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La Tene crystal set GEMINI "LUCKY CRYSTALS FOR 2021"

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La Tene crystal set GEMINI "LUCKY CRYSTALS FOR 2021"
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La Tene crystal set GEMINI "LUCKY CRYSTALS FOR 2021"consists of Gemini lucky crystals of 2021, which will bring him support and extra energy to successfully pass the year. This crystal set was created for use in 2021. The crystal set has AgateFluorite and Moonstone. These crystals are placed in a small bag with a description of the crystals.

Moonstone is the most important luck crystal of 2021, which will lead everyone to the right path and help them make useful decisions. In 2021, it is necessary to lay the foundation for a better and more successful life. This year, it is necessary to make wise decisions, analyze one's life, change the system and structure, which made 2020 to halt. Moonstone helps you make wise choices by helping the intuitive voice come to light and teaching you to listen and trust it. Keep Moonstone crystal by your side all year long to be your personal guide. This reduces the stress caused by increasing energy and tempo. The perfect helper for 2021.

The 2021 crystal of luck and protection of Gemini is Agate. This helps them stay on track by increasing the energy of happiness and protecting them from situations that can be harmful. Agate helps to overcome difficulties and increase success. Agate helps to learn from experience and stay on the right path. It also protects against vile words and derogatory gaze. It is worth keeping this crystal with you throughout the year, either around your neck or as a crystal in your pocket.

Fluorite is the crystal of prosperity, cash flow, luck and success in 2021 for Gemini. It's worth keeping it close to you, putting it in a box of prosperity or putting it in your wallet. Fluorite brings good ideas, helps to create opportunities for Gemini and improves the quality of work. It's also good for learning and self-development, which Gemini definitely needs to do this year.

Carry the crystal set with you, place it in a birth crystal set, next to your photo, or put your photo inside the set.

When the year 2021 is over, take the crystals to nature as a sign of gratitude - into river water or the forest.

Cleanse this crystal set at least once a month with Nag Champa incense, that the negative energy accumulated in the crystals is released from them and that the crystals can work with you sustainably all year round! If Nag Champa is not available, Citronella incense or essential oil or Opium incense (also Black Opium) is also suitable for cleaning these crystals.

You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals from HERE.

Size The crystals in the set are medium in size. Crystals are placed in a small bag with a story about the crystals.
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