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LEPIDOLITE flatstone

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LEPIDOLITE flatstone
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LEPIDOLITE is a crystal with a very beautiful appearance, characterized by a light purple hue. Lepidolite is a variegated crystal that can be dull white to dark purple. Lepidolite is a very calming crystal, mainly found in the Czech Republic, Madagascar and Africa. Lepidolite is useful at a time when you feel nervous, need to take your mind away, and need to rest. There are nervous periods in life and Lepidolite helps to cope during this time. div>


Different flatstone shaped crystals are made from different semi-precious crystals, to use them as message object, in healing therapies, meditation or, for example, in Chakra therapy. The flat shape provides a good and comfortable way to use crystal in therapies. These crystals can also be used in exactly the same way as round crystals. If you like this shape more, be sure to use flat crystals. This crystal has all the basic properties of this crystal. This shape simply makes this crystal a better meditation and healing crystal.

Lepidolite crystal helps to meditate and create a state of meditation. If you carry Lepidolite with you, it will teach you to be calm. It also helps to maintain inner peace and always be balanced at a very fast pace of life.


Flat crystals can be used by anyone for a massage, they do not need to have a speciality. The massage can be done for yourself, a companion, etc.

- Lepidolite is an extremely soothing crystal, whose healing massage helps to release more stress from the body and soul. It is a crystal that relieves the human soul of great strain and tension. Lepidolite is certainly one of the most needed crystals for those who make crystal healing for themselves or others. It is one of the main healers, helping to release excess energy from the body and soul, which is harmful to man.

- I recommend using a Lepidolite massage with any Chakra. This is when you want to get rid of tension. If the heart nerves are sore, it can be kept on the sore spot. If there is tension in the upper back, you can massage it there. Lepidolite is used to relieve tension.


In meditation, two flat crystals are usually used together so that the crystal is held in both hands during meditation. Meditate in a cross-legged position, lying down or exactly what you want. To meditate, you always find a comfortable position, hold the crystals in your hand and let the soul rest with the crystals.

- When meditating with Lepidolite, you open your higher chakras, such as the Crown Chakra. It is a crystal that helps visions to form into your mind more easily, first and foremost helping to release the overloading energy above the Crown Chakra that prevents visions from being perceived. This crystal is used to make all other visioning techniques work at all.

- You can also keep the Lepidolite crystal on your forehead or head for meditation. This is so that Lepidolite can open your Crown Chakra.

Healing meditation for past lives

Lepidolite can heal your soul very deeply and it can even heal the energy of past lives. For that, Lepidolite is used together with Preseli or Petrified Wood. It would be good if one of these crystals were close to you at the same time as you started doing so. Whether as a piece of jewellery or just as a crystal

Take Lepidolite in both hands and find a very comfortable and relaxing meditation position. Close your eyes and start repeating such a sentence in your mind "Let my path open to past lives". By constantly multiplying this thought in your head, you open your Chakras to the energy of Lepidolite. The Lepidolites in your hands send healing to your past that heals old wounds.

In the course of such meditation, you can see visions of your past lives that need healing or that have left you with a trace of pain.

You can do this kind of meditation when you want to and when you are ready. Petrified Wood and Preseli will help you channel, which is why you need them for this meditation.

After the meditation is over, you should feel a little lighter and the calm power should come back into you.

Flat healing crystals are always kept inside a bag/box designed for healing crystals. If you do not have such a thing, I suggest you create it so that the crystals retain their strength for as long as possible.

After therapy, the crystal is always cleansed with a ritual plant, incense or magic candle. Suitable are
Jasmine, Lavender, Sage, Lemongrass.

Lepidolite is a crystal with a calm glow. A crystal that creates peace where it exists. It is always useful to keep soothing crystals close to you and at home. Lepidolite not only a useful home crystal, it is also useful for meditation rooms and session rooms. I recommend keeping Lepidolite on commercial premises that deal with body care, therapy and relaxation. Lepidolite helps to relax and heal the body both mentally and physically. It is also useful to keep lepidolite in the bedroom, as it helps to improve the quality of sleep.

Calming atmosphere and self-healing

Keep Lepidolite by the oil lamp when you burn Lavender or Sage essential oil. Lepidolite has a calming effect and so do these essential oils. By using crystals and essential oils together, it is possible to get maximum results from both of them. Create a beautiful display of them and enjoy the soothing environment. To create an even more soothing atmosphere, make Lavender incense smoke next to them.

Angel portal and their protection

Keep Lepidolite in your home where you already have some Angel crystals. Lepidolite is a crystal that can connect with Angels and make the environment where this crystal is open to Angels. In fact, wherever you place Lepidolite, it will open the Angel portal. If you want to be surrounded by Angels to protect and guide you, be sure to do so. Hold Lepidolite at a time when you want to be protected. Lepidolite is an ideal crystal for the Angelic Altar.


For healing purposes, Hematite is worn on the body or having a massage with Hematite massage crystals. In addition, you can place the crystal to the East quarter of your home where the healing corner of the home is - East symbolises health. 

Lepidolite should definitely not be made into a water elixir, as it will decompose on contact with water.

Lepidolite helps the most to heal sleep disorders and improve sleep quality. It is a crystal that helps to improve sleep and heal sleep disorders. Lepidolite should be worn consistently to treat severe sleep disorders so it could do corrections in the Aura.

Keep Lepidolite under your pillow or in the pillowcase so it could improve your sleep. Lepidolite helps to relieve the tension in you and works especially well when you use it with Lavender essential oil.

- Helps to get rid of panic attacks and nervous breakdowns. It is useful for those who have such problems in their lives frequently and who occasionally lose control.  

- Stress, depression, anger, aggressive behaviour, difficult pregnancy.

- Helps release nightmares. Lepidolite does not protect against them but helps to restore your Crown Chakra energy channel. I encourage you to read more about nightmares to understand what they are. You can read more about that HERE.

- Lepidolite is very useful for women who are about to have menopause or are already having it. Lepidolite helps to reduce the associated symptoms. Lepidolite helps to reduce mood swings, feelings and helps to reduce tiredness. When you wish to give yourself even more intense healing, then during menopause start using Ginger and Sage essential oils. Inhaling these oils could also have a healing effect on you. 


When the Heart Chakra is weak, Lepidolite begins to make this Chakra stronger and healthier. Lepidolite helps to relieve the pain caused by past traumas. Lepidolite helps to get rid of bullying and stalking emotions.


Lepidolite heals the Crown Chakra and makes it active. Lepidolite helps to see past traumas, problems and ordeals from a completely different angle. Lepidolite helps to understand what they have taught you and helps to see the negative you experienced in the past positively. Lepidolite helps to understand why one or another thing has come to your life and what good it has brought along.


Lepidolite and LIBRA fit very well, as this crystal has the ability to bring peace to the soul of Libra exactly when they need it most. This crystal has a very calming effect on Libra and is one of the best stress relief crystals for this character. Lepidolite helps Libra connect with his Guardian Angel. A very important crystal for those who are interested and captivated by Angels. Lepidolite could be present in the Libra crystal set, which helps to make contact with the Angels or it’s useful to wear this as a piece of jewellery. 

For VIRGOS Lepidolite helps to acknowledge and love oneself.


According to the Chinese astrological year, Lepidolite is the luck and well-being crystal for people born in the year of the TIGER. Mainly for those, who are born at the year of the Earth Tiger 1998-1999.

You can charge Lepidolite on an Amethyst geode or beside it when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse it at least once a month with Lavender incense/essential oil

You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals from HERE
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