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AMETHYST is one of the most popular crystals in the world, used and also worn as jewellery and used in Feng Shui therapies. Amethyst is found in many parts of the world and is available in large amounts. Amethyst is mainly found in Brazil, India, Mexico, Bolivia and the USA and in many other places. Amethyst is a variety of Quartz, with mainly lavender purple and deep purple shade. Amethyst may have white or transparent parts, that are part of the Rock Crystal. Amethyst is named after the Greek word ametusthoswhich means "not harmful" or "toxin-free". This is due to Amethyst freeing anger and bitterness from the soul and opening the spirit for healing.

Amethyst is a crystal that brings spiritual energy into the Aura of its wearer and into the environment where it exists simply as a crystal. Amethyst helps the soul to grow, develop, learn and move on. Earth Goddess Gaia has given a lot of Amethyst to Earth, and this is so that people wouldn´t forget the value of the soul. This is also one of the most fundamental qualities of Amethyst.

Amethyst is known for its spiritual energy and ability to increase the skills in the human soul. Amethyst is a peaceful, stress-relieving crystal that ensures good sleep. Amethyst has the ability to strengthen intuition and bring prophetic visions.

Amethyst is one of the most important healing crystals that a person interested in crystals could have. Amethyst has a very versatile power and is a crystal that unlocks within itself exactly the power you need most today. Amethyst opens up the healing and helpful properties within you according to what worries you to heal it or what interests you very much and gives it good luck. You may have a wish that you give to Amethyst spiritually so that he can fulfil it, Amethyst will fulfil it and, in addition, will support you right where you need to support the most.

Keeping Amethyst close to you throughout your life will help you learn from the lessons of your own life, use them for future development, and move forward with the lessons learned in your life. Amethyst leads the movement of the human soul, does not allow life to stand or fall into a vicious circle. Amethyst helps to see obstacles and difficulties as lessons. This way you learn faster and free them from your life path. Amethyst is a very useful crystal for self-development. Amethyst could have a place in your life.

RUNES are ancient symbols that have come from Norse mythology. Each Rune symbol is strong and carries different energies. Runes have been used for self-defence and divination since the beginning of time. Predicting with runes is actually very easy, but needs practice. To do this, Runes are always kept in an opaque bag or wooden box. The easiest way to get an answer from Rune is to ask a specific question in your mind and then take one Rune from the Rune bag and translate it. Rune has many meanings, and to understand what you are being told, you need to translate it. The rune always has a negative and a positive message, depending on how you take it out of the bag, either in the right way or upside down. There are so many different ways to predict with runes, but that's the way I actually recommend starting, and once you feel like trying to move on by trying a little more complex predictions, you'll only learn new compositions. Although it's easy to do by one Rune, and you can get answers to very simple questions like, "Should I go there or not?" and if the Rune you take from your bag is FEHU, it indicates success and the answer is, "Yes, it will bring you good." I always recommend taking the runes with the left hand inside the Runic bag.


Amethyst has the ability to make a person more intuitive, which means that it directs the person to look for answers to various topics, contributing to the understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Also helping to eliminate false gut feelings that are very easy to occur. Gives direction on how to trust yourself and the decisions you make. Amethyst broadens your mind, directing your gaze and thoughts to those topics that need your attention the most today.

Amethyst is one of the most important crystals of intuition, clairvoyance and divination. With amethyst, it is possible to quickly enter a state of meditation, where it is also easy to get answers about the past, present and future. Amethyst could be one of the first divination crystals in the form of a pendulum, runes or some other form. With amethyst, it is possible to look at universal issues, but it is the best predictor of the future.

You can have several different Runes, always choose your Runes according to your inner mood. You can also have runes for different purposes, for example, Black Agate runes for preventing danger, Tiger's Eye runes material questions and Pink Quartz runes for predicting love topics.

You can find information about the meaning of runes from "HERE".

Crystals engraved with Runes have such a strong power that they do not need to be charged. However, it is necessary to clean them with ritual plants every time they are used, so that accurate answers are always given when predicting them. This clears the messages you predicted last time.

It's always good to cleanse Amethyst with Lavender incense smoke, also 
Sage ritual plant or Sage essential oils are good.

You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals 

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