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La Tene bracelet "FEMININITY"

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La Tene bracelet "FEMININITY"
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La Tene bracelet "FEMININITY" is designed from two crystals that increase the feminine energy. This bracelet only has natural gemstones, like all the jewellery in La Tene Boutiques. It’s made from three beautiful Mother of Pearls, adorned with Mother of Pearl pearls and Rainbow Moonstone crystals. Crystal has a lot of 925 silver pearls and it’s all put together with an elastic bracelet rubber.

Bracelet is meant for women or girls to increase feminine energy. This bracelet is beneficial as it helps the woman be a woman and also to feel feminine.

- Helps the wearer to feel beautiful, marvellous, valuable, helps to bring out feminine qualities which are tenderness, softness and gentle character.

- Helps women to feel confident, helping to express love both physically and emotionally.

- Helps to increase the love energy in the Aura, helping women to bring love into their life and as for girls it helps them to attract love from their family and also love from friends.

- The combination of Mother of Pearl and Rainbow Moonstone helps its wearer to feel good in her own body. Feeling joy from herself, helping to see beauty in herself and to feel beautiful. Helps to increase feminine confidence.

I recommend cleaning this power object with Sage, Palo Santo ritual plants or Lotus incense. For charging you could use Apophyllite geode.

Read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

You can read more about charging and cleaning crystals from HERE.
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