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SAGE and LAVENDER incense (ca 12 sticks)

SAGE and LAVENDER incense (ca 12 sticks) MAGICAL TOOLS
SAGE and LAVENDER incense (ca 12 sticks)
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SAGE and LAVENDEL are two strong healing, both help to cleanse energies that have stopped. Sage does the first part to release energies that are most difficult and encourage misfortune. Lavender replaces it with peace, balance and harmony. Burn these two wonderful plants together to release stress-energy in your home and replace it with luck.

INCENSES are made of ritual plants and their essences. Incenses are made to bring certain energies forward through the plant essence that can be used for doing magical rituals.  Incense smoke helps to release harmful energies that create an unfavourable environment for luck, positivity and other good energies.  The smoke has always been a magical medium for cleaning or guiding energies to work. That’s why burning them is a very important process.

Different incense have their own unique effect, it depends on the plant essence it is made of, but all will work a joint cause, which is healing Aura and environment. Using incenses regularly will help to keep your minds, home energy and crystals positively active. 

SAGE is one of the most needed and efficient plants I strongly recommend using when you’ve brought crystals into your life. This is a ritual plant you can use to cleanse the energies in crystals, people or environment (for example at home). Burning Sage releases healing energies that help to get rid of negative energies. Use Sage for cleaning your own Aura field, home energy and crystals. Foremost, Sage is a plant to use to scare off vile souls and energy.


Sage incense is the most universal incense you can use to cleanse, heal, restore and renew energies. Sage must be in everyone’s life, you can use it to clean home’s energy, a person’s Aura field, object energies and, of course, crystals. This incense is especially useful for cleaning the crystal you carry with yourself.

- Sage has an antiviral and antibacterial effect and that’s why it’s very useful to burn it in your home. It cleanses pathogens from home air you can inhale without knowing it. Sage has been used to fight viral infections for thousands of years. You can also do a virus prevention ritual with Sage. 

- Sage smoke can clean negative energy stuck in crystals, that they have stored when they have protected something or prevented something. At the same time crystals help to store misfortune, that won´t let happiness to exist and that´s why crystals need to be cleaned. Sage opens negative energy inside crystals and deletes. Then only natural energy, namely everything I have written about this specific crystal, is the only energy left.

- It’s very important to clean your whole home and all your crystals with Sage at least once a month. If you do this more often, the better and more successful your crystals work with you.

- Burning Sage incense helps to momentarily disperse harmful energies around it. If you enjoy the smell of Sage and are near this smoke, then your whole Aura field will be cleansed.

- I recommend burning Sage when you feel like there is chaos in your life, there is a lot of confusion, you’re not feeling emotionally well, the mental burden is too much and there are more and more stressful events. Sage helps to stop this kind of energy from increasing and spreading.

- Stress energy can quickly get stuck at homes, that’s why it is extremely important to do energy healings there. In addition to Sage ritual plant, you can also burn in an oil lamp or diffuser essential oils, they also help to improve home energy and create harmony in your personal castle.

- Sage incense is useful for those who are sensitive to criticism and insecure by nature. These people will take in negative energy from other people or create it in them because of their own insecurities. Sage smoke helps to release the harmful energy in Aura that ruins your thoughts, mood and grows melancholy.

- It’s an incense that helps to create clean energy for creating any other kind of energy. If you wish to do rituals, create different crystal altars, meditate, etc, then burning Sage is very good. It helps you to grow new energy with its clean energy, let it be luck, peace or whatever you wish for.

- Sage incense smoke is useful in homes with pets, like cats and dogs. Sage can cleanse the dust pets create and are perfect for those with allergies. With a serious allergy, it won't help to remove all the symptoms, but it does give you the chance to cleanse the home so an allergic friend or family member could come and visit for a while.

- Spiritually Sage helps to create clarity and helps you to work on solving your problems. If something bothers you, you’re confused, can’t decide something or not certain about yourself, then burn Sage. This smoke helps to heal the minds, see the right answers to your questions, find solutions good for you. Sage is used to cleansing the upper Chakras where the channels of decision making and foresight are located.

- Sage helps to release bad energies which have arisen from someone’s chiding or bad karma. Burn Sage regularly to keep only good energies around you and at home. The healthier your Aura field and home’s energy field the happier you are. Use Sage together with Frankincense, Myrrh or Copal, when you wish to release misfortune energy in an even deeper level. Their joint power is a lot more power than separately

- This plant is one of the most needed cleansing plants for a reason – Sage has a lot to offer to a person. For example,; a href="" target="_blank" style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Palo Santo can make people happy, as can Sage. Sage smoke is therapeutic, it helps to improve mood. Sage works like this as it releases the bad and helps the good to reappear. When you sometimes feel like your mood is bad, then try to change it with Sage.

- Sage helps to improve brain activity, improving your ability to concentrate, analyse and pay attention. If you feel like you’re just like away somewhere and wish to ground yourself, then Sage is very good for that kind of thing. Burn it near you, rest a little or meditate and let spiritual clarity to recover.

Read more about Sage ritual plant from HERE, where I have written how to clean your home with Sage and also other very interesting and useful information about this plant.

LAVENDER is a plant well known throughout the world and used for making different cosmetic products and as an alternative medicine for different problems. Lavender in appearance is very beautiful and it’s aroma is also very nice and calming. Lavender was first grown in North-America, North-Africa, India and Mediterranean countries in Southern Europe. Lavender is not very petulant for its growing conditions and it withstands very high temperatures. Nowadays Lavender is even grown in Estonia. 

Lavender as a ritual plant is one of the most needed powers every mystic needs as Lavender is extremely versatile and you can use its essence in many different rituals. The most known effect of Lavender, of course, is creating a calm atmosphere, but besides that, it can also take the intuitive soul to even deeper levels, that is to the  Astral.


LAVENDER INCENSE could smoke when you predict or, for example, read about spiritual things or practice them. Lavender helps to get into a meditative state and quicken the spiritual learning process.

- Burning lavender incense helps to release stress energy from any room. Always keep the window open so that the negative energy could exit the house and that other energy sources, like crystals, symbols, plant, etc. could work properly. 

- When you’re working and the work is tense, then certainly burn Lavender incense thereby. Also when you study or want to give your child more strength so that he could study better and quicker. Lavender helps to calm down, helps with focusing and won’t allow stress from work or studies to come.

- Clean the bedroom with Lavender smoke when bad dreams or sleep has been affecting you recently. Lavender helps to take out the energy there and close the portals through what dark spirits can get loose. In addition, Lavender helps to calm the mind and your whole physical body helps to relax and enjoy the moment of going to sleep. 

- Lavender incenses help to clean the home air, removing allergic reactions from people who suffer from dust allergy and asthma.

Lavender incensecandle, essential oil and Palo Santo tree are very useful to be burned at the same time (set to smoke). The combination of Lavender and Palo Santo creates a very intense joint energy that will help to clean crystals in any shape and make their energies even more powerful. Burn these two plants together in the room where your crystals, crystal jewellery and any kind of power objects are that are made from natural crystals. Lavender and Palo Santo create a universal cleansing course for your crystals. It’s most useful to burn them together on the First Quarter of the Moon. 

During the Last Quarter of the Moon, it’s useful to burn Lavender candle and incense, when you’re not feeling well. Lavender helps to improve your mood and relieve your stress levels. Lavender has the ability to calm hectic energies when, for example, the Last Quarter of the Moon brings a conflict or a problem into your life to what you need to find a solution for, then Lavender helps to find a solution for all, in a way you won´t get hurt emotionally. Burning lavender during that lunar phase is very important. Read my article about what you should be doing on the Last Quarter of the Moon. You can find this article from HERE.

- Burn Lavender incense after ending a relationship, to quicken the start of a new life and new relationship.

- Use Lavender incense to activate and clean different stress, good sleep, intuition and clairvoyance crystals.

- Use in different rituals and magic, where Lavender has an important place.

- Burn it with light purple or white candle, to amplify the cleansing effect of the incense.

Aura cleansing ritual with Sage and Lavender incense

Aura cleansing ritual removes the power that could mislead you. Do it so: light the incense and move around yourself with it. Start from the head and go all the way down to your legs. Do it until you feel you still need to clean your Aura. Sage and Lavender incense helps to release illusions, misunderstandings and directs people onto the right path.

Give incense a purpose and code it

Incense can be used for specific purposes and coding them will help to achieve what you want. Each plant has it's specific power, many of them have various qualities and by knowing that you can let the incense work for a specific purpose. When you set it to smoke, then ask for it to achieve what you wish for. For example, when you want it to cleanse misfortune from your home, then ask for it. When you wish to increase love luck or make prosperous energies grow then focus on that. You need to take the plants qualities into account.

Set incense besides your crystals if you wish to clean them. Incense helps to release negative energy gathered there. If you have crystals in your household, then they process your home or also your energy waves, removing negativity and replacing it with positivity. Negative energy will get stuck in crystals (when they are not geodes, druzy and pyramids). For that, you need to clean the energies of these crystals with incense or ritual plant smoke. Of course, a ritual plant is most effective for this, but incenses can be used more often and helping to avoid those crystals to drain from energy. So, I recommend cleaning your home and crystals with incenses weekly, if not daily. I recommend using a ritual plant during the Full Moon.

I recommend keeping the window open when cleaning with incense so that negative energy can leave the house. At the same time, I also recommend burning different candles, according to the incense to amplify the cleansing ritual.

Size Length ca 23 cm and the diameter of the burning part ca 3 mm
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