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RED JASPER keychain turtle

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RED JASPER keychain turtle
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RED JASPER is one type of Jasper with a characteristic dark red tone, from which white-black lines can run through. The red tone in Red Jasper is because its Jasper composition contains iron, which makes this crystal like that. Red Jaspers are mainly found in South AfricaFranceIndia, Germany. The greatest strength of Red Jasper is the supply of energy and vitality.  The native Indians believed that the Red Jasper was the blood and power of the Earth and they began to use this crystal to strengthen the health. In ancient times, the ancient Greeks, the Egyptians, Arabs and other societies used Red Jasper as a defence against bad words and black magic.

Red Jasper is the crystal of equality that brings justice and helps to end injustice in your life. In addition, Red Jasper can increase energies and make them more positive. Red Jasper helps to make life more stable and calm. Red Jasper is especially useful in years when the Chinese astrological element is fire. 

When you make keychains from crystals and add them to different keys, then they will start to give energy to that item/home whose key it is the beautiful crystal is protecting. So the same crystal works in different ways when it is attached to different keys.

TURTLE symbolises a very advanced age because turtles life for a very long time. This has been considered as a symbol of old age, beautiful life, protection of life and balance. Turtle symbol helps to move towards one direction with confidence and to fulfil your dreams and ambitions without giving up. Turtle symbol brings good material luck and combining with other crystal, it helps to achieve even more. Turtles create a home where they are, therefore they teach us to live in the moment and to enjoy the time we are.

The keychains made of crystals are fragile, so they must be carefully treated so that they would not break. As they are natural crystals, they have a fragile texture.


- I suggest Red Jasper turtle keychain to children house keys to protect the child from misfortune, bad people, fights and problems. It's a very good element with wonderful energy for a child. 

- Red Jasper turtle keychain is perfect for house keys to remove stress and misfortune from house energy. Very useful keychain to grant good physical and mental health to your family members. 

- Turtle symbolizes health and healing, so does Red Jasper. Their combined energy helps to bring out all possible healing energies from Red Jasper crystal. Very useful to keep with house keys so that energy could carry over to your home. 

- Red Jasper is a crystal that gives energy that with keys helps to increase the energy field of the whole home. This is a crystal magical tool that helps to release the laziness and lack of energy at home. 

- Keychain that suits for the keys to a home where no one has lived for a while. Suitable to be used for revitalizing the energy of a house or apartment that has been left empty by opening the Feng Shui energy at home for positive movement. Stuck energies cause stress, illnesses and love related and material misfortune.

- I recommend to keep it with the keys that are for the house where there are problems with love or misfortune. Red Jasper releases misfortune and helps the happiness of love to go there.


- Red Jasper has the ability to lead people’s attention to things that could be dangerous to him and when I talk about dangers, then this crystal will naturally start to warn about something like this. For example, it’s useful to keep a piece of Red Jasper in the car, so it could tell you when you have to be especially alert and careful. Red Jasper leads your thoughts, stopping fear and creating a wish to be careful in traffic. When Red Jasper is in your car and you have even the slightest feeling that you should be careful, then be sure to listen to that feeling. The crystal is there to help you.

- Keep this keychain with the car keys to keep misfortune from the car. It protects the car from problems, accidents and damages. 


Keychains are not necessarily always kept with car or house keys. You can also hang it to a bag. 

Keychain should be cleaned once a month with Sage smoke and not with an incense, but with a ritual plant to clean all the energy that has accumulated in the keychain. You can find sage ritual plant from HERE.

If you have a place in your home, where you keep your keys, then there could also be Rock Crystal geode. Rock Crystal geode helps to amplify and revitalize the energy of the Red Jasper.

Read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size Crystal ca 3*3,5*1 cm.
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