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INCENSE HOLDER marble with flower of life

INCENSE HOLDER marble with flower of life INCENSE HOLDERS
INCENSE HOLDER marble with flower of life
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INCENSE HOLDER is a very useful and practical thing meant for burning incenses. Most incense holders are made of wood, metal or ceramics. Incense holder guarantees security and creates the right mood. 

Burning incenses is very beneficial. Different incenses are composed of different plant essential oils and dried plants. The spiritual energies of these plants are released when the incense is burned that heal you and the environment where the incense is burned. Burning incenses must be safe and the safety is ensured by the incense holders. Always burn incense on the holder meant specifically for that.

FLOWER OF LIFE is a geometrical shape, made out of a number of circles, that in turn create the shapes of a flower. The Flower of Life is circle shaped symbol made out of many circle shaped flowers. The Flower of Life symbolizes the appreciation and understanding of life and sensing the invisible world. The Flower of Life is a very useful symbol that helps you in a very spiritual level. It increases your consciousness, helps you to evolve spiritually, helps you to understand what surrounds you and takes you into a deep meditation when you need it the most. The Flower of Life helps to connect the past, present and future, connecting them and helping you to understand, why you are walking on a path like this. The Flower of Life helps you to gather spiritual knowledge and to employ them in life.

For activating incense, light the end of the incense stick from a match. Let incense to burn and then shake out the flame. Then incense starts to smoke and to do its work. Stick incense to smoke into the holder exactly in the place or in the room, you wish to keep it. Certainly small children should not have access to a burning incense. The smoking part of the incense could be hot and may burn the child by accident.

You can also add crystals to the incense holders so that they could be cleansed in the smoke and activate their energy channels. Incense helps to release negative energy accumulated in them. If you have crystals in your household, then they process your home or also your energy waves, removing negativity and replacing it with positivity. Negative energy gets stuck in crystals (when they are not geodes, druzys ja pyramids). For that you need to clean the energies of these crystals with incense or ritual plant smoke. Of course, a ritual plant is most effective for this, but incenses can be used more often, and by that helping to avoid that crystals drain from energy. So, I recommend cleaning your home and crystals weekly if not daily. 

I recommend keeping the window open when cleaning with incense, so that negative energy can leave the house. At the same time, I recommend burning different candles, according to the specific incense to amplify cleaning ritual.
Size Marble incense holder diameter is ca 25,5*5,2*1 cm.
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