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ROSE PETALS are dried Rosa Damascena rose blossoms intended to be used in rituals, magic and crystal sets. Rosa Damascena is one of rose species that has a very high spiritual energy charge and is one of the most used roses, good to be used in different magical and spiritual processes. You can change a lot of the essence of energies with Rose petals and therefore they are used in magical processes. Rose petals are my favourite choice of ritual plants, when it comes to relationships, love and romance. When you attract this to your life, improve and bring luck to situations like this, then it’s very useful to use the power of the rose.

Rose is called the queen of flowers for its efficiency and loving energies. Rose beams romantic energy it gives to the one who uses it or what’s with the flower. It increases passions and restores lost feelings. Rose is especially good for a relationship where lovers have neglected each other. In addition to this, Rose is not only a plant with the power of love, but it also has the ability to protect from problems that may arise. Rose is firstly useful for women and is so for improving her own mysticism and understanding her own difficult character, spirit and fate. Rose petals could be used just for that purpose from time to time.

Rose petals that are dried are very useful for launching rituals and magic as they can implement magical processes. Dried rose carries a power that sends the magic to the right place and activates it. Rosa Damascena is the rose that can essentially do this. Every different rose species has its own power. When you wish to do rituals and magic where I have written that you need to use roses, then I recommend doing them with these dried rose petals.


- It’s useful to add Rose petals during the New Moon day to love, relationships, romance and passion crystals at home. They are kept there exactly for a month, from one New Moon to another. They are taken away exactly on the same Moon phase, which means they are left to work on love crystals for a month.

Why I recommend something like this? The reason is really simple. Rose petals remove the negative energy from love crystals that arise from their work. When crystals bring love then they also solve problems and the same problems will swallow it whole. In a month, rose petals can clean crystals and, at the same time, accelerate and activate their work.

It’s especially useful to do a small homey ritual like this with crystals that haven’t been cleaned in a while, where no new crystals have been added in a while and the work of which you’d wish to feel more in your life.

- Use in different rituals and magic where I have written down that you need them. When you do the magical processes I have created then you need to do them with the exact right things so that you could reach its effect it helps to bring you. Do not leave any ritual or magic component out.

- Create yourself a small love crystal set that you could carry with you (in a bag, pocket, etc.) and also add rose petals to the set. Rose petals have the ability to activate love crystals and keep them clean, therefore the self created set can start to work faster thanks to the rose petals.

- Make yourself a rose petal bath. Add also Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Kuntsite for a water-elixir or some other type of love crystal. Make yourself a love bath that heals your Aether body and would help your love happiness to become stronger. This type of bath is also useful for healing the Heart Chakra. I recommend doing love baths on the day of the Full Moon.

With dried rose petals you could also use rose incense that can be found HERE. Different magic rituals I have written can be found from HERE.

Size ca 10 g of rose petals.
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