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LOVER essential oil roll-on

LOVER essential oil roll-on ESSENTIAL OILS
LOVER essential oil roll-on ESSENTIAL OILS
LOVER essential oil roll-on ESSENTIAL OILS
LOVER essential oil roll-on ESSENTIAL OILS
LOVER essential oil roll-on
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LOVER roll-on mix of essential oils consists of 100% from essential oils and carrier oils, which is wheat-germ oil. This mixture consists of RoseLavender and Vetiver essential oils, packaged into roll-on bottles.

Roll-on essential oils are La Tene oils that are easy to use and carry with you in your daily routine. It is a mixture of oils that not only heal the body physically, mentally, spiritually as well as emotionally but also moisturize the skin. La Tene roll-on blends are all 100% natural oils. Body-friendly and vegan products. Roll-on Series is primarily for everyday use and gives you the opportunity to heal yourself with essential and base oils at any time. Comfortable to use at work, in a workout, travelling and at home. Roll-on oils are very comfortable to apply to the body. A mixture of oils are balanced and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Roll-on is compact and can be used immediately. If essential oils are to be mixed with carrier oils, in this La Tene series we have done the work for you. You just open the cap, apply the oil to your skin and enjoy the healing of the oils. Roll-on oils can be applied to the whole body, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. 

La Tene roll-on range is an alternative oil to your daily perfume selection. These are natural and body-friendly oils whose fragrance can be used to replace perfume. Toxic synthetic fragrances damage human health, but with a blend of natural oils, you can smell like a flower every day without harming your health. When using as a perfume, apply roll-on oils to the neck, décolleté and hands. 

Vitamin E and wheat-germ oil

La Tene roll-on is based on wheat-germ oil, a rich product of vitamin E that heals and moisturises the skin. Wheat-germ oil has an intensely emollient and deep moisturising effect, which is a very useful carrier oil for applying essential oils to the skin. Wheat-germ oil helps essential oils impart their healing properties without drying the skin. But wheat - germ oil itself has a lot to offer you. All La Tene roll-on products are based on wheat-germ oil. Wheat - germ oil does not contain gluten, so gluten abstainers do not have to fear this oil. However, celiac patients are not advised to use wheat -germ oil.

It is an oil that boosts the immune system and promotes overall health. Wheat-germ oil is considered to prevent cancer and is therefore very beneficial to your skin, especially if you are a sun lover. Wheat germ oil relieves muscle spasms, helps to relax and speeds up metabolism. This oil is high in Vitamin E and is the vitamin your skin needs to shine, maintain its youthful appearance and prevent premature ageing. Wheat germ oil has a regenerative and healing effect and is beneficial to those with weak, red, acne and generally problematic skin. Apply La Tene roll-on oil on injured skin.  In addition, this oil is an excellent antioxidant product that blocks the formation of free radicals in the skin.

LOVER roll-on:

* Aphrodisiac

* Brings love happiness

* Relationship Enhancer

* Emotional Balancer

* Heart Chakra and Thymus Chakra Healer

* Creator of a sense of well-being and satisfaction

* Tension and irritation reliever

* Causes an emotional feeling of happiness

* Healing skin, reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating

Lover essential oil roll-on is for you if you want to love, feel, find, share or even empower it. This oils blend contains essential oils for the cultivation of love energy, which you use to improve your relationship energy and emotional state. It is the activator of the higher Heart Chakra, which activates the Heart Chakra and the Thyme Chakra. These two chakras are responsible for your emotional happiness. Apply this oil to your neckline, upper back, neck and shoulders so that the oils can heal, unlock and activate these Chakras.

Love is something that brings the soul to life and gives meaning to life. This oil can be used by anyone familiar with its energy or aroma. If you are single, it will help to bring love to your life, that is on the soul mate level. If you are in a relationship, it will heal your relationship, make you more passionate about it, and helps you easily resolve issues or problems with your relationship. The combination of these oils awakens in you the ability to be tolerant, loving, caring and accepting. This oil has an unconditional love-promoting effect.

Lover oil has other healing properties. For example, it will help you relax. To do this, apply it to your body and after a while, you may feel a sense of peace and balance. This will make you more comfortable by blocking overreaction to the little things and grounding your body and soul. The better you feel, the more love you can give and receive.

Lover oil is applied to your body if you want to release anger or other aggressive or harmful emotions. It will help you grow into a better and more benevolent person. The combination of these oils is very beneficial for spiritual growth.

In addition, this blend of oils helps fight stress, depression, anxiety and tension and helps heal the mental body and its functioning. Lover oil also helps boost immunity and is very good for skin health. All of these oils have a rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle effect. By applying "Lover" to your skin, you are also taking the right steps to maintain your youth.


Rose essential oil is an aphrodisiac, which increases the energy of your love and passion. Rose essential oil helps you to feel beautiful and captivating. It will make your mood sensual and it will also immediately lead to a better reception of the energy of love. Rose essential oil raises the energy of fertility, increases self-confidence and helps you to feel good overall. Rose combined with Lavender and Vetiver create a trio of love energies. Rose essential oil helps the skin heal, rejuvenate faster and is used for its wrinkle-reducing effect. Plus, you get the physical healing properties from it. Improves blood circulation and also keeps your head clear. 


Lavender essential oil creates a relaxing trio with rose and vetiver, it helps to make you feel relaxed. Enhances your mood, sense and live in the moment. Lavender essential oil is one of the most effective stress-energy relievers, helping to soothe the emotions and make you feel, both mentally and physically better. Lavender essential oil is useful in the treatment of sleep disorders, it has a sedative and soothing effect. Blocks acne formation and therefore is useful when applied on the skin. The lavender essential oil has to restore and purifying effect of the Aura field, healing the Aura field and helping unhealthy emotions to leave you thanks to Rose and Vetiver.


On a spiritual level, Vetiver essential oil has the power to hold your relationships together, block them from falling apart, heal human relationships, and improve your emotional body. Vetiver is a plant flowing in love energy, whose oil has a soothing and balancing effect on the senses. Vetiver activates the Heart chakra and the Thymus chakra. Vetiver gives you the opportunity to fulfil your life with love, helping you become more benevolent and caring. Vetiver is an aphrodisiac, it makes you more passionate and invites love into your life. With deep balancing and grounding effect. Just as Rose helps to stimulate blood circulation, helping to improve overall well-being. Relieves stress, anxiety and helps to easily overcome irritation.

Ideal alternative medicine for self-healing. La Tene essential oils roll-on "Lover" is perfect for anyone who wants to have balance and stay healthy.

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All health advice and information is not health information. It is Tene's own knowledge and personal opinion and recommendations.

The use of roll-on is the responsibility of each individual. 

Info 10 ml. Ingredients: Tocopherol, Lavendula Angustifolia oil, Vetiveria Zizanoides oil, Rosa Centifolia oil, Linalol, Limonene, Geraniol, Farnesol, Eugenol, Coumarin, Citronello. All are 100% essential oils and wheat-germ oil. Part of La Tene collection. Close the lid properly to keep your pocket or bag from damage.
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