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Different semi-precious stones are used to make flatstone crystals so that they can be used as massage objects, in healing therapies, meditation or, for example, in Chakra therapy. The flattened shape provides a good and convenient way to use the crystal in therapies. These crystals can be used exactly the same way as round crystals are used. If you like this shape more, be sure to use the flattened crystals. In this crystal, all the essential characteristics of this crystal are present. This shape simply transforms this crystal into a better meditation and healing crystal.

ATLANTISITE is a very beautiful crystal, it has a beautiful structure and a peculiar colour palette. Atlantisite itself is a combined crystal that creates itself in the earth when Serpentine and Stichite are joined together. The beautiful green colour of Atlantisite is created by Serpentine and the purple-blackish spots are given by Stichite. Thus, Atlantisite is a crystal formed by the combination of two crystals. Our beautiful Atlantisite crystals are from Australia and they can also be found in Tasmania. Atlantisite belongs to a part of high-class crystals due to its energy, these crystals could be used by people who are already familiar with the world of crystals. Atlantisite needs to be fully committed to when using it, and therefore I do not recommend this crystal to be one of the first crystals to be used.

Atlantisite is a crystal that helps you to understand the spiritual life, energies, the concept of energies, the nature of the angels, the power of energy, the use of your own personal strength and helps to strengthen intuition. Atlantisite helps to explain the signs that the angels bring to you and helps you to listen to these signs.


Anyone can use flatstone crystals for a massage, without having to have a specialty. Massage can be done for yourself, your companion, etc.

- Atlantisite massage can be done on different regions of the body. This is because the power of Atlantisite is able to align all the chakras, thus a massage all over the body is very useful.

- Atlantisite massage can be done separately for the Heart Chakra to heal the pain of the past, which today does not allow you to feel and enjoy love.


Usually in the meditation, two flatstone crystals are used together, they are held in both hands during the crystal meditation. Sit with your legs crossed, lying down or just the way you wish. Always find a comfortable position for meditating, holding the crystals and letting your breath rest together with the crystals. 

- Atlantisite meditation helps to align your Chakras and heal them. If you feel that you are not happy with yourself, then your Chakras may not be working together. In this case, it is very useful to meditate with Atlantisite. This is for the Chakras to be in contact with each other in order to make your general feeling better.

- It is very useful for a child to use and hold an Atlantisite crystal in order to help him better understand himself. Atlantisite helps to free up the restless feelings, feelings of confusion and nervousness of the child's soul, replacing it with awareness and balance.

- Atlantisite meditation is beneficial for those who are helping or healing people. It is good to meditate on your own before the therapy session. The power of Atlantisite increases the healer's strength and prepares the Aura for the healing.

"Waking up the memories of the past lives"

Atlantisite meditation is to open up your upper thoughts to remember the past memories. This meditation can bring you these visions right away during the meditation. But they can also be brought to you in your sleep or in the next few days. It all depends on your own spiritual level.

Take two pieces of Atlantisite crystals, a candle and a piece of Palo Santo ritual plant. This is to bring yourself into a meditation to help you awaken the memories of your past lives.

Find a comfortable place for you to meditate and prepare yourself. Light the candle and light the Palo Santo to smoke from the flame of that candle. During the meditation, let the Palo Santo smoke as often as you wish. If your soul is ready to meditate, then place Atlantisite meditation crystals on both of your hands. 

Now, begin to focus on the desire to open the memories of past lives within you. Focus on everything you want and wish to see. Ask your thoughts to open these paths in your soul, through which you can see and experience this information. During the meditation, your eyes could be closed from time to time so that you can go into the meditation more quickly.

At the same time, Palo Santo purifies your highest Chakras in your Aura Field, where this information exists. Helping to open the channels through which you can remember your past lives.

Meditate as long as you want and as long as you feel that you have sent your request. When you end your meditation, you should feel very calm inside yourself. For one very specific reason - Atlantisite is soothing your Aura Field and when it opens your upper thoughts, you should feel very well and relaxed.

You can do this kind of meditation exactly when you want to. It is especially good to do this meditation right before bedtime. This is because through sleep you will be more likely to receive such valuable information as the memories of previous lives. On the same night, when you make the Atlantisite meditation, you can also keep the Atlantisite under your pillow. Clean them in the morning.

"Alignment of your own Chakras"

To align the Chakras, take two Atlantisite crystals, and if you want, also a Pine Candle and Sage ritual plant. This is for them to help you perfectly do this meditation. This meditation will help you to put your Chakras to work and create harmony among them. The aligned Chakra system in turn helps to improve your quality of life and accelerate your spiritual development.

In order to meditate, light the candle and Sage to smoke. Now hold the Atlantisite crystals in your hands and concentrate on how your chakras open up and start working. Visualize that you are surrounded by a strong Chakra system that opens up strength, energy and development in you. Visualize exactly how you want during the meditation. The main thing is that the emphasis should be on your Chakras. Focus on different colours that are associated with Chakras. Focus on red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, and purple. Focus on these colours exactly in the order that I wrote here. Imagine that all these colours exist in your Chakra system. Meditate exactly as long as you want to.

The candle and Sage's power help to align your Chakra system and eliminate the energies that are blocked in there. So, if you meditate, you will balance and heal your chakras.

Crystal therapy for Taurus

Atlantsite is a crystal for Taurus zodiac sign, helping him to achieve things that he wishes for in his life. Helping to create a physical body to the dreams and wishes. Atlantisite boosts the soul of a Taurus and brings good luck to his life. I recommend to keep Atlantisite in Tauruses home, on his own photo, so that long-distance crystal therapy can help to keep good luck in his life. To do this, place the photo on the table and place the crystal on the photo. On the same photo Taurus can keep other lucky crystals of its own zodiac. Certainly, the crystals on this photo should be cleaned with a ritual plant smoke every month. Preferably with Sage or Juniper

Flatstone healing crystals are always kept inside a bag / box designed for healing crystals. If you do not have this, then I recommend that you create it so that the crystals retain their strength for as long as possible.

After the therapy always clean the crystal with a ritual plant, an incense or a magic candle. Suitable are
Jasmine, Lavender, Sage, Lemongrass and Coriander.
Size ca 4*3*1 cm
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