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La Tene bracelet "CAR PROTECTION"

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La Tene bracelet "CAR PROTECTION"
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La Tene bracelet"CAR PROTECTION" is meant for both men and women. This power object is made in as many sizes as possible to make this possible. There are natural semi-precious stones in this bracelet, as are in all La Tene`s boutique jewelleries. “Car protection" is created with two crystals - Hawk´s Eye and Lava. The bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet rubber that makes it very comfortable to wear.

- Bracelet is meant to be worn during driving in the car so that it would protect you from traffic accidents and from different dangers that could occur while driving.

- Helps to strengthen the intuition related to traffic by helping to sense where an animal could run on the road or which road user is dangerous for you. For you to avoid the accidents.

- Hawk´ s Eye protects the wearer while travelling, helping to avoid different dangerous situations. One of it´s main protection qualities is that it protects from serious accidents, like from a crash.

- Lava is a crystal with universal protection energy that strengthens other protection crystals. In this bracelet it gives vitality to Hawk´s Eye so that it could help you.

Definitely charge the power object on a Agate geode, so that it would not lose it´s energy and could help you. Clean it from time to time with Sage ritual plant smoke.

Read more about charging and cleaning objects of power from HERE.
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