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BLUE GOLDSTONE is one type of Goldstone that humans itself have created from natural materials. Blue Goldstone is made of copper, with added cobalt, manganese and also chromium. As of result of thawing comes a Blue Goldstone in a beautiful dark blue colour. Blue Goldstone has a shiny appearance and a mysterious look of the cosmos. Blue Goldstone has a strong energetic power which is from the result of combining different metals and it is considered to be among crystals. Blue Goldstone was first made in 17th century Italy. The main effect of Blue Goldstone is "DREAMS COMING TRUE!"

Blue Goldstone helps you to achieve what you dream of and that's because it is a particularly useful crystal, that could be in your life in times you dream of something. Blue Goldstone has a power that directs motivational energy into you, that won´t let you diverge from your path and do place only yourself for working towards your dream. The harder you work for your dreams, the more actively Blue Goldstone will work for your happiness. You will act, the Blue Goldstone will create the road into your fate for your happiness. Carry Blue Goldstone with you, so that it could do its work or keep it at your home In a special location where you keep your lucky objects of power and crystals. If you have wish rituals and magic you have done before, then Blue Goldstone placed beside them is particularly useful. In that case, Blue Goldstone will help to bring your dreams into your life faster.

Blue Goldstone enchants people who at the moment have one big wish to what they expect the answer to and fulfilment from the Universe. Blue Goldstone is a crystal of wishes coming to life, and when it´s worn it helps the wishes to reach the Universe faster and the desires to take shape physically.

Blue Goldstone is a crystal related to the guidance of the spiritual world, sensing the invisible world and to the connection. Blue Goldstone has the ability to connect a person soul with everything that is not visible to the human eye and increases a person power of thought. With the help from the increase of the power of thought, a person can to corrections to his fate. Blue Goldstone gives the ability and possibility to achieve your wishes and intentions. A crystal that, while in your life, helps to spiritually evolve and to learn how to use energies hidden inside you. Blue Goldstone is a crystal, that teaches that everything in this world has a reason and, first, it helps to understand in a negative situation what that situation came here to teach or to give. Blue Goldstone helps to move on in life and not to do a step backwards.

It helps to experience an astral journey, helping to see prophecies and clearer dreams that can be later explained to find its meaning. Blue Goldstone also helps to remember dreams.

Blue Goldstone takes you into contact with cosmic energies, helping you to achieve more and attract happiness if the conditions are right. Blue Goldstone makes any kind of spiritual process more powerful and if you are a person who likes to do different rituals and magic in your own home, then you should definitely find a place for it in your household. 

A crystal that helps to bring and create through your own thoughts new beginnings into your life. Holding Blue Goldstone in your hand, wearing it as jewellery or meditating with it helps your wishes to come true. If you focus on what kind of a new beginning you want into your life, the Blue Goldstone helps to create that beginning. In addition, Blue Goldstone is a very good intuition crystal, that helps you to become more intuitive. 

Blue Goldstone is a very useful crystal for people who by nature are very delicate, vulnerable, sensitive, who can sense the world in a finer level and who would easily react to negative energies with irritation. Blue Goldstone helps to balance the movement of such energies, helping to block stress energies that could enter into the body of an overly sensitive person because the energies surrounding him are extremely intensive. If you are a person like this, then Blue Goldstone will definitely help you.

It is useful to keep Blue Goldstone close to you while meditating so that the information and energy wave won´t make you feel sick or spoil your mood. It is useful to keep Blue Goldstone at home if over-sensitivity is a very big problem and this rather spoils the mood than helps to achieve something in the spiritual world.

Blue Goldstone power can be used for indirect healing and sending wishes on their way. This means that this crystal could be used in different rituals and magic.

Blue Goldstone crystal is suitable to be worn or used by small children or teenagers. Blue Goldstone has the ability to improve the child´s self-esteem, helping the child to respect themselves, and notice their own beauty, charm and skills.

Blue Goldstone is a very useful crystal for you when you would like to be in contact with the spiritual world. It is a crystal that helps you to learn, learn, and learn once more, helping you to solve the signs, problems and tasks that have come to your life. It is a crystal for self-discovery that helps you move forward spiritually.

It is a special protective crystal to a person who is very sensitive to energies. Who takes negativity and positivity of other people very easily on itself. For a person who does not know how to filter out the energies that reach him. A Blue Goldstone helps an over sensitive person to cope in situations where another person shares energy that he does not benefit from. Protecting the Aura field and blocking the reception of harmful energies.

Blue Goldstone helps to make wishes, wear this crystal when you wish to send your dreams to the Universe. This is a crystal that makes dreams come Tue. I recommend this particularly to those who are out of work or for people who wish to find a new job. When you wear this crystal, then tell your work-related dream to the crystal. Ask it to bring into your life a favourable opportunity you would be pleased with both emotionally and financially.

HEART symbol has its own meaning and if you combine it with a crystal than certain abilities from that crystal will be brought forward. The shape of the heart symbolizes love, trust, passion, unity, sensuality, femininity, and attraction. Witches use the symbol of a heart for the ritual for love and strengthening relationships and to attract love.


Heart-shaped Blue Goldstone helps to make your dreams come true. It's a dream fulfilling crystal used to launch your desires to the Universe or to the Angels. Heart-shaped Blue Goldstone can be used to make relationship-related dreams come true. Keep this heart in your hands and make a wish - all your wishes will be stored in the crystal. When your fate and Karma allows it, then over time they'll become reality. Give this heart to someone you love. Ask the crystal for something for the both of your and it will bring you luck. Great for weddings. Give this to newlyweds accompanied by a wish for eternal love. 

Professional success and getting better opportunities/conditions

Blue Goldstone will fulfil all your wishes if you encode them correctly. Crystal coding happens by giving the crystal a thought and finding the right place for it.

Blue Goldstone brings success, happiness and dreams come true also professionally. For example, one of the effects of Blue Goldstone is to bring good opportunities through your work. Keep one or More Blue Goldstone crystals on your work desk or keep them with you at work. The more Blue Goldstone crystals you have with you at work, the more luck you invite with your work.

Blue Goldstone can attract good energies and the employee to see you in a good light. At the same time, it helps to increase your desire to work and helps you to motivate yourself. Blue Goldstone has the ability to increase your ability to work and accelerate your professional wisdom. It will help you analyse and find good solutions in even the worst conditions or situations.

Gift the Blue Goldstone crystal when you wish them professional luck and career advancement!

Blue Goldstone and Dumortierite joint power helps the child overcome the fear of darkness

Blue Goldstone is perfectly suited to work with Dumortierite. Both crystals are beautiful dark blue shade and have the same quality, which is to release the fear of darkness.

Children often have problems with fear of darkness, which in turn causes problems with falling asleep and sleeping by themselves in their own room. If a child is fearful of darkness, then he or she may have a heightened spiritual perception in this life period. This means he perceives, sees and hears the spiritual world. It may create a sense of confusion in his subconsciousness and it gives rise to the fear of darkness. It is easier to see souls in the dark and that´s why this fear arises.

Blue Goldstone together with Dumortierite starts to create an energy field that alleviates the fear of darkness. Separately, the effect of these crystals would not be the same. That´s why I recommend using these crystals together.

The power of these Crystals will gradually help to release the fear from the child. These crystals should be next to or under the child´s bed. If the child already has personal dream crystals, then these two crystals should be together with others. Those crystals are kept at home as long as the problem has completely disappeared.

Fulfilling wishes and creating a place for them in fate

Blue Goldstone together with Rutilated Quartz creates a powerful duo, with the ability and power to fulfil your dreams. These two crystals hide the power of fulfilling your pipe dreams. Both crystals give you enough good luck so that your heart´s desires could come to life. Blue Goldstone gives strength for realizing really big dreams and Rutilated Quartz knows how to create a path in fate so that these dreams could actually come to life. Wear these two crystals together with you, if you wish them to bring you the result, or make yourself a wish bearer from these crystals, placing both crystals into the same small bag with a photograph of yourself so that the crystals could fulfil your dreams remotely. You can make a wish-fulfilling bag, that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You can add more than one Blue Goldstone and Rutilated Quartz to the bag. The more crystals in that bag, the more powerfully it fulfils dreams and works for creating the road of fate towards that dream. Of course, you could add over time more crystals to that bag, to make this magical power even more powerful. You can keep this magnificent bag anywhere you would like to.

The world of dreams, Angels and astral journeys

Blue Goldstone reminds the nature of cosmos, starry sky and Universe. Its wonderful look gives a great hint of what this crystal can do and achieve. Blue Goldstone has the ability to bring you to other realities and show you what the spiritual world can offer you.

It is useful to keep the Blue Goldstone with crystals of other analogous energies so that the maximum energy can be obtained from it.

Blue Goldstone has the ability to bring your senses to a level where you will have the opportunity to experience and see different dimensions and that in a level of sleep. This means that if you have allowed the Blue Goldstone into your life, then this crystal will gradually open your mind and helps to make your dreams more unique and interesting. Opening the road of dreams to something very interesting.

If you have Blue Goldstone crystals in your bedroom, you may start to experience deep-rooted dreams, where you can see souls, Angels and different dimensions.

Hold a Blue Goldstone in your hand before you go to sleep if you wish to see the world outside of our Earth.

Telepathy between the child and the mother

Blue Goldstone has the effect of telepathic energy. If Blue Goldstone is worn by mother and father and at the same time a child, then telepathic communication will occur between them. I recommend gifting yourself and your child one Blue Goldstone which you both will carry with you. As long as both of you carry a Blue Goldstone, you will have a telepathic connection. The longer the Blue Goldstone is used, the faster the telepathic channel opens up between you.

Soaring into fame

Blue Goldstone is one of Goldstone types like Goldriver and Green Goldstone. All three crystals are associated with fame and getting famous.

The specific power in the sense of fame of Blue Goldstone is its help to soar high. Blue Goldstone brings success, attention, happiness, good reputation and a magnet that helps people to notice you.

No matter what you do, Blue Goldstone can bring happiness to this activity or speciality. If you want to become famous and collect yourself a good reputation, carry the Blue Goldstone with you when you are in the public eye.


- Blue Goldstone is useful for those who are afraid of the darkness. In general, this problem is faced by children and therefore it is very suitable to be worn by children. This may also be the reason why a child chooses Blue Goldstone from amongst the crystals. In addition, Blue Goldstone helps to heal the nervous system.

- Blue Goldstone crystal suits very well to wear and use for small children or teenagers. Blue Goldstone has the ability to improve the child´s self-esteem, helping the child to respect themselves, and notice their own beauty, charm and skills. 

- Blue Goldstone relieves migraines. If you constantly experience migraines that make your mood very poor and can lead you to pass out, then Blue Goldstone is definitely your healing crystal.

 - Blue Goldstone is of great benefit in case of stomach problems, pains and for healing indigestion. In addition to joint problems and pain relief. Copper is one of Blue Goldstone components and copper has these healing properties that have transferred to Blue Goldstone.


These are the Chakras the Blue Goldstone affects the most Third Eye is your sixth Chakra, related to the dream world, predictions, understanding clearly your journey and life. Crown Chakra is your seventh Chakra, related to foreseeing your own future and finding the right path. Blue Goldstone will benefit both of these Chakras, helping them properly to function, to heal and activate them. 


Blue Goldstone affects all zodiac signs equally.


Blue Goldstone is a crystal for happiness, finding your purpose in life and balance for people born on the 23rd. Blue Goldstone helps people born on the 23rd to find their talent written in their fate, helping to open it and to bring good luck to it, contributing to empowerment and finding your own path. In addition, Blue Goldstone will bring good material and spiritual luck to things dealt with. Blue Goldstone amplifies fame energy, that gives the possibility to excel with their profession and talent. At the same time, it helps to balance the nervousness in people born on the 23rd. This crystal should be worn from time to time if more luck is wanted to attract to life and if you want to find yourself. This crystal should definitely be in a domestic environment.

I recommend charging Blue Goldstone on a Rock Crystal geode or Celectite geode and to clean it from time to time with Jasmine incense, Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.
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