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OPALITE pendulum (small)

OPALITE pendulum (small)
OPALITE pendulum (small)
OPALITE pendulum (small)
OPALITE pendulum (small)
OPALITE pendulum (small)
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OPALITE is a self-made crystal made for contacting Angels and creating peace. Opalite crystal invites  those who need to receive messages from Angels and it is considered to be the crystal for contacting the Angels. Opalite also has very strong healing properties that can release harmful and tense energies and replace them with extreme peace of mind. Opalite is self-made glass crystal and it is made by combining metal with Dolomite . Just because Opalite is self-made crystal, doesn’t mean that it has less value and strength. Opalite has been made of natural elements and people are also part of nature, helping two elements create something valuable. 

Opalite is for you if you feel that you need extra strength today to overcome various mental problems. Opalite supports the growth of your soul and helps to save you from various troubles. Opalite supports during the hardest time when there is confusion in the soul when you feel powerless and tired of life. Opalite will help keep Angels at such times near you and it will help the Guardian Angel, whose goal is to lead you out of such situations, give you strength to move to a positive track. But if you feel yourself well, but you know someone who is exactly in that life phase, then gift that person Opalite for them to regain hope, vitality and spiritual peace.

Opalite can relieve pain and problems in your heart. Opalite is a very beneficial self-healing crystal.


Opalite pendulum will heal the problems related to the Crown Chakra giving more energy to it while using the pendulum for various reasons.

With the Opalite pendulum, it is possible to see whether Crown Chakra works or not. To do this, the pendulum is held above the Crown Chakra, and at the same time ask a thoughtful question: "Does my Crown Chakra work?" If the Crown chakra works, everything is fine, but if it does not work, there may be an emotional or even physical problem.

If you constantly swing the pendulum at the Crown Chakra, this will help release the blocks from this Chakra, which is related to not seeing the visions of the future, losing the will to live and headaches. The Crown chakra must be healthy so you can see prophetic dreams and connect with the Angels.


Opalite is a very good pendulum if you want to get answers to various topics related to the Angels, the future, dreams, guardian Angel, souls, or the affirmation of your own intuition. Opalite itself is the carrier of these energies and can give you advice on these topics. Of course, in addition to spiritual issues, you can ask other questions from the Opalite pendulum. These are just the subjects the Opalite can give very clear answers.

You can ask similar questions from the Opalite:

Is my guardian Angel with me right now? "," (Thinking about one's inner mind) "Is what I perceive is right?", "Do I have two Angels in my Aura at the moment (you can ask about other number)?", "Did this dream warn me? "and so on. etc.

Because Opalite is the Angel crystal, with this pendulum you can ask for help from your guardian Angel. When you begin to predict, focus on your thoughts on how your guardian Angel can help you get answers. Starting with, you can ask if your guardian Angel is with you and whether he wants to answer your questions. If he is with you and he wants to help you, ask him whatever you want. Guardian Angel is an Angel who knows all the answers to you and he is the one who can guide you on the right track.


The most suitable crystal to charge the Opalite pendulum is Desert Rose or Celestite geode. Insert Girasol or Azurite  into a bag of Opalite pendulum (keep the pendulum crystals in a separate bag to prevent them from breaking the pendulum). These two crystals increase the power of this pendulum, and the geode helps to keep the pendulum in good condition.

If you want to know how to use the pendulum, what you should keep in mind, how to charge it, clean it and activate it, then read my full-length article about pendulums from HERE.

Size Crystal size is ca 2,6*1,5 cm.
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