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DREAM CATCHER heart (white, pink)

DREAM CATCHER heart (white, pink)
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DREAM CATCHERS are very popular and for a reason- they protect you at night and bring good and foretelling dreams. This knowledge alone is enough to hang a beautiful dream catcher in your bedroom. It would be even better to hang it above your own or your child's bed.

HEART symbolises love, passion, well-being, romance, friendship, loyalty, unconditional love, emotionality, healing emotions, unity, trust and the energy of the Heart Chakra.

Dream catchers come from Native Americans or Indians. They began making dream catchers to protect their sleeping children from all evil and bad, misfortune, and nightmares. When we sleep, our Aura Field is more open to everything around us, including bad energy. That's why dream catchers are used in bedrooms to protect the Aura Field from anything we don't want to have.

In addition, I have great news for anyone who wishes to see prophetic or predictive dreams - dream catchers help to evoke such dreams. They connect you with good, useful, and necessary energies. You can hang crystals with holescrystal pendants, or wheels of sun, made of crystals. They will add extra power to dream catchers and will help to make its energetic work even more effective.

When you cleanse your home regularly with different 
smudge sticksincenses, or essential oils, then dream catchers will be cleansed too. Of course, you can also clean dream catchers separately. I recommend doing this when you start to see nightmares.

You can read more about cleansing and amplifying dream catchers from 

Size Dream catchers dimensions 16,5x17,5 cm and full length ca 47 cm.
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