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SAGE smudge stick

SAGE smudge stick
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SAGE is one of the most needed and efficient plants I strongly recommend using when you’ve brought crystals into your life. This is a ritual plant you can use to cleanse the energies in crystals, people or environment (for example at home). Burning Sage releases healing energies that help to get rid of negative energies. Use Sage for cleaning your own Aura field, home energy and crystals. Foremost, Sage is a plant to use to scare off vile souls and energy.


- Sage has an antiviral and antibacterial effect and that’s why it’s very useful to burn it in your home. It cleanses pathogens from home air you can inhale without knowing it. Sage has been used to fight viral infections for thousands of years. You can also do a virus prevention ritual with Sage. 

- Sage smoke can clean negative energy stuck in crystals, that they have stored when they have protected something or prevented something. At the same time crystals help to store misfortune, that won´t let happiness to exist and that´s why crystals need to be cleaned. Sage opens negative energy inside crystals and deletes. Then only natural energy, namely everything I have written about this specific crystal, is the only energy left.

- It’s very important to clean your whole home and all your crystals with Sage at least once a month. If you do this more often, the better and more successful your crystals work with you.

- Burning Sage ritual plant helps to momentarily disperse harmful energies around it. If you enjoy the smell of Sage and are near this smoke, then your whole Aura field will be cleansed.

- I recommend burning Sage when you feel like there is chaos in your life, there is a lot of confusion, you’re not feeling emotionally well, the mental burden is too much and there are more and more stressful events. Sage helps to stop this kind of energy from increasing and spreading.

- Stress energy can quickly get stuck at homes, that’s why it is extremely important to do energy healings there. In addition to Sage ritual plant, you can also burn in an oil lamp or diffuser essential oils, they also help to improve home energy and create harmony in your personal castle.

- Sage ritual plant is useful for those who are sensitive to criticism and insecure by nature. These people will take in negative energy from other people or create it in them because of their own insecurities. Sage smoke helps to release the harmful energy in Aura that ruins your thoughts, mood and grows melancholy.

- It’s a ritual plant that helps to create clean energy for creating any other kind of energy. If you wish to do rituals, create different crystal altars, meditate, etc, then burning Sage is very good. It helps you to grow new energy with its clean energy, let it be luck, peace or whatever you wish for.

- Sage ritual plant smoke is useful in homes with pets, like cats and dogs. Sage can cleanse the dust pets create and are perfect for those with allergies. With a serious allergy, it won't help to remove all the symptoms, but it does give you the chance to cleanse the home so an allergic friend or family member could come and visit for a while.

- Spiritually Sage helps to create clarity and helps you to work on solving your problems. If something bothers you, you’re confused, can’t decide something or not certain about yourself, then burn Sage. This smoke helps to heal the minds, see the right answers to your questions, find solutions good for you. Sage is used to cleansing the upper Chakras where the channels of decision making and foresight are located.

- Sage helps to release bad energies which have arisen from someone’s chiding or bad karma. Burn Sage regularly to keep only good energies around you and at home. The healthier your Aura field and home’s energy field the happier you are. Use Sage together with Frankincense, Myrrh or Copal, when you wish to release misfortune energy in an even deeper level. Their joint power is a lot more power than separately

- This plant is one of the most needed cleansing plants for a reason – Sage has a lot to offer to a person. For example, also Palo Santo can make people happy, as can Sage. Sage smoke is therapeutic, it helps to improve mood. Sage works like this as it releases the bad and helps the good to reappear. When you sometimes feel like your mood is bad, then try to change it with Sage.

- Sage helps to improve brain activity, improving your ability to concentrate, analyse and pay attention. If you feel like you’re just like away somewhere and wish to ground yourself, then Sage is very good for that kind of thing. Burn it near you, rest a little or meditate and let spiritual clarity to recover.

- In addition to using regular Sage, also try mix incenses and ritual plants with Sage, created with Sage and another plant. They are mixtures of all Sage’s qualities with the special power in another plant. They are all very useful. 

Last Quarter of Moon "Freeing ritual"

This is a ritual you can use to let go of something from your life you no longer wish to see there. If there is something in your mind that disturbs you or something hurts you, then this is the ritual that can save you from all of that.

For the ritual, you need two Shungite meditation crystals, matches, one black candle, dried cloves and Sage smudge stick (be sure to use a smudge stick, not incense or loose Sage). In addition to this, you need to dress black and drink black tea without anything else on the previous day. Black clothes and black tea will help to prepare your Aura for the ritual.

For the ritual, find yourself a place in your home, terrace, balcony, outside or wherever you can do it privately. Place a black candle on a heat resistance base, sit in front of it and find a comfortable position to do the ritual. Set the candle alight, use the flame from the candle to set Sage smudge stick to smoke and cleanse your Aura with it. Do circles around yourself with the smudge stick. If the smoke disappears then set it alight again. If you’ve done enough, take a handful of cloves and place them around the black candle. If it’s done, begin with the ritual.

Take one Shungite into each hand, close your hand and start dreaming and praying for something you want to leave your life. Wish for the thing you want to release from your life to find a way to leave. Pray and dream for as long as you feel like your wish has been launched. If you get that feeling, take the smudge stick, alight it and again circle around you. If it’s done, then the message has been sent off and you can put the ritual together.

Pick up the cloves and put them in the bag to take it to the woods on the same night. Don’t forget! Pick up Shungite meditation crystals and clean them. This way you can use them in future rituals or meditations. You can burn the candle. You can later use the candle for other purposes, the same goes for the smudge stick. 

After the ritual you may feel lighter, you may have a good and relaxed feeling. If this happens, the ritual was done right and the process of freeing has begun. You can perform this ritual on every Last Quarter of Moon and you can always use it to let go whatever you want. You can find the Moon phase calendar HERE

Waxing gibbous life luck ritual with Sage

The Waxing gibbous is a lunar phase between the First Quarter of Moon and Full Moon. You can do a ritual for life luck with Sage on this lunar phase. For that, find yourself a place for it at home, a place where you can easily do the ritual. When you’ve found a suitable place, then add on  Sage essential oil to oil lamp, use Sage smudge stick and Citrine geode. Place geode in one hand and hold the smudge stick in the other hand. Set the smudge stick to smoke and start circling around yourself with this smoke. Circle around your whole body: hands, legs, head, etc. With this easy ritual, during the Waxing Gibbous, the sage essential oil and sage smoke will release the energies that interrupt your Aura field, which will not allow the happiness in life to occur. At the same time as you do the ritual, Citrine geode will direct the luck energy into your Aura field. You can repeat this ritual every month during the Waxing Gibbous phase. You can find the Moon phase calendar HERE.


When you wish to burn a ritual plant, then keep it in a 45-degree angle and light it from a candle or matches. It’s more comfortable to do this with a candle and this way you can do it again and again when the smoke disappears. Allow the flame to burn for at least 10 seconds or more, then shake the flame off and use the smoke. For gathering the ashes, you can use a special ritual bowl or an incense holder.

In addition to Sage ritual plants and incense, you can also use Sage or Clary Sage essential oils that spiritually have similar powers. Sage essential oil has exactly the same effect as the smudge stick or incense. You can use essential oils when you’re sensitive to smoke as they don’t smoke. Use Clary Sage essential oil when you wish to cleanse your minds and bring more clarity into your life.

Read more about Sage ritual plant from HERE, where I have written how to clean your home with Sage and also other very interesting and useful information about this plant.

Size Stick length ca 10cm
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