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La Tene bracelet for men "BRONZITE" nugget
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These are the pieces and therefore the sizes are limited.La Tene bracelet for men "BRONZITE" is only designed with natural Bronzite crystals like all our crystal jewellery. Bronzite carries very masculine energy within itself and when a man wears it then he will become more mascu..
20.40€ 24.00€
Ex Tax:17.00€
La Tene bracelet for men "CAREER"
-25 %
La Tene bracelet for men "CAREER" is designed for men who wish to find success at work and in their careers. Magical bracelet that brings good luck. Bracelet is made with three different crystals that create exactly that energy. This magical bracelet has Smoky Qua..
28.35€ 37.80€
Ex Tax:23.63€
La Tene bracelet for men "GARNET" is made especially for men. This bracelet is created from only natural Garnet crystals, like all other of our pieces. A bracelet for a man is made of a special jewellery rubber band that makes wearing it very comfortable. Garnet is a very useful ..
23.75€ 25.00€
Ex Tax:19.79€
La Tene bracelet for men "NEW DIRECTIONS"
-10 %
La Tene bracelet for men "NEW DIRECTIONS" is created with two crystals - Bronzite and Onyx. The bracelet is assembled with a special bracelet rubber that makes it very comfortable to wear. Bracelet is made with crystal´s with male energy suitable for a man´s Aura field. ..
22.68€ 25.20€
Ex Tax:18.90€
These are pieces and therefore the sizes are limited.La Tene bracelet for men "SARDONYX" is created from only natural Sardonyx crystals, like all other of our pieces. Sardonyx carries a very masculine energy and when a man carries this crystal with him, then he will get more powe..
37.91€ 39.90€
Ex Tax:31.59€
La Tene bracelet for men "SODALITE"
-10 %
Last pieces, limited sizes.La Tene bracelet for men "SODALITE" is only made from natural Sodalite crystals, like all our crystal pieces. Sodalite is very useful for a man as it firstly helps to make his spiritual energy field in the Aura field become more powerful and ..
25.56€ 28.40€
Ex Tax:21.30€
La Tene bracelet for men "SPIRITUAL GUIDE"
-25 %
La Tene bracelet for men "SPIRITUAL GUIDE" is designed with one very special looking Rhyolite, surrounded by two holy Rudraksha crystals and different shaped frosted Onyx crystals. Crystals are all natural, like all La Tene crystals and jewellery. Only natural crystals hav..
20.78€ 27.70€
Ex Tax:17.31€
La Tene bracelet for men "SUCCESS AT WORK"
-25 %
La Tene bracelet for men "SUCCESS AT WORK" is created to bring success at work, prosperity and material luck for men. This bracelet has crystals that bring success at work. These crystals are Green Quartz and Picture Jasper. Both crystals are perfect for men to wear. ..
17.55€ 23.40€
Ex Tax:14.63€
La Tene bracelet for men "TIGER'S EYE" is designed with only natural Tiger's Eye crystals like all other of our gemstone products. Tiger's Eye is a crystal that increases protection in a man Aura field, helping to prevent different dangers, protecting from problems and worries. Tiger's Eye..
20.81€ 21.90€
Ex Tax:17.34€
La Tene bracelet LEO "AURA PROTECTION"
-30 %
La Tene zodiac bracelet LEO "AURA PROTECTION" is designed with three crystals. This bracelet only has natural gemstones, like all the jewellery in La Tene Boutiques. Orange Calcite is a crystal that’s for a Leo taking account of his nature and it’s also one of his zodiac sign cry..
15.54€ 22.20€
Ex Tax:12.95€
La Tene bracelet LEO "BALANCE"
-30 %
La Tene constellation bracelet LEO "BALANCE" is designed for those born under the Leo constellation. This crystal is assembled with a variety of crystals that are useful to Leo. These crystals are Bronzite, of different shapes, matte shade of Rock Crystal and painted Hematites. ..
9.03€ 12.90€
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