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La Tene crystal set CAPRICORN "LUCKY IN LOVE"

La Tene crystal set CAPRICORN "LUCKY IN LOVE"
La Tene crystal set CAPRICORN "LUCKY IN LOVE"
La Tene crystal set CAPRICORN "LUCKY IN LOVE"
La Tene crystal set CAPRICORN "LUCKY IN LOVE"
La Tene crystal set CAPRICORN "LUCKY IN LOVE"
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La Tene crystal set CAPRICORN „LUCKY IN LOVE” is specially created for people born under the Capricorn zodiac sign. Crystal set is specially created from crystals that increase luck in love, help to attract love and feel the love in his life. This set has Garnet, Pink Moss Agate and Red Jasper. These crystals are placed in a red bag with a crystal description in it. 

Crystals are combined together to get more specific energies from them, the more crystals with similar energy are together the more powerfully they can work for the same purpose.

GARNET is a crystal of love luck for a Capricorn. Garnet intensely opens all its energies related to love in Capricorn. Garnet helps to bring them romance, passion, sexuality, the right partner and happiness in a relationship.

PINK MOSS AGATE is a love crystal that teaches to love and accept love. This crystal brings love and helps to heal all that is linked to love. This crystal is good for a Capricorn in a relationship and has lost his passion or a good relationship with others.

RED JASPER is a very good love crystal for a Capricorn, working very quickly in his Aura. Red Jasper increases passion and makes him show all of this to the person in his heart. This opens him and therefore makes the relationship healthier or the single Capricorn more accepting to love. Red Jasper activates energies in him that generally increase his luck in love.

You can add the same crystals to the crystal set or other love crystals, you haven’t used for another purpose before.

Wear the crystal set with you, place it to the birth crystal set, put it by your photo or the picture of you and your lover or family. You can also place the photo inside the crystal set.

You can read more about Capricorn’s love from the article „Capricorn – 10 important pieces of knowledge about his love” by Tene Laul that you can find from HERE. In addition, we recommend the following articles: „Capricorn – how to communicate with himHERE and „Capricorn - his special side and magicHERE.

There is another crystal set for Capricorn in our selection „Capricorn”, you can find it HERE.

Clean the sets at least once a month with Sage ritual plant smoke so the negative energy gathered to these crystals could be released and crystals could continue their work!

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.
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