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PINK GERANIUM essential oil

PINK GERANIUM essential oil
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PINK GERANIUM essential oil is widely used in the cosmetics industry because of its very good and sweet aroma. In addition, it is also used for its healing properties, because Pink Geranium has a lot of nutrients for the skin. It is a very beautiful plant with beautiful and fragrant flowers. Pink Geranium plant comes from South Africa, Madagascar, Egypt and Morocco. It was only in the 17th century that this beautiful plant came to Europe. Pink Geranium belongs to a family of Geranium plants, with over 700 different species. Few of these species can produce healing and very fragrant essential oils. Normal varieties of Geranium grown in the home garden cannot and do not do so and are therefore not used in the preparation of essential oils.

The essential oil of La Tene Pink Geranium is of high quality because it is obtained from the variety Pelargonium graveolens / Pink Egypt plant variety. It is considered to be the best product for Pink Geranium essential oil. Poorer types of essential oils are also available on the market with a second Latin name.

Pink Geranium is an essential oil that mixes very well with other La Tene essential oils and best suited for Basil, Bergamot, Lavender, Sage and Cedarwood. Combine them in an oil lamp and let them fill home with a wonderful aroma. Of course, Pink Geranium, when used separately, is also excellent and has a good aroma.

It is an essential oil that has no toxic effects, it does not cause irritation or allergy symptoms. However, there may be those who are sensitive to this oil and the use of too much on the skin may cause redness, as with any other overuse of essential oil.

The main components of the pink Geranium essential oil are citronellol, geraniol, linalool, menthone and 10-epi-y-Eudesmol.

Essential oils are very good tools for physical healing and accelerating spiritual growth. No matter what type of essential oil you are using, it has magic inside. In the same way, the Pink Geranium essential oil possesses this magic.


It is one of the strongest essential oils involved in boosting love energy, increasing romance, restoring and creating passion. Pink Geranium has an equal opponent of Ylang Ylang essential oil, and these two essential oils are perfect for using together. The burning of pink Geranium essential oil at home helps you to invite love, improve relationships, and make the home's atmosphere more loving. If you feel a lack of enjoyment and good relationship, Pink Geranium will help you bring it to life with its magic.

Burn this essential oil in an oil lamp even if you want to get along better with your children or give them good energy to get along with each other or with you. It is the best essential oil for relationship therapy. Burn it when you feel you need more love in your relationship or family.

Burn it next to the love crystals or in the South, Southwest and West direction. These three directions are related to love. The South symbolizes passion and sexuality, Southwest symbolises family relationships and the West symbolizes children’s happiness. All of these are related to relationships and love. In these areas, it is useful to keep love crystals and burn the Pink Geranium.

If you have a set of love crystals and these crystals are inside the bag, then drop a few drops of pink Geranium essential oil into the bag from time to time. It helps to activate these crystals and keep them healthy.  This oil can be used in various love rituals and magic.


Hormonal balancer

Pink Geranium is a great help for anyone who has hormonal problems or disorders in their bodies. For example, if acne problems are from hormones or problems with thyroid function. In this case, it is useful to mix the pink Geranium essential oil with the carrier oil (recommended avocado oil) and apply it to the body. If you have acne, then on the acne area, if you have problems with the thyroid, on decollete and neck. In the case of delicate skin, mix 1 teaspoon of carrier oil with 1-2 essential oils and with not so delicate skin, the same amount of carrier oil with 2-4 drops of essential oil. Repeat the procedure a few times a week.

Unexpected mood swings and tendency to melancholy

I recommend Pink Geranium to those who suffer from unexpected mood swings and melancholy attacks. This is a very widespread problem and I have discovered this problem in many people. It is a mental state that should not be ignored, it must be treated. One way to treat it is to use the essential oil of Pink Geranium. Burn it in an oil lamp every night before going to bed, dropping 10-15 drops at a time in the oil lamp water. Alternatively, it can be applied to the skin with a carrier oil to prevent strong mood swings. However, if you are in a situation where you are unable to control your negative thoughts, it is helpful to smell the pink Geranium essential oil from the bottle to calm down your soul.

I recommend using it during a stressful period

Pink Geranium is a natural antidepressant and sedative. Many essential oils are healing of depression and stress, one of the strong trumps that essential oils possess. If you feel that your life is stressful, moving too fast, and you are unable to mentally resist all the pressure, I suggest you start using the essential oil of Pink Geranium.

Great help to those who like to work out

If it is important for you to be physically fit and you do a lot of exercise for that, then you are definitely exposed to muscle pain or other pains that may result from a strong physical exercise. If you want to get rid of these pains quickly and easily, massage 1 teaspoon of carrier oil (recommended avocado oil) with 4 drops of essential oil. If you need to increase the quantities, then this relationship is based here. It is an essential oil that helps to relieve muscle pain quickly, helping to remove the inflammation from the skin.

Anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating effect

Pink Geranium essential oil is good to use if you want to keep yourself young and maintain your beauty. It is a true beauty oil that fits into everyone's beauty procedures. Pink Geranium essential oil with a carrier oil on your skin to give the skin a rejuvenating effect. It is an essential oil that helps to prevent wrinkles and even reduce existing deep wrinkles. Use Pink Geranium essential oil weekly and if you want to add extra strength to your skin, use it alternately with Carrot essential oil.

Recommendation: Apply 3 drops of essential oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil (recommended avocado oil) on your face, decollete and neck before going to bed at night. These areas get older on your body and get the wrinkles the fastest. The essential oil of Pink Geranium helps to save you from premature ageing.

Suitable for dry skin

If your skin is dry, be it legs, hands or face, the introduction of Pink Geranium essential oil will be a great help to you. Apply 1 tbsp of carrier oil (preferably in avocado oil) with 6 drops of essential oil. Mix the oils together and apply on the area of skin you want to moisten. Pink Geranium helps the skin stay healthy by helping to moisturise it.


Pink Geranium is a strong antiseptic that heals wounds and prevents scarring.

Prepare an acne treatment mask with this

Pink Geranium is a very useful acne medicine for those whose skin is very sensitive to various acne medications, face masks and creams. If you have not yet found an effective acne medication, this can now become a lifesaver to you.

Recommendation: Mix 1 tablespoon coconut fat, 3 drops of pink geranium essential oil and 3 drops of Sage essential oil. Apply the whole mixture to the problem skin area so that a gentle layer of oil remains on the skin (increase the amount of coconut fat if you are sensitive to essential oils). Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep the oil mixture on your skin for 5 minutes and then rinse the oil thoroughly. During rinsing, be careful of the oils not to get in your eyes. You can wipe off most of the oily skin with a damp towel before rinsing and then rinse the skin with water.

Releasing from various bacterial diseases

Pink Geranium is a great antidote to various fungal and bacterial diseases. If you have been hit with a nail fungus, then lubricate 1 teaspoon of carrier oil (recommended with  Jojoba oil) with 6 drops of essential oil to the infected area. Repeat this several times a day to get rid of such a disease. However, if you use Pink Geranium essential oil to clean ceramic surfaces, it will help you get rid of the moulds and other harmful bacteria you have.


Pink Geranium has a very good aroma and can be used as a natural deodorant. Mix 200 ml of water with 5 drops of essential oil into the spray bottle. Shake the bottle properly and spray it on your own skin, inside your clothes, in different home textiles and enjoy the freshness of yourself and your home.

Ideal essential oil for ending a busy and quick day

It is an essential oil that can smooth the nervous system smoothly and relieve tension from the body and soul. An ideal essential oil for self-healing and ending a fast-paced day. If your day has been full of work and you want to enjoy the evening and get rid of nervous energy, take Pink Geranium as your companion. Burn it in an oil lamp and enjoy this aroma or add a few drops (with a carrier oil) to the bathwater and let it work with you. If you burn it in an oil lamp and want to relax, add a larger amount of oil to the oil lamp, such as 15-20 drops at a time. In this case, relaxation is also easier to happen. However, if you want to get rid of the big tension, add 15 drops of Pink Geranium and 5 drops of Sage essential oil. Their combination has a deep soothing effect.

Add this to shampoo, conditioner and mask

Pink Geranium helps your hair to stay clean, remove dirt on your scalp and heal your hair. In addition, it adds a good smell to your hair and after washing you are like a beautiful flower. Add 5 drops to the amount of shampoo you use while washing the hair and the same amount to a mask or a conditioner. If your scalp has a disease, your skin peels or you have dandruff, then Pink Geranium will also help you get rid of it. However, if you want your hair to grow faster and become denser, in addition to Rose Geranium, add Cedarwood essential oil to hair care products. The essential oil of the cedarwood is thicker in its density, so it comes out of the bottle slowly, has patience with it.

An alternative solution for ticks

Ticks carry a number of infections with them. This is not the reason to remove ourselves from nature, instead, we should use different tricks to keep them away. Pink Geranium essential oil has aroma ticks hate. A nice flowery smell is repelling for ticks.

In addition to eating garlic (another natural way for ticks), it's also good to put a few drops of Pink Geranium essential oil to your clothes right before going to nature. But, when you wish to spend your whole day there, then apply it to your body with a carrier oil. This way you'll create an unpleasant aroma for ticks, but will smell good for yourself. Pink Geranium is repelling for ticks, but as it's with all the other tick deterrents, it won't give you a 100% guarantee. But, at least it gives you the chance to protect yourself and with this, a tick may wander around on your skin without attaching.


Ylang Yang essential oil can be burned in an oil lamp. You can find the lamp manual on our website. All the oil lamps in our e-shop selection can be found

Another option is to apply the essential oil on your skin, but in this case, the essential oil must be mixed with another oil (not with essential oil but carrier oil), such as olivecoconut, almond or jojoba oil.  Essential oils can be scorching on the skin and therefore should be applied to the body with another oil. When mixing essential oils with other oils, use just a few drops in the other. Pour as much of water mixed with oil to the oil lamp as strong of aroma you want to feel in the room.

Pink Geranium essential oil, make yourself a healing bath. If you have a bath at home, fill the bath full of water and drip ten drops of essential oil into the bath. Take a bath and enjoy the action of the essential oil of Pink Geranium. Such a bath is useful both physically and spiritually. The healing bath can do it yourself because the healing properties of Pink Geranium can reach your body.

Blend Pink Geranium essential oil with your favourite cream (containing carrier oil) to apply to your skin if you want to give your body a healing effect.

Essential oils can also be used in the sauna. By adding essential oils to the sauna in the sauna, you can make a more powerful variety of steam cleaning for yourself and aromatherapy at the same time. Have a try!

Use pink Geranium essential oil with massage oils or add it to the carrier oil while having a message. In this way, you will be able to obtain the healing properties of the essential oil of Pink Geranium.


Thymus Chakra is located above the Heart Chakra, and it opens only when there is strong healing energy in the Heart Chakra and the healing of Heart Chakra has been intensively dealt with. But you will have the opportunity to stimulate the heart chakra with the essential oil of Pink Geranium and, through this, open the thymic chakra. Why open the Thymus chakra? If it is in an open state, you will have the opportunity to meet your soul mate, feel deep love and emotionally develop quickly. This is a very useful Chakra, which, when working, opens many doors and opportunities related to love. In order for Pink Geranium to help you open your Thymus Chakra, apply it with the carrier oil on your chest several times a week or be inside the aroma when you burn it inside the oil lamp.

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Info Pink Geranium 100% essential oil (Pelargonium Graveolens & P/Rosa Egypt) 10 ml, from Egypt. Pink Geranium is almost transparent with an aroma similar to a rose. This aroma is strong, sweet and very refreshing at once. Perfect for flower aroma lovers. Rose Geranium essential oil is obtained from the steam distillation.
Caution Do not use undiluted essential oils. Dilute essential oils prior to use on the skin, for example with olive, coconut, almond or jojoba oil. Pregnant and children should use essential oils with extreme caution. Never leave essential oil unattended to the reach of children and do not use them internally! Do know if the given essential oil is suitable for your skin or not, try it on a small patch of your skin first. For that, take a carrier oil (coconut, olive, almond or jojoba), mix it with a few drops of essential oil and apply it to your wrist. Let it stay there for a few minutes and then wash it off. After that, you'll see how your skin reacts. When redness appears, then you should not use this essential oil on your skin. When there is no reaction, then your body will accept the healing properties of this essential oil.
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