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MOOKAITE pendulum

MOOKAITE pendulum
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MOOKAITE is a Jasper from Australia. Mookaite is mainly found in Carnarvon Basin West-Australia. Mookaite is a highly variegated type of Jasper, basically, each piece of crystal looks different and its colours are also very different. The main colours of Mookaite are yellow and a soft shade of red. It is beige, brown, mild purple to dark purple. Anyway, Mookaite is a crystal with a very colourful and beautiful nature. Some Mookaite crystals have a lot of yellow, while others may be beige with a few purple stripes.

The main task of Mookaite is to bring positivity to the environment and people. Mookaite helps those who are looking for new opportunities in life and want to be happier. 

PENDULUMS are magical tools you can use for looking into the past, present and future. Pendulums are the easiest prediction tools that are simple to use and can be taken along anywhere. You can use pendulums for looking into your health, into the future of people close to you, ask for advice for your own things, etc.


Pendulums made of Mookaite are a very good force for predicting the future and very suitable for those who have not been familiar with the pendulum world before. Mookaite is suitable for so-called novice mystics because they adapt quickly to a person's energy field, regardless of their spiritual level, which in turn facilitates the use of the pendulum. Therefore, Mookaite is one of the easiest prediction tools next to Rock Crystal.

- You can ask very simple questions and answers from the Mookaite pendulum. Above all, Mookaite can answer the questions of the future: "Will the sun come out tomorrow?", "Will I go on a trip during the year?", "Should I go abroad?" etc.

- Mookaite prefers very simple and everyday issues, because it has a very positive energy field, it can do the most to find solutions to simple problems. For example, Mookaite answers difficult questions about hiding the truth and tracing past lies.

- Mookaite predicts about the near future the best and this is the advantage of this crystal. This feature can be used to solve current situations and get the answers you need quickly. Therefore, I recommend that you carry the Mookaite pendulum with you at all times, in case you need quick advice.


The Mookaite pendulum can be used as follows:

- For looking at the health of the Root Chakra and checking Aura leaks - to do this, hold the pendulum over the Root Chakra and see if the pendulum is staying still, giving a no or yes answer. If the Root Chakra is healthy, then the Mookaite pendulum will answer yes and you will be healthy. Aura leaks over this Chakra are no-answers and should be protected with protective crystals (Wearing Garnet around the arm or in the pocket). However, when the pendulum is standing, the Root Chakra is out of place and there are problems. In this case, the crystals for the Root Chakra must be worn to heal it.

Carrying a Mookaite pendulum is one of the good qualities that this crystal can give off even if it is not worn as jewellery – it protects you from manipulation and insidious schemes when you are away from home. Let the being away from a regular trip to the shop or going abroad.

- Mookaite helps to heal kidney problems, strengthen and heal the bladder, balance blood sugar levels, or control high blood sugar. Suitable for those who do not love to drink water. Wearing Mookaite will help you increase your water needs and increase your appetite.

- It is worn to keep the body young and healthy. Helps to slow down the ageing process of the body, also helps to slow down the rapid development of various diseases.

- I recommend wearing Mookaite to protect the fetus during the first months of pregnancy. Suitable for those who have difficulty conceiving or who have previously had a miscarriage. Mookaite helps protect the child from death.

When the Mookaite crystal fascinates you and you have an unspoken connection with it, it has a meaning: "You have an exciting and adventurous new phase of life ahead of you" and Mookaite is the crystal that will help bring it all to your life. The Mookaite pendulum only works when you make that connection, and when it does, it becomes a very strong force in your life.


The best charging crystal for Mookaite pendulum is Citrine geode and for cleansing Ginger or Magnolia candle.


Place Girasol to the Mookaite pendulum bag (keep the pendulum crystals separate inside the bag so that they do not break the pendulum). This crystal increases the power of this pendulum and the geode helps keep the pendulum in working order.

If you want to know how to use the pendulum, what you should keep in mind, how to charge it, clean it and activate it, then read my full-length article about pendulums from HERE.

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