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AGATE runes

AGATE runes
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AGATE by its mineral properties is a cryptocrystalline Quartz and in urn also a Silica. There are hundreds of types of Agate, each with a different colour and with different properties. This Agate here is the mother of all Agates, that is the main Agate. Getting to know Agate is big science and if there is no knowledge about its components, then often Agates and Jaspers are mistaken by eyes, as there are also many types of Jaspers. It is actually very simple to differ between two mineral groups - Agate has a transparent structure, Jasper has not. 

Agate is a crystal that has the ability to protect from all bad. Agate crystal is a very widespread crystal in the world, which has many different types with each of them having specific protective properties. Regular Agate, for example, protects from physical accidents, violence and misfortune. Agate crystal is one of the oldest crystals, imprinted into the history of humanity by its usage. Agate has a very profound history, as it has been also used all over the world as a protective talisman against evil and against the effect of the invisible eye. Agate was used to making military plates, which were fastened on uniforms to bring luck in war. Besides that, Agate was carried when travelling from one area to another, to survive in poor weather conditions. Agate mainly comes from UruguayBrazil and Germany

It is a crystal that protects against conflicts that do not have a good outcome or give you the opportunity to turn conflicts to your advantage. 

RUNES are ancient symbols that have come from Norse mythology. Each Rune symbol is strong and carries different energies. Runes have been used for self-defence and divination since the beginning of time. Predicting with runes is actually very easy, but needs practice. To do this, Runes are always kept in an opaque bag or wooden box. The easiest way to get an answer from Runes is to ask one specific question in your mind and then take one Rune from Rune's bag and then interpret it. Runes have several meanings, to understand what you are being told you need to interpret it. The rune always has a negative and a positive message, depending on exactly how you take it out of the bag, either in the right direction or upside down. There are a lot of different ways to predict with runes, but that's the way I actually recommend to start, and once you feel like you want to move on by trying a little more complicated prediction, you'll only learn new compositions. Although it's easy to do one by one, and you can get answers to very simple questions like "Should I go there or not?" and if the Rune you take from your bag is FEHU, it indicates success and the answer is "Yes, it will bring you good." I always recommend taking Runes from inside Rune bag with the left hand.


Agate Runes are useful prediction tools, they can predict the coming danger, negative situations, as well as lucky opportunities. As the Agate is a strong crystal of protection and happiness, these are the strongest qualities of the Agate runes, the predictions of which can be accurate. Runes can always be used to get answers to different questions and to predict on different topics. However, the crystal determines what are the strongest properties of the Runes. Agate Runes are for you if you have a bond with this crystal.

You can have several different Runes, always choose your Runes according to your inner mood. You may also have runes for various purposes, such as Black Agate Runes for danger prevention, Tiger's eye Runes for asking material questions, and Rose Quartz Runes for love-related predictions.

You can find information about Runes from the article "RUNE SYMBOLS AND THEIR MEANING".

The crystals engraved with Runes have such a strong power that they do not need to be charged. However, it is necessary to clean them with ritual plants every time they are used, so that accurate answers are always given when predicting them. This clears the messages you predicted last time.

The best and most useful way to charge Agate talismans is on an Agate geode. The best thing for Agate is Sage smoke for cleaning it.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals HERE.

Info Runes are in a cloth bag.
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