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La Tene bracelet TAURUS "OPTIMISM"

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La Tene bracelet TAURUS "OPTIMISM"
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  • Model: La Tene käekett SÕNN "OPTIMISM"

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La Tene zodiac bracelet TAURUS "OPTIMISM" is created for Taurus zodiac sign. In this jewellery there is a crystal that brings joy to Taurus, which is Lemon Jade. Lemon Jade is quite big in this bracelet and White Howlite and Hematite are assisting this jewellery with their own forces. In this jewellery Hematite is painted. Bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet rubber that makes it very comfortable to wear.

- Lemon Jade is Taurus constellation crystal, which brings lot of joy, positivity, optimism and makes Taurus happy. Lemon Jade has the ability to keep Taurus happy and when Taurus wears this crystal, this will bring a lot of joyful moments into his life. Lemon Jade helps to keep Taurus in good mood and teaches him to live happily. Lemon Jade also helps to bring many good opportunities to Taurus.

- White Howlite is an extremely sedative crystal that can relieve stress and inhibit nervousness. White Howlite helps to maintain peace in any situation and it is a very useful crystal to bring joy to life. White Howlite helps to bring out all the negativity from Taurus Aura field so that Lemon Jade can pass on its good luck, positivity and optimism.

- In this jewellery Hematite is for providing beauty but not only for it – it also helps to protect against the emergence of stress. Hematite supports Taurus, helping to avoid negative thoughts.

Keep this jewellery on Vanadinite on Barite or Citrine geode, so that the crystals in this jewellery do not lose their strength. In addition, this jewellery should be cleaned at least once a month with a ritual plant smoke, preferably with Sandalwood.

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