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FLUORITE pyramid

FLUORITE pyramid
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FLUORITE is one of the best crystals for developing intelligence and mental skills. It opens a person to think independently, to develop further, to analyze, to understand, to learn and to receive new information. Useful for people of all ages. Fluorite helps to get rid of clutter in the head or environment. It helps to organize energies and increases understanding. Fluorite in one form or another brings along development. Blocks the energy radiated from electronics and protects against nightmares.

Fluorite is one of the most collected crystals by collectors, mineralogists and those interested in crystals and it’s one of the crystals that has aroused the most interest for its beautiful structure and wide spectre of colour. In my opinion, Fluorite is crystal with a very beautiful look, and pieces of this crystal and things made of it look particularly special. Fluorite consist of calcium fluoride  and it belongs to the halideminerals. This crystal can be found from around the world, but different colours have different sites. Fluorites forms underground mainly in water channels where the water moves from one place to another inside the Earth. Fluorites mainly create themselves in Quartz and Calcites, therefore you can often find Fluorites that have grown attached to them or the other way around. 

Fluorites come in very different colours, but all have the main qualities of the crystal I have written in here. Of course, different coloured Fluorites have their own specific colours.

Fluorite with many different colours at once, like green, transparent, blue or purple, these colourful Fluorites are also called Rainbow Fluorites. Mixed Fluorites are most common. When Fluorite has one specific tone like yellow, purple, blue or green, then they are called  Yellow Fluorite, that can be found from HERE or rather Green Fluorite, found from HERE, also Blue Fluorite, that can be found from HERE and Purple Fluorite, that can be found from HERE. But all these Fluorites with one colour have all I will talk about below.

Cracks, that are a natural part of the Fluorite texture, in reality, show the split growth lines of that mineral. A number of people not familiar with the crystal world or who have just entered this wide and the very informative world often think that the cracks in crystals refer to a broken and unfit crystal. In reality, this is far from it. Natural crystals grown in nature and not remade in a factory have their own peculiarities. Crystal cracks often come from their growth process. La Tene Boutique Fluorites are natural and real, therefore, when you are looking for a natural Fluorite, then you are in the right place. Unfortunately today it’s very easy to forge crystals and synthetic crystal-style things are sold everywhere.

In nature it often grows in cubic motif and having a piece of it in its natural form is a great honour. Rest of the forms are made into beautiful jewellery, pyramids, spheres and many other things. You can’t waste a precious thing. Like with all other crystals people are mining today, but the Earth can’t produce more crystals in such a short time as our life span is and the reserves are becoming much smaller. Fluorite is one of the crystals that are under a great interest and therefore its value grows from year to year as there is less and less of it. That is the case, too, with Amethyst, Rhodocrosite, Moonstone, Blue Lace Agate and with many other crystals.

Fluorite is an extremely interesting crystal when you start to examine it at one point and to collect different crystals. You can often see in Fluorite how different crystals grow in each other an as this crystal has a transparent structure, then the inside could remind you of a phantom.

PYRAMID is an ancient symbol that carries the power to draw energy and to transfer it. Pyramids were first made for attracting the energy of the planets, the stars and the Sun-Moon from the sky, from the cosmos. Pyramids have the ability to bring energies from a long distance and also to send them far away. 

Pyramids are made of crystals, to forward their power quicker and, at the same time, to amplify their attraction of good luck even more. Every pyramid has its own power and special quality.

It would be good to use pyramids for bettering the energetics of the home, amplifying crystal sets and also for meditation.


- Fluorite helps to learn, strengthen memory, increase the ability to analyse, create patience for studying and is perfect to be placed on the school or work desk. Best Fluorite for this is the one with a lot of green or the one that is completely Green Fluorite.

- Fluorite pyramids help to fend off fights from the house and to prevent fights. Suitable for keeping in the kid’s room for them to get along, also for keeping at work, and, simply, in the living room so that the family good communicate well.

- Keeping the Fluorite pyramid in a room helps to relieve the overall feeling of anxiety and is a good crystal for people who are looking for more peace into their lives.

- I recommend the Fluorite pyramid to every masseur or for people who deal with health. Fluorite pyramid helps your client to relax and to let himself be completely free for healing. The crystal helps also the masseur to feel good and to do his work with a complete enjoyment at the same time. Fluorite pyramid helps one person’s energy to go into the other person’s energy and this is extremely important in massage as it one form of a person’s healing.

- Fluorite pyramid is a powerful Feng Shui element and when you place it in the East or South-East quarter in your home, then it will give this is the wood element that balances the health energy of the home. Fluorite helps to bring good health into the family and quick healing from illnesses. 

Fluorite is a crystal of intelligence

Fluorite is one of the best, most powerful and fastest crystals that help to increase intelligence, to improve it and to mentally develop its wearer. Fluorite helps to open the way of thinking into development, helping to accept new information life brings, to digest, analyse and understand it. Fluorite helps to draw a line between what’s useful for you and what’s not, to see the good in bad and to understand why one or another thing exists in a persons life or in the world in general.

Fluorite crystal helps always a person to mentally move forward in his life, to learn from experiences and to draw conclusions from the events in life. The energy inside the Fluorite affect both hemispheres of the brain, helping to move energies and therefore is the perfect crystal for enhancing intelligence.

Fluorite helps the brain to function the way it should be. It is useful for people of all ages. Fluorite is very useful for a baby in his development, for a toddler, schoolchild and until adulthood. When there is a Fluorite in the home environment, it’s worn as jewellery or it’s used for meditation, then it develops and promotes, for example, learning, analysing and independent thinking.

For example, it is useful to keep on schoolchild’s desk a Fluorite pyramid, Obelisk or many Fluorite crystals.

When you need to focus on something really hard, for example, to work on something and to struggle on something, then Fluorite is an essential crystal. Fluorite helps to completely focus on difficult mental work, helps the brain to function and to work properly.

Keep Fluorite near electronic devices

It’s very useful to keep Fluorite crystal in any form near different electronic devices. Fluorite has the ability to block the energy radiating from electronics, to make it positive and to make it harmful for people. Therefore, when you have found yourself a beautiful personal Fluorite, then keep it, for example, besides the computer, TV or another device – it protects you and shares the rest of its energy for you.

Confusion removing crystal

Fluorite is a complete energy corrector, it could even be said that it’s a crystal on duty among other crystals. Fluorite has the ability to remove confusion on the mental level and to bring peace in the physical sense. The crystal will start to remove the confusion from the room Fluorite is in, or from the person’s effective life, who wears it. For example, when you feel bad, the head is confused and you can’t at all focus on anything, to think or to commit yourself to something, then Fluorite helps to get rid of that feeling. From the place, where Fluorite crystal is, the crystal will help to remove confusion, helping you to feel good, blocking fights from happening or, for example, confusion. It is very useful to keep Fluorite in home, work, office and lecture halls, where having clarity is very important and where you could focus. Think about how perfect it would be to feel good at your own home? This is an energy stage every person should achieve in his home. The existence of Fluorite in a home is very important, therefore I recommend bringing it to your home.

Fluorite is a very good home crystal with cleansing properties. When you have it in your home, it helps to filtrate the unnecessary energy.

Protects from nightmares and scary outer body attacks

Fluorite has the ability to create strong protection between our realities and the reality of spirits in our lives. To create protection that won’t let nightmares brought by demons and souls with bad intentions to come. This helps to prevent the nightly wandering of your soul, that is unpleasant and scary, helping you to experience what won’t harm you. At the same time, the crystal won’t stop spiritual development.

Bring Fluorite together with Jet, Hypersthene and Chiastolite, when you are dealing with a bigger problem in seeing nightmares. These four crystals together work very well for this cause. These kinds of problems quite often hit children, therefore it’s useful to keep these four crystals in the kid’s room for prevention purposes. Place these crystals together in a bag or a box.

Intuition developing

Fluorite is related to mental development and, at the same time, it’s related to the development of intuition. Fluorite helps to make intuition stronger, more precise, clearer and efficient. Every person has intuition, it’s the inner voice inside the person that talks about dangers and shows you the right direction. The stronger the person's connection with his intuition, the easier it is to live in this life and to move towards the right direction. Intuition is not the same as clairvoyance, but many people often confuse these two things. A person with high intuition senses things about himself and can do so with everyone who is emotionally related to him. Clairvoyance is when a person can see clearly through other people, who are not related to him emotionally not at all, and, in addition, to sense what is happening in the rest of the world he has no connection with. Intuition is when every person can develop and make himself more effective. Clairvoyance is with a person from birth, or not at all. Generally, there are very few real clairvoyants. I like to say that if there would be many, the world would be quite a beautiful place for living, but, unfortunately, it’s not the case. As a clairvoyant, I know exactly how rare it is, and I rather inspire people to develop their own intuition, as this is the real magic, every person can use for making his life better.

Fluorite is the crystal that helps to distinct the right and wrong gut feeling. Fluorite helps to sense better your right gut feeling and to decrease the wrong seeing and wrong perceptions. It’s very useful to use this crystal for connecting with the true and real feeling inside you. The longer it’s near you, the more active it makes the intuition in you. When you have used Fluorite for quite some time, then you could sense at one point, how you feel the world around you at a much finer level. After some time you can notice how you sense what you need and what not, who is sincere with you and who is not,       etc.

Fluorite is one of the best crystals to be used to prevent insults and to block offences it has caused. Fluorite is the crystal of the mind, intuition and wisdom. A crystal that helps you to see the current situation clearly and to quickly analyse it. To analyse why it happened, what you can learn from a situation like this and what would be the smartest way for you to behave like. Wear a piece of Fluorite with you when you want to handle situations like this better and to know how to solve it successfully. When you know that you have to meet with someone who is a typical offender, then definitely grab a piece of Fluorite to go with you. Read about insulting and being offended from Tene Laul article "4 main reasons to back out from being offended" HERE.

New opportunities and new ideas

Fluorite, as I have already mentioned, supports mental development and analysing, and thanks to that it has the ability to bring brilliant ideas into your life that would help you. Fluorite helps you to have good ideas, helping you to find opportunities to fulfil your wishes and dreams. Fluorite directs you to think in the right direction and to come up with ideas. It’s enough when you dream while wearing or using Fluorite, after that, ideas will start to fly.

I recommend keeping Fluorite in the work environment, where you have to think something new and interesting. Keeping Fluorite in the work environment helps to bring good ideas in business when you add 
Picture Jasper and Mariam Jasper beside it.

Fluorite teaches to follow Karma

Fluorite is connected to Karma and it’s the crystal that will help you to discipline yourself to live by Karma. This crystal is one of the best choices for self-development, with the power that helps the person himself to notice what he does wrong in his life, what stops him, what would bring food and moving forward. Fluorite teaches a person to notice the right path and it’s strongly related to following the laws of Karma. Wear Fluorite crystal with you in times you want to set your life in order by the laws of Karma, to learn these and to fully start to practice them. Bring Fluorite crystals into your home so that they would help your family members to follow the laws of Karma. It’s very useful to keep a Fluorite pyramidobelisk or sphere, in your home so it could constantly support the spiritual development of family members. These three Fluorite objects of power are very useful as they have a very intensive power already because of their shape.

Meditating with Fluorite is very useful

Fluorite is a perfect meditation crystal that will create clarity. You can sense during Fluorite meditation how thoughts will start to fly to the positive direction, ideas will come up and all of a sudden everything will become so clear. You can meditate with Fluorite unreasonably, let it work with your subconsciousness and you can also ask specific questions in your head.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery, prepare a water elixir of tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Fluorite is one of the best crystals with the ability to heal spiritual and mental problems. For example, it is a very good crystal for decreasing learning difficulties, it helps the child to learn to speak, improves self-expression and is entirely useful for analysing and thinking.

- Fluorite heals the brain and the hemispheres of the brain. When the brain is not functioning any more the way it should, then it’s useful to take Fluorite in one way or another into use. To wear it as jewellery, to make crystal elixir from it, or to keep a piece of it near your bed.

- A crystal that helps to keep the body clean also at the physical level. Fluorite directs healing energies into the Aura field, that helps to release toxins and accelerate metabolism and toxins to exit the body. With today’s eating habits there are a lot of bad customs and practices, that promote toxins to fasten into the body through food. There are a lot of toxins in the food we buy from stores and therefore it is useful to let crystals to stir our bodies so that they could release toxins.

- Fluorite is very useful for healing lungs. We need lungs for breathing and when they are not working properly then our body will be left into pain. Fluorite helps to heal lungs, helps to get rid of lung diseases, encourages their work and helps to remove toxins stuck in lungs to exit, like tobacco.

- For its painkilling effect, it is recommended to wear Fluorite when the body heals from something that causes pain in the process. Fluorite helps people to feel less pain and it doesn’t matter what kind of pain it is. When the body for some reason has chronic pain, then the more it is even necessary to use Fluorite. 


Fluorite is the healer of upper Chakras, foremost it heals the Third Eye. Helps to give a push to spiritual development. Fluorite helps to clearly see visions, to catch them from Aura and to interpret them for yourself.

Wearing Fluorite is particularly useful for a person who wishes to learn interpreting Angel numbers. This is the crystal that helps to see these numbers and when you see them, to understand what they want to tell you. This helps to analyse them and thus to start communicating with Angels. 


All different Fluorites are useful for PISCES ♓. Fluorite is the crystal for Pisces that helps them to become more intelligent, to support their spiritual and mental development, lets intuition to strengthen and helps Pisces, in general, to develop in their life. Fluorite won’t let not one Pisces person standstill in his life. Fluorite suits with Pisces because it helps them to understand their life better and to clearly see where they should move with their life. A very good crystal to be gifted to Pisces or for them to have. 

The zodiac crystal´s effect will be carried forward, even if the talisman is worn for a different purpose.


Fluorite brings good luck to anyone born on the 11th. Fluorite is a balancing, energy-harmonizing crystal, brings relationship, personal, work-related and professional luck. In addition, it alleviates the negative side of hypersensitivity and supports you with good luck throughout your life. Keep Fluorite close to you, carry it with you, keep it in the birth crystal box or in your own home. I also recommend giving this crystal to those born on the 11th!

Fluorite pyramid does not need cleaning too often or charging, but from time to time the house is cleaned with different plant essences incenses or candle rituals. Fluorite pyramid works for as long it gets big and deep cracks, but as Fluorite by nature has a very cracked look, then the right type of cracks are the ones that look like the crystal is about to break in half. The cracks will come by themselves without any kind of physical pressure, in that case, the crystal has done its work. When it happens then the crystal should be taken outside/to the garden to a tree or a plant. Fluorite energetic radius is 3 cm pyramid 3-4 meters, 4 cm pyramid 4-5 meters etc.

Size Side length is 30 mm, height 20 mm.
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