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La Tene ring "RHODONITE"

La Tene ring "RHODONITE"
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La Tene ring "RHODONITE" is designed with Rhodonite crystals. This ring only has natural gemstones, like all the jewellery in La Tene Boutiques. The bracelet has been assembled with special jewellery rubber which makes using this bracelet very.

RHODONITE  is a crystal that teaches to receive love and intimacy. A crystal that helps get rid of the tension and blockage that arises from closeness. For example, many people have difficulty accepting hugs, even from the people closest to them. When you feel cramped and stiff, when someone close to you wants to hug you, it indicates the weakness of the Heart Chakra and the wounds in it. This is a good way to find out what state your Heart Chakra is at.

If you recognize yourself here, I will inspire you to heal your Heart Chakra. Rhodonite is a great crystal choice for you. Wear it as a talisman around your neck, as close to your heart as possible. Wearing it, you must also practice hugging to heal your Heart Chakra completely. Rhodonite makes you freer by helping you enjoy and receive closeness. This can help you release the tension that comes with being close to someone.

Rhodonite is a pinkish crystal which colour could vary from dull old pink to bright pink with black lines crossing through it that remind you of small threads or even branches. Rhodonite got its name from the Greek word"rose" for its beautiful pinkish hue. Pinkish hue in Rhodonite symbolises love, romance and forgiveness. The black tone in it symbolises healing, repairing wounds and coming through difficult times. Rhodonite is mainly found in the USA and it was only discovered in 1790, which means in the spiritual world the history of this crystal is only a little over 200 years old. But, Rhodonite has been in this world for a lot longer.

Rhodonite is highly appreciated for its qualities linked to love, improving relationships and healing emotions. Foremost, Rhodonite is a crystal that helps to improve your emotional life and bring solutions to problems in your heart.  This is a crystal used for amplifying love energy and attracting love. Rhodonite increases forgiving and makes a person more gentle. Perfect crystal when one party of the relationship is too dominating. Rhodonite helps to bring equality to the relationship, relieving dominating and replacing it with a good mood and loving approach.

Despite the finger you wear your Rhodonite ring in, it gives you love, care, improves your relationships and your emotional body.


If to wear a Rhodonite as a ring, it will work in a special way in each of the different fingers. If you're wearing the Rhodonite, its general characteristics will come to your Aura but according to the finger, some specific Rhodonite power is most powerfully represented. As palmistry is my passion, I will explain a little how Rhodonite, in particular, helps you:


Left - Wear Rhodonite on the left thumb when you wish to calm your soul and make yourself more balanced. The power of Rhodonite helps to direct milder energy to you through the thumb, giving you the ability to be more tolerant with people close to you.

Right- On the right thumb Rhodonite helps to stop you from showing your true feelings to people who should not know your real emotions. Suitable for people who tend to show their private life to a lot of people.


Left - On the left Jupiter finger, Rhodonite can direct its power to communicate, helping you to express yourself better and be in a better relationship with your lover, helping to express your love and romantic feelings.

Right - On the right Jupiter finger, the power of attracting love will open in Rhodonite. Wear the crystal ring on this finger to attract love to your life.


Left - On the left Saturn finger, Rhodonite helps to give you the ability to protect yourself from the criticism from other people. When you wear it on this finger, then it strengthens and heals your Heart Chakra.

Right - On the right Saturn finger, Rhodonite helps to bring luck and love for the relationship, helping to forgive, agree and relieve tension.


Left - On the left Apollo finger, Rhodonite helps to make the person wearing it calmer, helping to relieve the anxious mind and nervousness. When you have relieved nervousness from your Aura, then Rhodonite helps you to meet with your soulmate, send signals to him so he could find your way to you and the other way around.

Right - Wear Rhodonite crystal on the right Apollo finger when you wish to understand which soul agreements you have with other people. In addition, it brings peace to your heart.


Left/right - Wear Rhodonite in your Mercury's finger so it could heal your heart, Heart Chakra, the nerve system. Wear it to make yourself calmer.
Start wearing this ring on the finger it feels the most comfortable. Only after that read what this crystal gives you on this finger. Then you can understand why you had wanted to put it on this particular finger!

- Rhodonite is a wonderful love crystal that helps to improve your self-esteem and make you more confident. Rhodonite is especially useful when life is too tense for you or even traumatic. Rhodonite helps to love, find love and feel it even during the toughest times in life. When you feel like there is a tough period in your life, then let Rhodonite be there for you.

- Rhodonite is a love magnet, it creates an energy field that attracts love. It can attract love in a good way, by bringing romance and luck. Rhodonite makes a person’s own Aura field attractive to love or the place it exists at that moment.

- Rhodonite is a very good crystal to find your Soulmate and create a path for him. This is a crystal that opens your heart to love, teaches you to accept your love in the right way. Rhodonite stops you from demanding love and won’t let you establish conditions. This is a very good crystal that directs you to think and dream the right way when it comes to relationships. This is like a filter that sorts out the right and wrong thoughts, blocks you from doing the wrong step when your end wish is finding love. With this, Rhodonite teaches you to express love and is therefore good for the relationship. Rhodonite teaches you to love the soul not the exterior of the person and his worldly.

- Rhodonite is a crystal with the ability to heal relationships, improve them and bring solutions to problems in them. A crystal with the power to make the person wearing it more understanding. Rhodonite brings clarity to a relationship and it’s good to wear this crystal to improve your relationship life. This is a crystal that helps you to understand the problems in your relationship, assess them adequately and find a fair solution for them. Rhodonite has a healing energy and when you wear it or keep it close to you then it helps to set your life in order.

- Rhodonite is a wonderful crystal to resolve relationships and analyse them. A crystal that helps to come to the conclusion about what you have done wrong, what has caused the problems between you and him (between you and your partner today or ex). Rhodonite is a wonderful crystal to connect your past and present together, helping to understand why life today has brought you to this. 

- A crystal that teaches you to forgive and helps wounds to heal Helps to get over cheating and betrayal, helping you to be in a relationship with a person who has hurt you a lot or move on with your life and forget the hurt from the past.

- Rhodonite is a very useful crystal when you want to live by Karma related to the law of relationship. By wearing Rhodonite and keeping it in your life it won’t let you make Karmically harmful steps. Rhodonite helps you to think before and then act, helping to keep away many accidentally attracted problems that can express themselves as love related misfortune on your path of fate. Rhodonite helps you to attract love luck and create this through Karma for the future. 

- Rhodonite is a love magnet, it creates an energy field that attracts love. It can attract love in a good way, by bringing romance and luck. Rhodonite makes a person’s own Aura field attractive to love or the place it exists at that moment.

- Rhodonite is worn as a piece of jewellery when one wants to get rid of his pain. Rhodonite releases the wounds and past memories in the subconsciousness that’s hurting the soul. Rhodonite heals wounds caused by, for example, betrayal and cheating. Helps these wounds to be released and then begins to heal that part in your soul. This is all good to go forward with your life in the relationship department or when you have lost trust for people. Rhodonite helps to get over this and give yourself a so-called new chance.

- Rhodonite relieves anxiety you can’t explain, that is to release the feeling you can’t control. Rhodonite is good for those who can get upset easily even for the smallest things.

- I recommend wearing Rhodonite when you need to forgive to a specific person to move on with your life. When you wear Rhodonite, then it will find the place in your heart where the forgiveness is needed and helps to forgive “him”. When a person you love needs to be forgiven when wearing Rhodonite with Green Kuntsite.

- Rhodonite is not only linked to the heart and healing it, but it also helps to learn different languages.

- Rhodonite is worn when you want to increase your passion, libido, the passion of life and more romantic side and love.

- Rhodonite is a crystal that relieves tension in you, helping you to think clearly and not focus on the negativity. The power of Rhodonite relieves stress and anxiety you can’t fully explain for yourself and control. This stress and tension existing on the lower wave, that is on the subconsciousness. Rhodonite is good for those who can get upset easily even for the smallest things.

- Rhodonite is a crystal that relieves trauma and is especially good for people who have had sexual traumas, who have been abused or who have been humiliated. Rhodonite helps to find peace within and forget traumas so you can keep living with it. Rhodonite is combined with Apache Tear when one wants to get rid of bigger traumas or sadness. The power of these two crystals helps to look at death with a more positive attitude. These crystals teach that death is the end of one life and the life of this spirit will go on from there, the soul never dies only physical body will. 

- Wear Rhodonite crystal with Garnet or Rhodochrosite when you want to strengthen your relationship, revitalize it, fall in love with your partner again and connect with him. The combination of these three crystals helps to revitalize a long-term relationship.

- Wear Rhodonite crystal with Watermelon Tourmaline või with Larimar when you wish to find love. When you have been alone for a long time, then wearing Watermelon Tourmaline works better.


Heart Chakra is the Chakra Rhodonite gives the most of its strength. Rhodonite is a very useful Heart Chakra healer also because this crystal has the ability to tear apart very deep Heart Chakra problems, find solutions for them, heal them and then, again, put the whole Chakra system together. Rhodonite heals emotions, helping even the most painful memories to go away. It teaches forgiveness and won’t let you feel negative emotions that can ruin the mood. Rhodonite helps to release disappointment, sadness and move on with life even after a very hard emotional trauma.


For healing wear Rhodonite as a talisman or make yourself  tumbled crystal water-elixir, crystal therapy is recommended for the following problems:

- Rhodonite helps to release toxins from the body that have become stuck there because of bitter and stressful emotions. For example, when you have been in a period where negativity has overcome you, the body has become acidic. By wearing Rhodonite it helps your body to recover both physically and spiritually. 

- On the hormonal level, Rhodonite is a very healthy crystal, helping hormones in your body be levelled. Rhodonite blocks the domination of one or another hormone. When your body has hormonal problems, then wear Rhodonite around your neck or make yourself water-elixir from the tumbled crystal. 

- Rhodonite heals the Heart Chakra both physically and spiritually, helping to get rid of emotional wounds and heal heart-related problems. Good for people who have an arrhythmia, whose heart nerves hurt and who feel tense in the heart area. This is an obvious sign that the Heart Chakra is broken and needs to be healed.

- Relieves stress, depression, anxiety, keep away negative thinking, humiliating yourself or demean yourself.

- Good when your eyes are weak, you have a genetic illness of the eyes.


Rhodonite brings the most love luck to TAURUSSCORPIO and LIBRA.

Rhodonite helps  Taurus to find his love of life, soulmate and partner he can be happy with. When Taurus has a partner, then Rhodonite brings luck in a relationship, creating more romance and passion.  Rhodonite is also good for Taurus for great inner and emotional changes.

Rhodonite is a crystal that’s very good for Scorpios. Rhodonite will help Scorpio accomplish its mission as a constellation. Rhodonite helps Scorpio to teach others how to be passionate and with passion and pleasure to do important things for themselves. Rhodonite does not allow Scorpio to criticize other people, it teaches understanding and in general, makes Scorpios relationships much better with other people. Rhodonite helps Scorpio find his soulmate when he is single to fulfil his life goal. When Scorpio has a partner, who is his soulmate then Rhodonite helps to make the relationship even more romantic. You can read more about Scorpio life purpose from HERE.

I advise Scorpio to wear Rhodonite as a piece of jewellery during a period where you are most eager to fulfil your purpose of life, and thus increase your luck in love. Another option, besides wearing it as a piece of jewellery, is to add this crystal to the birth crystal chest. You can read about this chest from HERE.

Rhodonite is the perfect love crystal for LIBRA ♎ that helps them to be lovable, it improves their luck, helping them to find love. When they have it, to hold on to love. Rhodonite attracts love into the life of a Libra, helping singles to start a relationship and to add more romance and passion into their relationships. Rhodonite is one of the crystals Libra should have in his home with his partner, among love crystals or by their bed.

The effect of the zodiac crystal is transferred even if the crystal is worn for some other purpose.

Charge Rhodonite on a Rock Crystal geode when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse it from time to time with Sage ritual plant smoke.

You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals from HERE.

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