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La Tene bracelet "ABILITY TO LOVE"

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La Tene bracelet "ABILITY TO LOVE"
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La Tene bracelet "ABILITY TO LOVE" is a love bracelet made with love crystals. This bracelet only has natural gemstones, like all the jewellery in La Tene Boutiques. Pink Moss Agate, Moonstone and Hematite with their joint power teaches you to love, share the love and accept it. Bracelet is made with a special rubber bracelet band that makes wearing it very comfortable.

- When you feel like you want to learn to share your feelings, increase your love field and want to love fully, then this power object is for you.

- Pink Moss Agate is a love crystal. This is a crystal that teaches you to accept love and share it. A crystal used for finding relationships and revitalizing them. Pink Moss Agate has the ability to open your soul for another person.

- Moonstone is a love crystal that helps the joy of love come to your life. This is a crystal that teaches you to share your feelings and brings you peace of mind. Moonstone makes you more intuitive and teaches you to handle other people. This is a crystal for finding love and soulmate.

- Hematite by Pink Moss Agate and Moonstone protects you from negative emotions, preventing sadness and helping you to behave well with other people. Hematite blocks fighting and sowing problems.

At nights keep this bracelet on a Rock Crystal or Apophyllite geode so the crystals in the bracelet could recuperate and be vital. Cleanse it at least once a month with Palo Santo or Sandalwood smoke. 

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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