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COCONUT incense (20 sticks)

COCONUT incense (20 sticks) MAGICAL TOOLS
COCONUT incense (20 sticks)
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COCONUT is a well known delicious fruit, but it also possesses a lot of spiritual power. Coconut is not only used for making food, but it’s also used in witchcraft and in various spiritual procedures. Its main spiritual power is cleaning, balancing, restoring energies and cleaning negative energies and releasing misfortune. Coconut has a very important place in different curse releasing magical rituals and rituals that bring innovation to life. Coconut incense has very strong cleaning qualities and it could be used instead of Sage. When from time to time you wish to use some other universal cleaner, then choose coconut incense for it.

Coconut incense also helps you focus, remove distracting energy around you, and increase your chances of reaching the right conclusions.

INCENSES are made of ritual plants and their essences. Incenses are made to bring certain energies forward through the plant essence that can be used for doing magic and rituals . Smoke has always been a magical medium for cleaning or guiding energies to work. Every incense has different effects, depending on which plant essence it is made of. The main goal of incenses is to clean the environment and human Aura from certain energies.


"Releases bad energy, cursed power and the power of chiding"

Coconut has cleansing effects that are so strong that it has power for fighting with bad luck and dark energies. It’s very useful to burn coconut incense in times you feel like misfortune has found you and somehow only bad things have started to happen in your life. Coconut incense releases the energy of misfortune you have captured or someone has sent to you.

Burn coconut incense near you or let the incense to burn until the end so that the energy harming you could cleanse from your Aura field.

It’s useful to burn coconut incense in your home when you feel like there is a dark cloud above your family that ruins the life of you and other family members. It’s also useful to burn it when there is a lot of fighting in the home and accidents happen often.

It’s also useful to burn coconut incense to protect from harmful energies, so it even couldn’t happen. Coconut incense prevents bad energy, protects from curses and chiding.

Coconut incense can be used for a specific ritual that helps to free misfortune from your life or home. I recommend doing the ritual when you feel like everything in your life is going downhill, everything is failing, and new problems keep showing up. This ritual can be found HERE, from the Black Pepper candle, where you can find the exact instructions to perform the ritual.


Coconut incense has the ability to clean the energy that has mixed itself with negative energy. For example, when the crystal does its work, then it gathers negative energy into itself that it needs to clean, and now the negative energy from the crystal in turn needs to be cleaned – and that’s what the coconut incense is used for. Coconut incense is a universal cleaner.

Burn coconut incense when you feel like you need something fresh into your life, innovation, when you want something to change or to take a positive shape. Coconut removes all the disturbing energies and leaves all the positive in place that exists around it.

It’s very useful to burn coconut incense during the creation of the Last Quarter of the Moon and after that. Coconut incense helps to let go of everything old in your life that’s not serving you well anymore.


Coconut incense, foremost, helps to clean crystals related to protecting and keeping bad energy away. When you have protective crystals in your home, then from time to time burn coconut incense near these crystals so that they would activate into work. When you have crystal jewellery that protect you, then, from time to time, burn coconut incense near these jewellery. As coconut incense has the ability to cleanse other crystal then it could be used as a universal cleaner instead of Sage.


According to Feng Shui it’s useful to burn coconut incense in the North-East Quarter where the channel through what spiritual awareness, wisdom, peace and harmony will come to your house is situated. Burning coconut incense in the North-East quarter helps to release energies that won’t let you to move on spiritually and when the coconut incense has cleaned that corner in your home, then it opens you to evolve spiritually. It’s very useful to burn coconut incense in North-East when you wish to become more intuitive and grow spiritually.


Incense is burned which means you need a  specific  incense holder. Most incense holders are made of wood, metal or ceramics. Definitely use a special holder for burning incense. To burn incense as safely as possible.

For activating incense, light the end of the incense stick from a match. Let incense to burn and then shake out the flame. Then incense starts to smoke and to do its work. Set incense to smoke on a holder exactly in the place or in the room, you wish to hold it.

Certainly small children should not have access to a burning incense. The smoking part of the incense could be hot and may burn the child by accident.

If the incense is smoking, plants in this incense will give its power to you and the environment where the incense is currently. During that, essential oils from the incense will be freed, that heal you mentally as well as physically.

Different incenses are made of different plants and they all have their own special power.

Incense main principle of using is that they help you to meditate, ease your and environments stress, open more certain energies, clean the environment and help to carry out rituals/magic. These are very useful magical tools for a spiritual soul that helps to move along on the spiritual road. There could also be white or black ritual and magic candle besides the coconut incense. 

Set incense besides your crystals if you wish to clean them. Incense helps to release negative energy gathered in there. If you have crystals in your household, then they process your home or also your energy waves, removing negativity and replacing it with positivity. Negative energy gets stuck in crystals (when they are not geodes, druzys ja pyramids). For that you need to clean the energies of these crystals with incense or ritual plant smoke. Of course, a ritual plant is most effective for this, but incenses can be used more often, and by that helping to avoid that crystals drain from energy. So, I recommend cleaning your home and crystals weekly if not daily. I recommend using ritual plant during the Full Moon.

I recommend keeping the window open when cleaning with incense, so that negative energy can leave the house. At the same time, I recommend burning different candles, according to the specific incense to amplify cleaning ritual.

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