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La Tene bracelet LEO "GUARDIAN ANGEL"

La Tene bracelet LEO "GUARDIAN ANGEL"
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La Tene zodiac sign bracelet LEO "GUARDIAN ANGEL" is designed with natural gemstones - Rock Crystal and 925 silver. The collection "Guardian Angel" is created for every zodiac sign to contact with its personal Guardian Angel, to have a strong connection with and send your prayers and thoughts to it. This piece of jewellery helps the wearer’s personal Guardian Angel to be always by its side and in the Aura field, this will ensure strong protection from the Angel. Bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet rubber that makes it very comfortable to wear. 

All bracelets in the "Guardian Angel" collection are designed with Opalite and the luck crystal of that zodiac sign. Leo luck crystal is Rock Crystal. This crystal together with Opalite helps to have a strong and clear connection with the Guardian Angel, by strengthening Angel’s protection and increasing good luck.

Wear this bracelet to make the connection between you and your Guardian Angel more powerful. With wearing this bracelet, you can send your prayers to it, pass on your wishes, ask for help from moving from one stage to another. You can ask anything you want from your Guardian Angel.

Opalite is one of the strongest crystals linked to  Guardian Angel. Opalite opens the pathway between the two of you. This is the so-called connection-crystal which means it creates a link with the spiritual world, as well as with your Guardian Angel.

You can also wear this crystal to increase your protection. The job of a Guardian Angel is to prevent discomfort you should not feel. Its task is to guide you to the right path, help you if needed. Helps to fulfil your life’s mission and tasks.

You can wear this piece of jewellery with other angel crystals, like Opalite, Blue Quartz, Sodalite, Kyanite or Lazurite. All of these crystals support the work this bracelet does.

"Guardian Angel" helps you to understand Angel messages better or call for them. When you often see numbers and their combinations and can’t understand them that well, then wearing this bracelet will open your minds and find connections faster.

When you start wearing this bracelet you can begin noticing how the Guardian Angel wants to connect with you through numbers, signs or dreams.

When you’re not wearing it, keep it on a Celestite geode. Like at nights so it could charge itself and recover from helping you. Cleanse it with Frankincense incense at least once a month.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Read more about your own and friend’s zodiac signs from Tene Laul’s first book. You can find it HERE.

Size Pearl size ca 6 mm.
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