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HONEY CALCITE is one type of calcite with a yellowish shade and a clear texture. Honey Calcite has cracks in its texture, just like most crystals, but due to its translucent appearance it can easily be noticed. Honey Calcite has a very gentle energy vibration, which means that this crystal can also be used by people who are sensitive to the energy of the crystals. In general, small babies or people with sensitive energy fields are hypersensitive. This, however, does not mean that Honey Calcite energy is weak. Honey Calcite is a potent crystal that has very specific properties. he main mining site of Honey Calcite in the world is Mexico, India and Brazil.

This crystal teaches people to appreciate everything that exists in their life. A useful crystal for everyone, giving them the ability to understand the value of things and learn from greed. Greed is a low emotion that blocks the abundance channel and Honey Calcite is a crystal that helps to overcome this problem. Particularly useful is Honey Calcite when you keep it on your work desk, in the office or in different rooms at home. You just need to be close to Honey Calcite to overcome this problem. 

Honey Calcite teaches you to value other people while being on a powerful position. It is a crystal for those who have been given power, wealth and talents. Crystal, which helps you to get rid of sublime attitudes and negative selfishness. Honey Calcite teaches you that, in spite of our achievements, we should never treat anyone else badly. Use Honey calcite crystal to balance your own home energy when you feel that someone at home is behaving like this. For example, use this crystal in a "good mood" crystal set. It is a set where you put together all the positive crystals that increase the sense of humour, positive energy and good attitude. This set should include CitrineOrange Calcite, Yellow QuartzYellow CalciteCarnelian and many other positive crystals.

Honey Calcite symbolizes all of the properties of the Solar Plexus Chakra and it is one of the strongest Solar Plexus Chakra healing crystals. Honey Calcite helps you to value yourself first and foremost, blocking self-sacrifice and excessive self-criticism, replacing these negative thoughts with positivity. This is one of the biggest reasons why to bring Honey Calcite home and keep together with other positive crystals. If you have a question where you could keep these crystals, it would be best to place them in the most passable room in your home.

Honey Calcite is a crystal that helps to open the channel of awareness located above the Solar Plexus Chakra in the human Aura field. Awareness that helps to understand for what the soul has been created in a professional way, to understand what kind of speciality is beneficial to the soul, both materially and emotionally. Helping you to understand what to be satisfied with and what's going to bring success that makes you happy. 


Crystal sphere holds the power of the sphere symbol, related to the eternal movement of If the sphere is made from crystal, then the energy of this crystal is in continuous motion inside this sphere, it is active and it continuously distributes the energies and also collects them in itself.

Honey Calcite crystal sphere is a great benefit to your home or workroom where you want to bring more pleasure, positivity and where you would like to create a nice place. When the Honey Calcite sphere is in the room, it will make the room energy more healthy by injecting joy and positivity into the atmosphere. It is very beneficial to have a Honey Calcite sphere in the living quarters, where the time is spent with family or guests, or in the resting corner at work.

Honey Calcite sphere has one very valuable attribute, which is to give inspiration, and if you are close to a Honey Calcite sphere or holding your hands on that ball, it will direct you to act on your dreams, it will motivate you. If you feel that you need motivation and driving force, then come to contact with Honey Calcite.

I advise to keep Honey Calcite sphere in the children's room, which helps the child to learn new things more quickly, to develop his spiritual and physical growth, accelerating his learning process at every level.         

"Place it among the astral journey crystals"

Honey Calcite helps to accelerate the passage of the astral journey, helping you to experience the astral journey through sleep during the night and collect useful knowledge through this journey. Honey Calcite lets you to see your past. The past, which is not in your physical life right now, but in your previous lives. Keep Honey Calcite together with other astral journey crystals near your bed. Astral journey crystals can be found HERE.

"Troubled nervous system and difficulty falling asleep"

Honey Calcite has the ability to soothe your soul, give stress relieving energy to the subconscious and it is a very useful sleep crystal. Honey Calcite is for you when you go to sleep and you can not fall asleep. If you have different thoughts and you start to analyse the day in bed. Honey Calcite blocks thoughts that take away sleep. Place Honey Calcite in a set of good sleep crystals next to the bed, and if you do not already have it, then Honey Calcite may be your first sleep crystal. If you are a man, besides Honey Calcite, Unakite also promotes sleep.. If you are a woman, then Moonstoneis your additional sleep crystal..


If you plan to study something, be sure to use Honey Calcite as a helper. Honey Calcite is a universal crystal for studying that will help you easily learn everything you want to make clear to yourself. Honey Calcite may be used by a child who has just gone to school, a young or even middle-aged university student who wants to acquire new knowledge. It is a universal learning crystal that can help you learn any subject. To get the energy of this crystal, keep it inside the school things on the school desk.

Size Sphere diameter is ca 90 mm.
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