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GREEN AVENTURINE pendulum faceted

GREEN AVENTURINE pendulum faceted
GREEN AVENTURINE pendulum faceted
GREEN AVENTURINE pendulum faceted
GREEN AVENTURINE pendulum faceted
GREEN AVENTURINE pendulum faceted
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GREEN AVENTURINE is one type of Aventurine while Aventurine itself is a Quartz, which, in turn, has a large number of minerals Aventurine is composed of. Green Aventurine is mainly related to prosperity, materiality and good luck. Green Aventurine is mainly found in BrazilIndiaItaly and China. Green Aventurine is an “energy magnet” which means it swallows energies very quickly, it absorbs and brings about prosperity.

Green Aventurine belongs to the Quartz family as it has a lot of Quartz in it. In addition to Quartz, Green Aventurine has Fuchsite and this crystal gives Green Aventurine its green colour and a little sparkle. Not all Green Aventurines have sparkle in them, but they may have. But Fuchsite part in Green Aventurine makes its colour bright. I have noticed that Green Aventurine is often mistaken with Jade because of its looks, but both crystals have a different chemical composition and also spiritual value. 


Green Aventurine pendulum is a versatile healing pendulum and it is very good to be used for answers for material questions. Green Aventurine pendulum is suitable both for a beginner or already experienced clairvoyant or spiritualist. Green Aventurine quickly accepts the human soul where there is a visual attraction - you like look of this crystal. 


Heart Chakra can be activated with the Green Aventurine. You can look energy blockages on that Chakra with that pendulum. When you put a pendulum on the area of that Chakra and there is a blockage, the pendulum will vibrate vaguely. When the Chakra is healthy, the pendulum circles, and if there are illnesses that may also appear on the body, the pendulum will flip back and forth.

- With Green Aventurine you can look the physical and spiritual work of the heart and open energy blockages on the sport so that the heart could start to heal.

- It is possible to look for the readiness of material magic - when you hold the pendulum above the magic and ask if the magic is ready or are the crystals on the prosperity corner working, then it should start move in circles. When they are not ready or crystals are not working, then the pendulum moves back and forth, when it stands still then the crystals are completely empty from energy. You can use pendulums for looking whether the crystals need a cleaning or not.

- Helps to look for healings for skin diseases, that is you can ask what to do for the skin to become healthy, what should you eat and what kind of foods are not good for the skin. 


Green Aventurine pendulum suits for beginners, professionals, clairvoyant, healers and masseurs.

- It is good to use Green Aventurine for answers to financial and work-related questions.

- Good crystal pendulum for asking health related questions.


It would be good to charge Green Aventurine pendulum on a Citrine geode with a green or some other magical candle. Best would be the Basil candle.


Green Aventurine will definitely need Citrine for its energy crystals inside the pendulum bag. Suitable for charging on universal energy crystals, but this pendulum could still have separate energy crystals.

You can find the full pendulum article from HERE, where you can read more about how to store, use and charge pendulums.
Size Pendulum length is ca 4 cm
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