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CLOVE essential oil

CLOVE essential oil
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CLOVE essential oil comes from clove flowers that grow on the clove tree or Syzgium aromaticum. It is an Asian plant that today grows in various parts of the world. Clove essential oil is spicy and suitable for those who love Cinnamon, Black Pepper or Bergamot essential oils. Cloves are a great creator of warm feelings and mood. Definitely very useful in aromatherapy and has a healing effect on the senses.

The essential oil of cloves is obtained by the evaporation method, the essential oil is removed from its petals, which gives the cloves its good aroma and strong taste. This essential oil has a yellowish-brown tint. If you use it in light oil lamps, wash the oil lamp with soda and vinegar after use. That's how you can remove the dark oils from oil lamps if you are disturbed by brownish borders.

Essential oils are very good tools for physical healing and accelerating spiritual growth. No matter what essential oil you use, it has magic. In the same way, Clove essential oil has this magic power.


In-home cleaning, cloves help to remove unhappy energy and increase energy, which helps to be happy. Burn essential oil to get out of stress and depressing mood. It is one of the best oils for melancholic people, helping to improve well-being and mood.


As a healer of Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra, it helps with digestive problems

Spiritually, Clove's essential oil has a great effect on your first two chakras, helping to heal them. Spiritually, cloves increase willpower, vitality and optimism. In a physical sense, it stimulates digestive activity. If you have a constant stomach upset, difficulty digesting food, problems with reflux, apply Clove essential oil with a carrier oil to your stomach. Do this a few times a week to solve the problem that is bothering you.

Muscle and toothache reliever

Cloves are great alternative medicine for muscle and toothache. For example, if your muscles hurt from exercise, it could be a lack of L-arginine This amino acid is extremely important for athletes or those who exercise. In addition to Arginine, Cloves help reduces the pain caused by exercise. Apply it mixed with the base oil on the skin to relieve pain. In the case of toothache, lightly apply the stronger mixture to the skin, to the mouth area where the tooth hurts. Avoid contact with lips or mouth.

Pathogenic and anti-inflammatory

Clove essential oil kills harmful bacteria. With this, it is possible to remove bacteria from your skin that cause inflammation or skin diseases in skincare. When used in aromatherapy or lamps, Clove helps to remove bacteria from the home air. With it, you can make your life healthier. Harmful bacteria cause disease and essential oils can remove invisible pathogens.

Medicine for cold

As the weather becomes cold and humid, colds are present for many. Prevent colds and regularly use essential oils for aromatherapy at home. One great cold remedy is Clove essential oil.

Burn it in an oil lamp or apply it with a carrier oil to the throat and chest. This speeds up healing and helps to prevent illness if necessary.

Like a cold medicine, the essential oil of Nutmeg and Ginger are perfectly compatible with the essential oil of Clove.

Against itchy skin

If your skin is itchy and you need to moisturize it constantly to prevent itching, use Clove essential oil to solve your problem. Apply Clove essential oil with a carrier oil to the skin and do it regularly to heal the skin. suitable if you mix 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (Grapeseed oil) with 5 drops of essential oil. If you feel your skin start to sting, increase the amount of base oil or decrease the amount of essential oil. Everyone's skins are very different and you have to feel for yourself whether this ratio of oils is right for you or not.

Anti-cancer essential oil

Cloves are toxic to cancer cells, helping to strengthen the body's immunity, reduce inflammation and fight cancer cells. By using Clove essential oil in skincare, you are supporting your body in the fight against cancer cells.

Weed control

Clove essential oil is a weed control product that does not harm nature, i.e. it does not poison nature with chemicals, which in turn have a very bad effect on the soil. Drip Clove essential oil on weeds you want to get rid of in your backyard. This prevents the plant from growing. This works especially well when you drip the oil directly into the centre of the plant, where its leaves or flowers grow. The closer you put the oil to the root, the faster it works. Clove essential oil is also used to create chemical weed control products.  

Libido-boosting effect

Clove essential oil has a great effect on your sexual health. It improves mood, increases passion, increases interest in romance and heals the sexual body. As it is the healer of the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra, it also automatically affects the libido. These two Chakras are responsible for sexual health. Use Clove essential oil in aromatherapy if you want to spend quality time with your partner.

Epileptic seizures and panic attacks

Clove essential oil may help prevent epileptic seizures and panic attacks, calming the nervous system and the subconscious anxiety that can trigger these attacks.


Clove essential oil can be burned in an oil lamp. You can find the instructions for using the oil lamp on our website. You can find all the oil lamps in our e-shop selection  HERE, where you will find the information you need to use them. 

Another option is to apply the essential oil on your skin, but in this case, the essential oil must be mixed with another oil (not with essential oil but carrier oil) such as Sweet AlmondGrape Seed OilAvocado or Jojoba carrier oil. Essential oils can be scorching on the skin and therefore should be applied to the body with another oil. When mixing essential oils with other oils, use only a few drops inside the other oil. To the oil lamp drip oil into the water as much as the strong aroma you want to feel in the room.

Take a healing bath with clove essential oil. If you have a bath at home, fill the bath with water and drip up to ten drops of essential oil into the bathwater, add several tablespoons of base oil. Take a bath and enjoy the effect of Clove essential oil. Taking such a bath is beneficial both physically and spiritually. Make a healing bath for yourself for CLove's healing properties to reach your body. 

Mix Clove essential oil with your favourite cream (which contains a carrier oil), to apply it on the skin if you want to have a healing effect on the whole body.

Essential oils can also be used in the sauna. By adding essential oils to the sauna in the sauna, you can make a more powerful variety of steam cleaning for yourself and aromatherapy at the same time. Have a try!

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All health advice and information is not health information. It is Tene's own knowledge and personal opinion and recommendations.

The use of essential oils is the own responsibility of every person.

Info Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata) 100% essential oil 10 ml. Country of origin Madakaskar. Clove essential oil is spicy in smell. It is yellowish-brown in colour. Clove essential oil is obtained by evaporation. The essential oil is obtained from its petals.
Caution Do not use undiluted essential oils. Dilute essential oils prior to use on the skin, for example with olive, coconut, almond or jojoba oil. Pregnant and children should use essential oils with extreme caution. Never leave essential oil unattended to the reach of children and do not use them internally! Do know if the given essential oil is suitable for your skin or not, try it on a small patch of your skin first. For that, take a carrier oil (coconut, olive, almond or jojoba), mix it with a few drops of essential oil and apply it to your wrist. Let it stay there for a few minutes and then wash it off. After that, you'll see how your skin reacts. When redness appears, then you should not use this essential oil on your skin. When there is no reaction, then your body will accept the healing properties of this essential oil.
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