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MOOKAITE heart keychain

MOOKAITE heart keychain
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MOOKAITE is a Jasper from Australia. Mookaite is mainly found in Carnarvon Basin West-Australia. Mookaite is a highly variegated type of Jasper, basically, each piece of crystal looks different and its colours are also very different. The main colours of Mookaite are yellow and a soft shade of red. It is beige, brown, mild purple to dark purple. Anyway, Mookaite is a crystal with a very colourful and beautiful nature. Some Mookaite crystals have a lot of yellow, while others may be beige with a few purple stripes.

The main task of Mookaite is to bring positivity to the environment and people. Mookaite helps those who are looking for new opportunities in life and want to be happier. 

When you make keychains from crystals and add them to different keys, then they will start to give energy to that item/home whose key it is the beautiful crystal is protecting. So the same crystal works in different ways when it is attached to different keys.


Linking Mookaite with the Heart symbol will create a truly powerful love power.

Mookaite is made into keychains to protect the wearer, the home or the car – depending on exactly what it is used for. When home keys are hung on it, this keychain crystal will automatically protect your home, not your car, even though you carry this keychain in your car. If you hang it with several different keys, it protects all of them, but at the same time to a small extent, so the power object always works better with one particular key.


Mookaite brings a new beginning, new opportunities and creates a new path through which you can move forward in life. When you place a Mookaite keychain on your home keys, encode a reputation and a material dream for which Mookaite can open the door to your life.

Mookaite combined with the heart symbol helps to bring love to the house, new opportunities for the family, a new love for single people and a lot of happiness, joy and vitality for all family members there.

Crystal keychains are fragile, so they should be handled with care so that they do not break. As these are natural crystals, their texture is relatively fragile.


It is useful for those who tend to be nervous while driving. Mookaite helps to calm the driving style, temperament behind the wheel and makes the driver a more stable driver.


Protects its wearer from people who want to take advantage of your excess good. Brings love, good friends and good experiences.

The reddish hue of Mookaite increases passion, strength and confidence. The yellowish tone of Mookaite brings good friends, a new beginning and good experiences.

The keychains should be cleaned once a month with Sage smoke and not with incense, but with a ritual plant to clean up all the energy that has accumulated in the keychain. You can find the Sage ritual plant from HERE.

If there's a place at home where keys are kept, then there could also be a 
Citrine geode. This is to keep the key on it when its keychain is from Mookaite. Citrine helps boost and revitalize Mookaite's energy.
Size Heart is ca 3*3*1 cm
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