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SHUNGITE plate (small)

SHUNGITE plate (small)
SHUNGITE plate (small)
SHUNGITE plate (small)
SHUNGITE plate (small)
SHUNGITE plate (small)
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SHUNGITE is the most powerful healing crystal that came to Earth nearly 2 billion years ago. Shungite is mined in   Shung in the village of Kareelia in Russia, this crystal has also got its name from there. Shungite has a long and mysterious history and it’s considered a number one healer of the physical body. Shungite has the ability to release emotional blockages that prevent the physical body from being healed. It is mainly used for the prevention of cancer and other very serious diseases, and for healing therapies.

Shungite in its composition consists of fullerenes known to be strong and fast-acting antioxidants. In this regard, it can be said that bringing this crystal into contact with the skin is extremely beneficial. Shungite also purifies water by holding a Shungite pyramid in water to remove toxins from it. Shungite is still one of the most interesting crystals among scholars and its useful properties are still being tested, studied and discovered. No bad effects have been found so far, but just supernaturally good qualities.

Shungite helps to absorb electromagnetic waves that are very harmful to people. Electromagnetic waves are caused by computers, microwaves, phones, wi-fi devices and wi-fi itself, ground source heat pumps, fridge, etc. Shungite stops the absorption of toxins to the body both physically and spiritually, preventing cursing, chiding and negative home aura to affect health. It’s believed that wearing Shungite stops the formation of free radicals and in the spiritual world, it’s considered as repelling cancer. Shungite is carried when a person has had radiation therapy, or an x-ray is being made, it stops the negative effect of radiation on our health.

SHUNGITE PLATE can be used to create crystal altars. Shungite blocks all negative energy, which prevents other crystals from working regularly. Therefore, it is very useful to keep various power objects on the Shungite plate, such as crystal balls, geodes, towers, obelisks and other shapes. This powerful item is also suitable for holding on or near electronic devices to protect yourself and your home from harmful electromagnetic radiation from them, which causes diseases.

Capturing electromagnetic waves with Shungite

Shungite is one of the best crystals and tools for blocking electromagnetic radiation and making its harmful properties less harmful. Shungite blocks radioactive energy waves and helps prevent diseases caused by electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation surrounds us everywhere, these are energy waves that emit from various electronic devices, masts, WIFI routers, TVs and mobile phones. To reduce electromagnetic radiation in your home, place Shungite and power objects in your home next to computers and TVs. For example, hold several Schungite pyramids, spheres, plates, or a bowl of Schungite crystals in front of a medium-sized TV. The more Shungite in your home, the healthier your home environment will be. Shungite protects against the nervousness that electronics cause in people and is especially useful for placing in a children's room. Especially if the nursery has a computer or the child is sitting at the computer for days. This crystal helps protect against computer addiction and that being on a computer does not cause aggressive behaviour. Read how to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation, HERE.

Size Mõõdud 50*50*6 mm
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