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La Tene bracelet for men "NEW DIRECTIONS"

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La Tene bracelet for men "NEW DIRECTIONS"
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La Tene bracelet for men "NEW DIRECTIONS" is created with two crystals - Bronzite and Onyx. The bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet rubber that makes it very comfortable to wear. Bracelet is made with crystal´s with male energy suitable for a man´s Aura field.

- A bracelet for men with male energy crystals. The combination of these two crystals gives strength for moving on, to begin with new projects, gives new energy for life, helps to find new possibilities and directions.

- Crystals that bring new people and possibilities into it´s wearers life. Bronzite has the ability to keep you positive and help you to think up something interesting by yourself. Onyx is the crystal that helps to keep you from making the wrong choices, helping to lead you towards the right path.

- Bronzite is a crystal with tension relieving effect, that gives the human Aura the skill to get on with your life and to move yourself towards projects that would start bearing fruit.

- Onyx is a crystal with the ability to protect the Aura field. It´s main effect is to keep away the bad and unnecessary experiences from life.

At nights keep this bracelet charging on a Aragonite geode so that the crystals on it could recover and would get strength to help you. Clean it at least once a month with Sage ritual plant or Musk incense smoke.

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