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MOOKAITE owl keychain

MOOKAITE owl keychain
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MOOKAITE is a Jasper from Australia. Mookaite is mainly found; span style="font-style: italic;">Carnarvon Basin West-Australia. Mookaite is a highly variegated type of Jasper, basically, each piece of crystal looks different and its colours are also very different. The main colours of Mookaite are yellow and a soft shade of red. It is beige, brown, mild purple to dark purple. Anyway, Mookaite is a crystal with a very colourful and beautiful nature. Some Mookaite crystals have a lot of yellow, while others may be beige with a few purple stripes.

The main task of Mookaite is to bring positivity to the environment and people. Mookaite helps those who are looking for new opportunities in life and want to be happier. 

When you make keychains from crystals and add them to different keys, then they will start to give energy to that item/home whose key it is the beautiful crystal is protecting. So the same crystal works in different ways when it is attached to different keys.

OWL symbolises protection, a guardian, connection with the other side and according to belief owl has always been a guardian and the one that opens the path. Owl symbol is a powerful protective talisman that protects from accidents and misfortune.

Crystal keychains are fragile, so they should be handled with care so that they do not break. As these are natural crystals, their texture is relatively fragile.


- Mookaite brings new beginnings, new opportunities and creates new ways through what you can move on in life. When you place a Mookaite keychain with your house keys then code into it an earthly and material dream for what Mookaite could open the door for in your life.

- Place the Mookaite owl keychain on your home keys so that this valuable talisman can keep sadness and sad news away from your home.

- It is a crystal that helps bring happiness, joy, positivity, optimism, laughter, fun and goodness to your family. Mookaite is a powerful transmitter of positive energy that makes everyone happier

- The Mookaite owl keychain is one of the best keychains for holding home keys when moving into a new home. It is a crystal that brings good luck to a new place and helps you to start from the beginning of your life and turn a new beautiful chapter in your life.


- Hold the Mookaite owl keychain with your car keys when you buy a new car. When you put it in a new car, it protects it and helps it stay healthy.

I recommend charging Mookaite on a Citrine or Muscovite geode and from time to time clean it with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.     

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size Owl is ca 4*2*0,8 cm.
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