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La Tene crystal set "ARIES"

La Tene crystal set "ARIES"
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  • Model: La Tene kristallikomplekt "JÄÄR"
La Tene crystal set "ARIES" is made only of natural semi-precious stones. This crystal set includes the main luck crystals for Aries. Sardonyx, Red Jasper and Agate all three bring prosperity, positivity, optimism, protection and love to Aries. Their combined combination creates such an effect. I recommend keeping these crystals close to Aries, keeping them in the birth crystal box or giving them to Aries, to whom you want to convey good luck.

Sardonyx helps Aries cope with his life's tasks, increasing his motivation and ambition. Helping Aries to shine and emerge in its most positive traits. Aries gets a tremendous amount of energy from Sardonyx, which helps him succeed at every level.

Red Jasper invites Aries to live, improves his relationships with other people, helps him to be viable and healthy. Red Jasper together with Sardoonx also helps to be active in abundant energies.

Agate protects Aries from the worst, the negative, the stress and the problems. This is a very important protective crystal for Aries, which can prevent so many bad things. The combination of all three works great for Aries.

Occasionally clean this set with the Dragon's Blood incense so that the crystals in this set always work actively!

You can read about cleaning and charging the crystals HERE.

Read the full-length Aries article HERE. It contains everything about the character of Aries and the crystals that bring them luck.
Size The crystals in the set are average-sized.
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