet almond oil is a great cuticle softener and helps to reduce the amount of skin that grows on the nail plate. Use sweet almond oil on your nails regularly to see the result soon.

Get rid of the dark circles under your eyes

If you're struggling with a beauty problem, such as dark circles under your eyes, tired of concealing them with concealer creams, or you're a man who can't use makeup against them, Sweet almond oil is your saviour. Regular massaging of sweet almond oil under the dark circles helps to get rid of them over time. I recommend doing this every night before going to bed. Apply oil to one fingertip of both hands and gently massage into the dark areas. You can sleep with oil on the face because Sweet almond oil does not stain bedding when used in small amounts at a time. Do this procedure daily until you are satisfied with the result.

The use of sweet almond oil on the skin around the eyes also helps to tighten the skin, which in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. The area around the eyes is the places where the first signs of ageing appear. So, you get help with Sweet almond oil for two problems - getting rid of the dark circles and giving you a more youthful appearance.

Healer of sunburn

The sun is very useful if you use it reasonably and don't let yourself get burned. The sun gives our bodies the ability to create the vitamin D they need, so being in the sun is necessary. However, excessive tanning or exposing your skin to the sun for too long can be very dangerous. If you have sunburned skin, this is a sign of serious skin damage that can cause skin cancer over time. Be absolutely conscious of protecting yourself from diseases. When you have a sunburn, gently apply the sweet almond oil without rubbing your skin. Sweet almond oil helps to restore skin, reduce burns and the health risks that can accompany burns. However, if you want to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun, apply Jojoba or Avocado carrier oil to your skin while you are sunbathing.

Healthy scalp and strong hair

Sweet almond oil is very useful for your scalp and hair. Massage almond oil (if desired, with essential oils) into the scalp and leave on the head for at least 10 minutes before routinely washing the head. In this way, the healing power of the sweet almond reaches into the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

Why use Sweet almond oil for scalp and hair care? Sweet almond oil helps to soften hair, reduce hair roughness and dullness. For long hair, almond oil helps to reduce the appearance of tangles and generally contributes to more beautiful and healthy hair. Sweet almond oil also helps to get rid of scalp skin diseases, balancing the skin, cleansing the pores and destroying dandruff.

I especially recommend using Sweet almond oil for those with the dry and scaly scalp. Sweet almond oil has a deep moisturising effect and helps to easily get rid of such scalp. Sweet almond oil helps to prevent hair loss, so if you are having problems with hair loss, make a mask with sweet almond oil every time you wash your head. I recommend mixing Rosemary, Sage and Cedarwood essential oils with Sweet almond oil. For removing make-up and cleansing the face

For removing make-up and cleansing the face

Cleanse your face skin and remove makeup with oils. If you use mineral cosmetics, natural vegan products and organic make-up products, Sweet almond oil will remove your make-up very effectively. However, if you use make-up and cosmetic products that contain a lot of harmful substances and are not 100% natural or 100% herbal, you may need a higher amount of Sweet almond oil to remove such products from the skin. With natural products, make-up will come off easily with sweet almond oil. Pour sweet almond oil on a cotton pad and wipe the make-up off. Sweet almond oil may come into contact with closed eyes, but after eye cleaning, rinse well with lukewarm water. My personal recommendation is always mineral cosmetics and organic vegan makeup. This is the healthiest way to make beautiful makeup.

Why use Sweet almond carrier oil?

Sweet almond carrier oil does not cause skin irritation and is suitable for very problematic skin. If you have acne as a result of using different creams or oils, you do not have to be afraid of that with sweet almond oil. However, if you are very sensitive, you can apply Sweet almond oil mixed with Carrot essential oil, which is the number one healer and acne remover.

Sweet almond oil has essentially no odour. It gives you the opportunity to aromatise your skin with essential oils. Today's perfumes are full of toxic substances that are harmful to health. Combine your favourite essential oil with Sweet almond oil, apply a blend of oils on your body and you will smell like orange, rosemary, nutmeg or pink geranium all day long. Depends on the plant you want to smell like.

Sweet almond oil is right for you if you have oily skin, it does not make your skin extremely oily. Another such oil is a Jojoba carrier oil. However, if you have dry skin, be sure to use Avocado carrier oil.

If you have psoriasis or eczema, Sweet almond oil is very useful, healing and can help you get rid of these diseases.

Make a bath of essential oils with sweet almond oil. Essential oils can be added to the bathwater, but essential oils are not water-soluble and must be dissolved in carrier oils. Add about 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil and 5-10 drops of essential oil to your bath. If you have sensitive skin, increase the amount of carrier oil. After a bath, you will feel how silky soft your whole body is.

You can find all LA TENE 100% natural cold-pressed carrier oils from HERE and all 100% essential oils from HERE.

All health advice and information is not health information. It is Tene's own knowledge and personal opinion and recommendations.

The use of carrier oils is the responsibility of each individual. 

Info From USA. 50 ml. Ingredients: Oleic 60-70%, Linoleic 20-30%, Palmitic 4-9%, Stearic 0-5% acid.
Caution All La Tene carrier oils are cold pressed oil. This means the carrier oil has all the necessary vitamins and are useful substances that nurture your skin. La Tene carrier oils are packed in dark coloured bottles for longer shelf life. This protects oils from becoming rancid. Carrier oils can last up to 12 months after opening them. It would be good to use the oil up over that time. When you're fully committed to body care then you'll use them much faster. Keep carrier oils away from direct sunlight to avoid them getting rancid. Carrier oils can ruin clothes when you're not allowing the skin dry before. Keep this in mind.
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