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SAGE "LOVE" smudge stick

SAGE "LOVE" smudge stick
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SMUDGE STICK SAGE "LOVE" is created from white sage and pink rose Pink Engagement. It is a smudge stick which power helps to cleanse and activate the energy of love for Aura, home or crystals.

Burning this smudge stick clears the energy that prevents good communication between family members, companions or friends. Its healing energy replaces the negative energy with relationship energy, improving relationships at all different levels.

If you feel that you want to bring more love and passion into your life, be sure to burn love smudge stick regularly.

If you have experienced loss, grief, betrayal, deception, or a broken relationship, you should definitely clean your entire home and your own Aura Field with this smudge stick. And to do it several times a week, until there is hope again in life, faith in a better future and signs of positive change.

Clean all love crystals you have with this smudge stick. Clean your home if you want to perform love rituals and magic. It creates good energy where love wishes can be conveyed.

When using a smudge stick, focus on positivity. Dream of love, of getting along well with a specific person or people. Apply for new love or dream of having a baby. With this, you confirm good luck both to your Aura Field and to your home. It can be used to activate the law of attraction.


If you want to set the ritual plant on fire, hold it at a 45-degree angle and set it to burn from a candle or matches. It is definitely more convenient to do it with a candle, and so you can light it over and over again once the smoke has subsided. Let the flame stay for at least 10 seconds or more, then shake the flame to extinguish and use its smoke. To burn the ritual plant, you can use a special ritual plant bowl or incense holder to collect the ash.

Read more about the Sage ritual plant HERE, where I have also written how to clean your home with Sage, as well as other very interesting and useful things.

Size Smuge stick length ca 10 cm.
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