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TIGER'S EYE keychain heart chips

TIGER'S EYE keychain heart chips MAGICAL TOOLS
TIGER'S EYE keychain heart chips
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TIGER’S EYE is one of the most popular crystals in the world, which is worn and used for its protective and prosperous qualities. Tiger’s Eye is one type of Jasper and that itself has several different types - Red Tiger’s Eye, Tiger’s Iron and Hawk’s Eye, known as the Blue Tiger’s Eye. Tiger’s Eye is mainly found in South-Africa  Brazil and Australia

A lot of jewellery is made of Tiger’s Eye, because it’s such a crystal that, while wearing, its power transfers miraculously into humans Aura. There are certain crystals that start to work very quickly in human Aura, and the Tiger’s Eye is one of them for sure. If you like the Tiger’s Eye, then you are in need of its power, this applies to all crystals.

Tiger’s Eye can be found in many different Moon rituals and magic since it has a strong connection with the Moon and the Sun. Therefore it is possible to apply it in a lot of rituals.

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal, that helps you to be honest with yourself. Tiger’s Eye has the power to help you to find your personality, release you from fake chains and remove your lack of skill to be brave, self-confident and such person, who don’t know how to stand up for his beliefs. Tiger’s Eye is a very useful crystal for spiritual development and showing your personality. Keep Tiger’s Eye close to you if you wish to find the way, which helps you to grow spiritually and to be the person you really are.

Tiger’s Eye has a power that can make a person powerful. Tiger’s Eye injects motivation and inspires to act. Increases courage, enthusiasm and the ability to do well in life. When you’re looking for extra support into your life that would help you to stay motivated, active and organised then Tiger’s Eye helps you to become as such. I recommend bringing Tiger’s Eye into your life when you need extra strength. 

When keychains are made from crystals and added to different keys, they begin to give energy to this item/home, which key it is that this beautiful crystal protects. So the same crystal works in different ways when it is attached to different keys.

HEART SYMBOL has its own meaning and if you combine it with a crystal, then certain qualities in that crystal are brought out. The shape of the heart symbolizes love, trust, passion, unity, sensuality, femininity, and attraction. Witches use the symbol of a heart for the ritual for love and strengthening relationships and to attract love.


- Heart symbol gives the Tiger’s Eye the extra ability to protect the family and bring peace.

 Keychains are made from Tiger’s Eye to protect the person wearing it, home or car – it depends on what it’s used for. When you put it to your home keys, then this crystal will automatically start to protect the home, not the car, despite you carrying it with you in a car. When you hang it with together with all the different keys, then it protects everything, but a little less, therefore with one specific key it works always better.

- Firstly, Tiger’s Eye is a crystal with protective energy helping to protect you from dangers. Tiger’s Eye gives courage, confidence and as a keychain, it’s a really good prosperity element. Tiger’s Eye attracts prosperity where the crystal is and, at the same time, helps to protect from losing it.

The keychains made of crystals are fragile, so they must be carefully treated so that they would not break. As they are natural crystals, they have a fragile texture.


- Tiger’s Eye makes money luck grow more. When you keep Tiger’s Eye with your keys in any form then it blocks financial misfortune and helps to protect from everything negative that prevents prosperous energies from growing.

- Hang Tiger’s Eye heart keychain to your house keys so it could bring peace for the family and protects family members. It protects especially well from problems inside the family and won’t let anyone hurt the family.

- Tiger’s Eye is a prosperity crystal which means it helps to attract prosperity. Lets good luck and work success to get into the house.


- It’s always useful to keep Tiger’s Eye with car keys. This because Tiger’s Eye has the ability to protect the car and its driver and passengers from accidents.

- Tiger’s Eye adds willpower, confidence, increases vitality. Tiger’s Eye crystal is especially useful for travelling helping to protect the person wearing it from accidents. This is also the reason why you should keep Tiger’s Eye keychain with car keys.


Keychains are not necessarily always kept with car or house keys. You can also hang it to a bag. Carrying Tiger’s Eye keychain with you in any other way gives you courage, confidence and protects you from different dangers that could hit you when you’re outside.

Keychain should be cleaned once a month with Sage smoke and not with incense, but with a ritual plant to clean all the energy that has accumulated in the keychain. You can find Sage ritual plant HERE.

If there’s a place at home where keys are kept, then there could also be a Citrine geode. This is to keep the keychain on it when the keychain is made from. Citrine helps to boost and revitalize the energy of Tiger’s Eye.

Size Crystal size is ca 2,5*2,3*0,6 cm
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