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La Tene bracelet "ORANGE CALCITE and RED JASPER"

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La Tene bracelet "ORANGE CALCITE and RED JASPER"
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La Tene bracelet "ORANGE CALCITE and RED JASPER" is made with natural gemstones like all jewellery in La Tene boutiques. This jewellery has Orange Calcite and Red Jasper with gilded 925 silver pearls. Bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet rubber that makes wearing it very comfortable. Orange Calcites main quality is to give vitality, joy, happiness, thirst for life and positivity to the person who wears it.

Orange Calcite and Red Jasper create a duo full of energy. The combination of these two crystals gives its wearer a lot of vitality, strength and positivity. When you feel tired and powerless, these two crystals help you get out of that energy.

ORANGE CALCITE is the ultimate carrier of positivity, vitality, life energy, motivation, physical and spiritual energy. Orange Calcite has a lot of very necessary energies people need, whether for their own well being or, for example, for achieving something or healing home energy. Orange Calcite is yellowish-orange by colour, as the difference between these two colours is so small with this crystal, then some pieces are clearly orange and some are not. Orange Calcite is part of the Calcite family and is partly transparent by structure. Orange Calcite crystal has natural cracks or lines which does not mean that the crystal is broken, it shows how real the crystal is by his natural characteristic traits. Orange Calcite comes mainly from Mexico, but it can also be found from many other countries around the world. Today, Mexico is probably the biggest miner of Orange Calcite. Orange Calcite is formed inside the Earth from calcium carbonate and it’s one of the crystals that’s easy to be made into jewellery or some other object because of its density.

Orange Calcite is an absolutely necessary crystal when you feel like lacking motivation and the skill to direct yourself to work for fulfilling, for example, your dreams. Bringing Orange Calcite into your life, carrying and using it will awake such willpower in you, you never knew even existed in you. Orange Calcite surprises everyone who brings it into their life, it opens a lot of good and strong sides hiding in the soul. 

Orange Calcite heals the human soul from the inside out. A crystal that helps to free you from emotional toxins and unnecessary energies. Firstly by cleaning the soul from emotional "junk" and then replacing it with vitality and energy.       

RED JASPER is one type of Jasper with a characteristic dark red tone, from which white-black lines can run through. The red tone in Red Jasper is because its Jasper composition contains iron, which makes this crystal-like that. Red Jaspers are mainly found in South AfricaFranceIndia, Germany. The greatest strength of Red Jasper is the supply of energy and vitality.  The native Indians believed that the Red Jasper was the blood and power of the Earth and they began to use this crystal to strengthen the health. In ancient times, the ancient Greeks, the Egyptians, Arabs and other societies used Red Jasper as a defence against bad words and black magic.

Red Jasper is a crystal that can make a person stronger and more resilient. A crystal that gradually increases your strength and is very useful for people who need to use a lot of physical strength in their work, be constantly on the move and when the work is hard on hands or legs. This crystal is suitable for people who have very long work-days. Red Jasper won’t allow the person to become weak on the spiritual or physical level and that’s why it’s useful to wear it in a work like this.

Red Jasper will help you reborn in the same life where you live. Reborn in the sense that it helps you to get out of the big problems and start from the place where everything has broken down, helping you to change yourself and change your path. 

Red Jasper offers you a sense of security, helping you to be independent and alleviate your fears. By helping to free up unwarranted fears that you wear from your past lives. 

Red Jasper teaches you to take risks at the right times. Red Jasper knows when it's time to take risks, helping you throw yourself at the right time in front of the fire. Red Jasper knows what is the result of the risk and intuitively it will direct you into risky situations that will bring success. Wear this crystal if you want to know when it's time to resist your fears or keep it at your own home so that you become more intuitive to the risks. 

Red Jasper will not let you get involved with the influences of society. Red Jasper blocks the negative way of thinking about oneself caused by today's standards. Red Jasper helps you to be who you really are, not one of many and the kind that most people are. Red Jasper increases self-confidence and reduces the ability to go along with other people. 

When you are wearing Red Jasper or keeping it at home (house, room, etc.), it can release the energy of misfortune from the human Aura field. Red Jasper releases the energy of misfortune on every level. If you feel misfortune on certain topics in your life then surely bring red Jasper to your life. 

You can read MORE about Red Jasper from HERE.

WEARING ORANGE CALCITE ON ARM (can be worn on both arms):

- When you first start wearing Orange Calcite then firstly it will be activated in your Aura as an Aura cleanser. Orange Calcite has the ability to lead out emotions like negative attitude, thinking, pessimism, pushing yourself down, unhealthy self-criticism and dissatisfaction. 

- Orange Calcite will start to work fully when it has cleaned your Aura. With Orange Calcite I recommend to wear Girasol, to accelerate the effect of the crystal. After cleansing the crystal will help to bring a lot of good into your life. It helps you to be happy.

- Orange Calcite helps you to gain control over your life. Helps people who feel like they can’t fulfil their dreams and can’t achieve what they want. Suitable for those who feel like they are not given enough energy and strength to go ahead with life.

- It’s a crystal that helps to get rid of tiredness and laziness. When you feel like you can’t literally do anything or to work towards anything, then this is exactly the crystal for you. When you constantly feel tired then Orange Calcite could be your crystal helper.

- When you suffer from really strong and deep exhaustion and lack of vitality then wear this crystal with Red Jasper or Mookaite. These are the two crystal useful for a problem like this.

- It would be useful for everyone to wear Orange Calcite from time to time. Wear it when you attracted to it, then it’s the right time to carry this crystal with you. This crystal releases you from karmic relations that won’t allow you to move forward in life. For example, it won’t allow those people back into your life who are not good for you.

- Helps people who have suffered sexual harassment and who can’t come out of it. In that case, I recommend this crystal with Black Obsidian, to release brutal memories and to let yourself know you need to move on with life.

- Orange Calcite heals the Solar Plexus Chakra, which means that it brings a lot of laughter, fun, humour, joy, confidence, positive view on life, activity, energy and goodwill into life. This is a crystal for people who wish to laugh from the heart and be fun. I recommend this crystal to everyone who has lost their humour because it’s the first sign of the downfall of the Solar Plexus Chakra. 


- Orange Calcite helps to come out from depression and protect from that. Orange Calcite has a lot of positivity, so that when you wear this crystal then it’s impossible to be negative and think negatively. When you’re in a very deep depression then, of course, the effect of Orange Calcite is sensed slower, as the need for healing is very big. 

- A crystal that heals the stomach area, especially useful for gastric problems, stomach pains, liver problems and for healing kidneys. It’s the Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra healing, therefore these are the areas where these illnesses are.

- Healing crystal for children who have very weak immunity. Orange Calcite helps to nurture the physical health of the kid, helping him to become stronger and resilient. A crystal that, for example, is suitable to be hanged on the pram, kept beside his bed or to be worn.

- Orange Calcite helps people who have problems with sexuality and who can’t be sexual. It’s a Sacral Chakra crystal that helps to heal problems related to infertility. In that case, it’s a very useful power crystal for men. 

- Healing crystal for men who have problems with their prostate. It’s useful for a man to wear Orange Calcite or to make water-elixir from tumbled crystals for healing purposes. In addition to healing the prostate, the Orange Calcite helps to keep the man in general healthy. 


The energy inside the Orange Calcite affects the second and third Chakra the most. Orange Calcite heals the Sacral Chakra in a way that it directs nursing energy into it that opens the motivation in the soul of a person. In addition, it gives physical energy for fulfilling wishes and dreams. The effect of the Orange Calcite on a Solar Plexus Chakra that is to the Third Chakra is energizing, it opens the sense of humour and the ability to enjoy life.


Orange Calcite is a very useful crystal for LEO. Orange Calcite helps to bring out the best, most powerful and positive energies of the zodiac in Leo, Orange Calcite compliments Leo, helping him to shine, be happy, to reduce the different negative qualities existing in Leo, helping him to get along with people better and in general to feel happiness in his life. I recommend Orange Calcite to a Leo who feels like he still needs to add a lot of happiness into his life and wants his dreams to come true quicker and more certainly.

In addition to Leo, Orange Calcite also suits for CANCER. To Cancer, Orange Calcite brings good mood and a positive mind. Especially useful is Orange Calcite for a Cancer who feels like pessimism, negativity and mood swings are taking over him. Orange Calcite helps Cancer the most when there is no joy and shine in his life, this helps it to restore quickly.


In numerology, Orange Calcite is the emotional and material luck talisman for everyone whose life path number is 5.

I recommend charging Orange Calcite crystal on a Citrine geode and clean it from time to time with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plantYou can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals from HERE.

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